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Disney Apple Watch Band: New MagicBand Options

At Walt Disney World, visitors can use Disney's MagicBand, a vibrant wristband, to access the theme parks, unlock their hotel rooms, and make purchases of food and goods. Disney introduced the new MagicMobile service, which offers a contactless method to use just an iPhone or Apple Watch (Disney Apple Watch Band) to access several MagicBand functions.

Through the My Disney Experience app, visitors can create a Disney MagicMobile pass and add it to the Wallet app. The user can then use their iPhone or Apple Watch at the same contactless access points as they would with a MagicBand. Additionally, guests can utilize a MagicBand and a MagicMobile mobile pass, so they are not forced to pick one over the other. Visitors can personalize their MagicMobile pass by selecting from various animated Disney-themed graphics, and users can keep numerous passes on a single smartphone for families. Guests can utilize their Disney MagicMobile pass without waking up or unlocking their Apple smartphone because Express Mode is supported on iPhone and Apple Watch. What is the Disney apple watch band?

A limited-edition apple watch band called the Disney band was introduced to coincide with the debut of the film “Coco.” The band's vibrant design draws inspiration from the Land of the Dead scene in the movie. A 38mm and a 42mm version of the band are offered.

There are eight distinct color options for the silicone Disney apple watch band. Additionally, the band is water- and sweat-resistant. The band costs $49.99 at retail.

disney apple watch bands

What does a watch band serve?

A bracelet worn around the wrist is known as a watch band. Leather, metal, and plastic are materials used to make watch bands. Jewels and other ornamental things are frequently used to embellish them.

Watch bands have both functional and aesthetically pleasing uses. They can improve the aesthetic of the watch overall and aid in keeping it in place on the wrist. Many people opt to get watch bands that go with their style. There is certain to be the ideal watch band for you, given the wide variety on the market.

What to check for in an apple watch band from Disney

There are a few things to think about when looking for a gorgeous pair (or 10!) of Disney leggings.

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Design & Print

Your Disney Apple watch band must first and foremost be adorable; otherwise, you would purchase any old watch band. Think about your favorite Disney characters or theme park attractions if you're a fan.

Which do you prefer, a band with patterns or a solid color?

Everybody has a unique style, so pick a band (or a few bands!) that suits you. While there are numerous variations of Disney-themed watch bands on the market, not all are created equal. Matching the band's material to your lifestyle and how you want to wear the watch band is crucial.

Synthetic Leather

Faux leather bands made of polyurethane are an elastomer material. They are perfect for occasional usage, but they won't hold up to everyday use in demanding circumstances or particularly active lifestyles. However, because they are frequently the least expensive, you can purchase a variety of watches to wear on different occasions.


Silicone bands are great for a more active lifestyle because they tend to be lighter and more resilient than polyurethane leather bands. These bands will clean up effectively even after getting wet or soiled.

These bands will hold up better under pressure, whether working out on the treadmill or in the parks, swimming in the hotel pool, or riding Splash Mountain.

Another breathable and comfortable alternative that works well for an active lifestyle is fabric bands.

They can be another affordable option, though they are more difficult to find in Disney prints (in all of my searching, I only found two!).

apple watch bands


You must get the correct band size for your specific Apple watch model. You should consider the unique millimeter size for each Apple watch model while selecting your band.

Although many bands come in various sizes, each band is unique, so make sure before you order!

Does Disney produce bands for Apple Watch?

Disney doesn't produce Apple Watch bands, no. However, many independent businesses produce Apple Watch bands with Disney themes.

These are readily available online, or you may visit some of the well-known retailers of tech accessories. Purchasing one of these Apple watch bands is a fantastic way to display your Disney devotion if you're a big fan. For other Disney enthusiasts in your life, they also make wonderful presents. Therefore, if you're searching for a special and fashionable gift, think about purchasing a Disney-themed Apple watch band!

You can pick from various designs to discover one that matches your preferences.

Are Apple watch bands offered by Disney in Disneyland?

Disney does not currently sell Apple watch bands at Disneyland.

However, both within and outside the park, you may purchase a choice of third-party Apple watch bands.

Your best bet if you're looking for an official Disney Apple watch band is to keep checking back because Disney has a history of releasing new items without warning.

Additionally, you are certain to discover one that is reasonably priced, given the variety of businesses that produce them.

Disney's best Apple watch bands

I've researched and compiled a list of the greatest (and cutest!) Disney iWatch bands for your Apple watch if you won't visit the parks anytime soon or want to add some new bands to your collection.

There are many cute options, whether you want something to cheer you up at home or to wear throughout the Disney parks!

You can acquire one for the precise series and size of the watch you own because most of these come in more than one size.

List of the best rides at Magic Kingdom

The original mickey watch band

Who doesn't adore the original Mickey? The figure on this watch band, constructed of PU leather and stainless-steel hardware, stands out vividly against the background of black.

Make sure to choose the appropriate size when getting yours because it comes in different sizes. If Minnie Mouse is more your style, you'll adore the colorful watch band's big red and white polka dots and bow.

Children's Yoda watch band

Wearing this “Baby Yoda”-themed scrunchie-style band around Hollywood Studios will be a hit with Star Wars fans! Since the fabric material wouldn't feel as slick as a polyurethane band, it would be especially pleasant in the sweltering Florida sun. It may fit wrists of different sizes because it is elastic! It's also a more affordable choice for individuals on a tight budget.

Apple watch band by Lilo & Stitch

Fans of Lilo and Stitch will be overjoyed to discover this Apple watch band with the charming Stitch! This entertaining band has a striking blue color that draws the eye.

Apple watch band for “Little Mermaid”

Ariel's silhouette is depicted on this Little Mermaid watch band as she sits on a rock and longs to escape the sea. Ariel is a beloved Disney Princess, and this band is a lively and enjoyable homage to the first film! Make careful to select the right size when ordering yours from the page.

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