Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level: Gateway To Ultimate Luxury

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Although we don’t always have the luxury to splurge on ourselves, when we are on vacation, it is the ideal time to do so. With Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level access, you will take part in the most amazing moderate resort for the staycation that you are on. The isolated ambiance that comes with this club-level access is truly outstanding.

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Whether you want to just kick your feet back and relax while you bask in the sites around you or you are looking to roast some marshmallows to make that scrumptious s’more that has been alluding you, the Kilimanjaro Club is the place for you and your loved ones! 

What Club Level Access Gets You

Club Level Access is the all-inclusive package that you have been looking for. Although you can find yourself staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge with plenty of other guests, only a select group gets to get club-level access to make your stay that much better. A few of the extra amenities that come with the package are access to exclusive staff members, Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Club Lounge, and free food, beverages and movies throughout the Club Lounge as well.

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Additionally, you are surrounded by the comfiest seating that Disney has to offer to make you feel at home during your stay in the Lodge. Better yet, you do not have to spend a single extra dollar for any of these add-ons, as they are all included in the price of your room fee. Although this may not seem like a big deal, not having to pull your wallet out every time that you want something is a perk that you will find sits at the top of your list once you embrace everything they have to offer. 

Price Of Stay

Before I entice you with anything else, let’s get into the important facts… how much it costs to get this luxuxrius Club Level access in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. As you will find with the majority of events and hotels in Disney World, a large part of how much you will spend has to do with when you are visiting and if the package is available at that time. If you are looking to come during peak Disney season, expect to pay more than someone who is completing their stay in the offseason. Generally speaking, per night will cost you about $700 plus tax, with the price increasing to the 1,000$ range during Disney’s busiest times. This certainly makes it a pricey package, but one well worth your while if your budget allows it to. 

Exclusive Access

Upon arrival, you will notice that you are placed on the 5th floor of Jambo House, where no other guests are allowed to come unless they have a reservation for club-level access as you do. You even have to wave a wand that is given to you once you have checked in that enables you to get on the elevator to send you to the fifth floor. Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level is all everyone wants. If you are looking to feel like a supreme VIP member for the trip of your lifetime, there is no better option in the market than Club Level Access at the Lodge. As soon as you walk out of the elevator, an array greet you of delicious snacks and beverages that you can help yourself to.

If you are looking for an alcoholic beverage, the staff will be able to do that as well upon request. Other than the fact that these options will be available to you all day long, there are several serving periods throughout the day that will give you different options to satisfy your taste buds. This includes breakfast, snack hours, appetizers/dinner, and dessert. I have found that you can genuinely not pay a dollar on food elsewhere other than the food that is in this package and be as satisfied as ever. 

Savanna View Rooms

Have you ever wanted to overlook some of your favorite animals in the safari as you make your stay in Disney World… well now you can! Via the Savanna View rooms, you can wake up to giraffes towering over your head as you enjoy the surreal scene on your balconies that face the Savanna. If you know me personally, you will know that I am an avid animal lover, so this is truly one of the most breathtaking experiences that I have ever been apart of.

Kilimanjaro Club at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Before you question, YES, these rooms are a bit more expensive, but in my mind there is no price to how astonishing it is to see all of the animals roam around right in front of your room. If you are an early bird, get some coffee and biscuits, head on your balcony, and just take in the scenes that are occurring in front of you. It is a magical experience that I will always cherish and recommend to anyone that is looking for a unique way to enhance their Disney adventures. 

Is It Worth It?

If I were to make a list of times to shell out the extra cash when in Disney World, this would surely be at the top of that list. As I have previously mentioned, it is quite a pricey excursion, but if you are able to, there is not better hotel option than the Club Level Floor in Kilimanjaro Club at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Especially if you are traveling with a group of people, it allows you to save money elsewhere, like eating the majority of the food on your trip at the hotel rather than at restaurants around the Parks.

On top of this, the staff members frankly give you the best service that I have ever seen in relation to staying in a hotel. With Club Level Access, you will be able to engulf yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else around the world. 

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