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Churros at Magic Kingdom: Best Places to Find Them!

If you're looking for a different sweet snack while you're on your Disney World adventures, the rumors of the Main Street Churro at Disney World have likely crossed your mind. And now, you're wondering where you can find churros at Magic Kingdom.

Churros are a beloved sweet treat. Churros are fried dough covered in crystalized cinnamon sugar. They're even more delicious with chocolate sauce. caramel sauce, or crushed pretzels.

They're thought to have originated in Spain, but no one really seems to know exactly where they came from.

Churros at magic kingdom

Do They Have Churros at Walt Disney World?

If you love churros, you'll be glad to know that they do have churros at Walt Disney World.

Disney World is known for its many diverse cuisines, including its Main Street Churro. In fact, there's a new churro at the snack cart near the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out.

The new churro has the same dough as a classic churro, but this new Main Street Churro is rolled in cinnamon sugar, dipped in chocolate dip, and then covered with crushed pretzels. It's quickly becoming a very popular snack for Disney fans visiting the Magic Kingdom.

Where to Find Churros at Magic Kingdom

If you're in the Magic Kingdom, there are a number of places you can find Disney World churros. Even better, there's a good chance you can find churros nearby no matter where your adventure in the Magic Kingdom has taken you.

The cool ship

If you're trying to find churros while exploring Tomorrowland, you'll be excited to know that there is a snack cart in Tomorrowland that's devoted to Disney World's famous churros.

This churro cart is called The Cool Ship and is located near Space Mountain But, if you go to this stand to find churros, you won't find much aside from churros other than a soda or energy drink.

However, energy drinks do come in handy when you're trying to keep up with your kids at Disney World, so it could be a win-win.

The Lunching Pad

The Lunching Pad is another place you can find churros at Tomorrowland. It's the better option if you're looking to find more than just a churro.

They have many popular snacks including churros with a chocolate dipper and Mickey pretzels with cheese sauce.

Main street bakery Magic kingdom

The Churro Wagon at Frontierland

The Frontierland churro cart is called The Churro Wagon. If you enter Frontierland from Liberty Square, The Churro Wagon will be to your right near the entrance.

It's the best place to grab a quick and affordable snack while you're in Frontierland. They sell churros with chocolate dipping sauce. You can also find pepper jack and Mickey pretzels, soft drinks, and bottled water at The Churro Wagon.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

You can also get a Main Street Churro at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, which you can find between Frontierland and Adventureland.

If you want to sit down and eat in the cafe, there are specific reservation requirements. You have to have a valid ticket for Magic Kingdom on the day that you make your Reservation.

They also have quick service options or you can place a mobile order and pick it up so you can snack on your churros while you continue to explore the Magic Kingdom.


Are Disney World's Churros Good?

The Disney Churros are more than good. Some would even argue that they're the best churros you can find, depending on where you get them. If you're looking for a great snack or simple breakfast, you can't go wrong by hunting down a churro.

It's no secret that the Disney World Churro is one of the best sweet treats at Walk Disney World. They're even more heavenly when you pair them with delicious chocolate dipping sauce or caramel sauce.

But, when I'm after my churro fix, I always go for the churros with chocolate dip and topped with pretzels. The pretzels give them more of a crunchy texture and add a sweet and salty effect, making them unbeatable.

Magic Kingdom

How Much Do Churros Cost at Disney World?

The price of your Disney World churros will vary depending on where you get them, but they're usually between $6 and $7.

Like everything else, the prices may also fluctuate depending on the season of your visit.

Can You Only Get Churros at Magic Kingdom?

If you try churros in the Magic Kingdom and decide that you're hooked, you can find churros in other Disney Parks, too. Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney Springs all have places you can find churros.

Animal Kingdom

If you're visiting the Animal Kingdom, you can find one super long churro at the Dino Bite Snacks ice cream cart and snack stand located in the DinoLand, USA section of the park. You can also grab ice cream, cookies, and soft drinks when you get your churros from Dino Bite Snacks.

The Harembe Popcorn Cart in the Africa section is another quick service location that sells churros. They also have the popular refillable popcorn buckets that all Disney fans want to get their hands on. At the time of writing, they have special popcorn buckets for Disney's 50th Celebration.

However, if you want the ultimate churro experience, try the churros at Nomad Lounge. They have the best churros, and unlike other places, they serve their churros with Vanilla Crema and Chill-Strawberry dipping sauces.


If you're looking to find churros while visiting EPCOT, you'll find the best place in the Mexico Pavilion, called La Cantina de San Angel.

They serve bite-sized churros and offer a variety of sauces to dip them in, including caramel sauce and Nutella.

Disney Springs

If you're at Disney Springs, you can't miss out on the churros at Sunshine Churros. They have any kind of churro you could want to try.

They offer the traditional cinnamon flavor as well as others including strawberry cheesecake, oreo salted caramel, and several other interesting flavors. You can get chocolate dipping sauce and Nutella to dip them in.

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