Cheshire Cat Tail Disney World: Where Is This Treat Located?

If you know the story of Alice in Wonderland, then you know about the Cheshire Cat. But, if you've not been to Walt Disney World and its theme parks, specifically the Magic Kingdom, then you might not know about the famous Cheshire Cat Tail Disney World snack.

Each of the Disney parks has a snack that is unique to it. These yummy treats cannot be found anywhere else at Disney, making them an amazing part of the Disney experience. A lot of people have planned their Disney vacation to have a taste of these hard-to-find treats.

When I first heard about this delicacy, I thought the name was unimaginative. What sort of snack has a name like that? But then, a friend went on a Disney vacation to the Magic Kingdom, and when she returned, she could not stop talking about her trip to Cosmic Ray's and how many Cheshire Cat Tails she had eaten there. She told me about the flakey puffed pastry, the delicious chocolate chips, the sweet, creamy filling, and the pink and purple striped icing.

After hearing that, I knew I had to go on my own Disney vacation. I planned things out, and when it was time, I packed my bags and ran off to the Magic Kingdom to try one for myself.

Churros at Magic Kingdom

What Is A Chesire Cat Tail?

The Cheshire Cat Tail is a vanilla cream-filled puff pastry with semi-sweet chocolate chips decorated with colorful icing. The zig-zagged pink and purple icing stripes are drizzled on the top of the sweet snack. The treat is long and thin, like a cat's tail, and is a well-known Disney favorite.

Who Is The Chesire Cat?

The Cheshire Cat is a character from the classic story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. Like everyone else in this fantastical tale, he wears his madness with pride. This crazy cat can change his appearance and always has a mysterious grin.

In the Disney version of the story, he is purple with pink stripes all over his body. This is where the Cheshire Cat Tails get their name, appearance, and origin.

Many people agree that the Cheshire Cat is a unique character. He led Alice to Mad Hatter's tea party even though she asked him to take her to the white rabbit. The cat seemed to know what was better for her because she finally met the Queen after visiting the hatter. If you visit a Walt Disney World Resort, you may even meet him.


Where Can You Find The Chesire Cat Tail In Disney World?

This famous pastry was sold at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in the Cheshire Café, and it sat in the middle of Fantasyland, near the Mad Tea Party ride. This delicate pastry with its mini chocolate chips has been served there without exception until 2017.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown that washed over the world, the Magic Kingdom, like many other parks, was closed until it was safe to reopen. Unfortunately, the Cheshire Cafe did not reopen with the rest of the park, so, for some time, people couldn't have their Cheshire Cat Tails. Another popular menu item was unavailable; Simba Pretzels from Disney's Animal Kingdom was not to be had.

animal kingdom at disney what to wear to animal kingdom

While the Cheshire Cafe remains closed, the snack is back and is now being served at the Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland. You might want to go to bed early to have the snack at its new location because it is only served on the breakfast menu. Remember, many people are waiting in line to grab this amazing treat, so if you're not quick enough, you'll miss it.

Disney solved the breakfast menu-only problem by making Cheshire Cat Tails available throughout the day at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe.

What Can You Get Instead?

If for some reason, you missed out on getting this popular treat or you can't afford to visit the Magic Kingdom at this time, you can head over to the Animal Kingdom and get a taste of the Tiger's Tail, a snack similar to the cat tail except it is topped with orange icing and has chocolate drizzled over its surface.

The Cheshire's Paw is another snack you might want to save room for. Like the tail, the paw has pink and purple frosting, with traditional stripes. You can also try many other mouth-watering snacks, so I guess you'll have to travel to Walt Disney World soon.

Cheshire Cat Tail Disney World
The Chesire Cat Paw


How To Make A Chesire Cat Tail

The recipe for this mega-successful snack is a secret closely guarded by the Walt Disney Company, like so many other secrets about Walt Disney World and its theme parks. When enthusiasts couldn't get the recipe from the Disney World experts, they made their own. You can find a lot of copycat recipes online, but here's one I found that works well for me.

Cheshire Cat Tail Disney World Copycat Recipe:


Puff pastry (made from scratch or store-bought

Vanilla pudding (made from scratch or store-bought)

Mini chocolate Chips

Buttercream frosting

Food Coloring

  1. Preheat your oven to 400⁰ Fahrenheit.

  2. Unroll the puff pastry onto a clean work surface and cut it in half.

  3. Spread a thin layer of vanilla pudding over the top of one-half of the pastry. Then sprinkle the mini chocolate chips over the pudding.

  4. Put the plain pastry on top of the pudding-covered pastry.

  5. Using a pizza cutter, cut the pastry sandwich into six equal strips.

  6. Twist the strips gently and place them on a sheet tray.

  7. Bake for 20 minutes and then cool.

  8. Color your frosting and drizzle onto the cooled treats.

It's OK if you don't get it correctly on the first try; the secret is to keep trying until you do. On your next visit to Disney, be sure to compare your efforts with the real thing!

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