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Avatar Flight Of Passage Ride: The World Of Pandora

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The Avatar Flight of Passage ride is the latest ride attraction in Pandora – the World of Avatar at Walt Disney World. The ride is a first-of-its-kind motion simulator ride and is the absolute highlight of the park. Even though this is only a ride, it is a taste of what is to come for the entertainment industry in the future.

The idea of this fun ride is to virtually take guests through the landscape of Pandora and show them the bioluminescent forest at night. The most technologically advanced ride in the world is only at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Although the ride has a long line that can be an hour and a half long, the wait is worth the experience.

A Brief History Of The Ride

A Brief History Of The Ride

The ride is a flight simulator attraction located in one of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Parks. It was announced on September 20, 2011, and opened on December 21, 2017. The ride simulates a banshee's flight over the fictional world of Pandora from the 2009 film Avatar.

The attraction features a motion platform that tilts and moves along with the on-screen action and special effects such as wind and scent. Guests are seated in “Link Chambers,” similar to the “Na'vi Connections” used in the film.

They set the ride's queue in the Valley of Mo'ara, where guests can see the floating mountains of Pandora. The exit leads into the Windtraders store, where guests can purchase merchandise.

Criteria To Be On The Avatar Flight Of Passage

Criteria To Be On The Avatar Flight Of Passage

One of the most popular rides of Walt Disney World is the Avatar Flight Of Passage. It's the first-ever virtual reality (VR) ride created by the Walt Disney Company, with the help of James Cameron, the creator of the original Avatar movie.

Before you book an Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Disney parks, you should know a few things.

Firstly, you must be at least 44 inches tall. Next, you must be healthy and follow the operator's instructions. Lastly, you should know there are special effects on this ride that may be intense to some people.

The special effects include floating in the air and shooting fire. If you cannot experience these intense scenes due to a medical condition, you must inform the operator before you board the cargo ship. This will allow them to ensure the safety of all passengers. Your first time is sure to be memorable!

The Pre-Show Avatar Program

The Pre-Show Avatar Program

The program explains that guests will ” fly like a banshee over the moonlit landscape of Pandora.” The show takes about 15 minutes for each ride, and it starts with guests being escorted by a Na'vi Shaman to the pre-show room.


      1. The first room is the main theater, where Jakes Sully, one of the cast members, greets guests. Sully, the main character in the two movies, takes you into the immersive world of Pandora.

      1. The second room the visitors see is the Na'vi River Journey. This room features Pandora's story and the Na'vi world's end.

      1. The final room is the Shaman room. The Shaman guides guests to the final room, where they get on the ride vehicles (like a motorcycle).


    Tips For Riding Avatar Flight Of Passage:

    There are a few things to remember when riding Avatar Flight of Passage.

    First, the ride can be a bit intense, so be prepared for that. Secondly, the line for the ride can be very long, so be patient and enjoy the wait. Finally, pay attention to the safety video and follow the instructions when you're on the ride.

    With these tips in mind, you will have a great time on the Avatar Flight of Passage Ride!

    Avatar Flight Of Passage Queue

    Avatar Flight Of Passage Queue

    Flight of Passage is the park's marquee attraction, and it's easy to see why. The passage queue area is spectacular, with lush plants and trees, and it even feels like you're in Pandora! The high wait times are well worth it.

    There are different parts of the flight of passage, and all have outstanding visual effects. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, even has a cameo! Flight of Passage is an attraction you want to experience while visiting Disney World.

    The Storyline Of Avatar Flight Of Passage

    The Storyline Of Avatar Flight Of Passage

    In the attraction's storyline, the humans and Na'vi attempt to restore the banshee population to natural levels after the mining tactics caused by the Resources Development Administration (RDA) generations prior.

    Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) has reactivated the avatar program through the Pandora Conservation Initiative as a method of conducting research and allows guests to link with an avatar to fly on an Ikran to partake in the Na'vi's tribal coming-of-age tradition.

    Before the ride starts, you will head to the genetic matching room where they will scan you. Genetic material is sampled to connect you to personal avatars in preparation for the flight experience. Afterward, you head to the deck, preparing for launch. As you prepare, your mind is readied for the experience you'll have.

    Three Stages Of This Thrill Ride

    Three Stages Of This Thrill Ride

    The Avatar Flight is a unique experience requiring guests' complete attention. Guests board their ride vehicles and fly on a banshee over the world of Pandora, the setting of the movie Avatar.

    First Stage:

    The passage flight is a giant suspensory swing on the Avatar planet. The first stage takes you through the forest called the Valley Of Mo'ara. In this stage, you are towed by a Na'vi to the base of an enormous banyan tree, to the Clan Of The Cave Of Voices.

    Since you are in your own Avatar body, you will see other Avatars around you. From here, a mountain banshee will teach you how to fly and then drag you to the Great Mesa of the Tree Of Voices.

    Second Stage:

    You will enter the Avatars' temple at this stage, where you will run into scary but harmless spirit animals. Then you will be taken across the Temple of the Avatars, a roller-coaster experience.

    There you will see a large, horned creature appear and disappear, along with massive fire, smoke, lightning, and an Avatar who will direct you to the next stage. You will then leave out of a cave, which will lead you to the last stage.

    Third Stage:

    The third stage is an airtime hill. You will then soar over Pandora's floating mountains, with a wonderful view of the alien world. In this stage, a little mist greets you before the Raft flies into the air.

    You will then fly over Pandora's mountains, with a breathtaking view of the alien world. Soon, you will fly over the trees and see plenty of animals from all over Pandora. This will quickly become one of your favorite rides at Disney World's Pandora!

    Avatar Flight Of Passage Ride Duration & Creatures

    Avatar Flight Of Passage Ride Duration & Creatures

    The flight of passage is nearly 5 minutes long and takes place in a simulation of the banshee's world. There are three different creatures you can get on.

    The first one is a pegasus. This creature is fleet-footed and takes you on fast-paced rides while dodging obstacles.

    The second is a massive eagle-like creature that takes you on a slow-paced flight while dipping and diving through obstacles in the sky.

    The third is the banshee, a large bird-like creature that flies on top of you, grabbing you from behind to enhance the feeling of flight. The banshee twists and turns and dips the rider into the water.

    Every creature has a unique challenge set that makes for a thrilling ride experience!

    Motion Sickness

    The simulation of this passage flight is realistic and has certain consequences. It has the potential to cause motion sickness. The flying sensation feels real, and the ability to look around in the virtual space makes it much more immersive.

    It can feel especially realistic when you go upside down during the experience. Please note that as this is a simulator, it may cause motion sickness under certain circumstances.

    If you feel like you're going to get sick on Avatar Flight of Passage, here are some things you can do to try to reduce the feeling or at least make it a little easier to handle:


        1. If you're prone to motion sickness, try taking Dramamine or some other medication before you ride.

        1. Bring some mints with you and try to suck on them throughout the ride.

        1. Try not to look around too much! If you're looking around, you're likely to be more aware of the movement, which can intensify your feelings of motion sickness.

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