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Disney At Night: A Whole New World

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Disney at night provides some of the more underrated experiences you will be involved in when you are spending your time there. Here are some of the top adventures to go on for all ages at night!

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Before you decide that you want to take part in an Exclusive nighttime events in Disney World show, you must plan out the times and locations you want to be at so you are there in time. Being that the majority of the shows take place right before the Parks close, you must arrive on time to be sure you do not miss anything. As always, there is also another option… and that is to stay all day at the Parks until the night show starts. In this situation, you will not have to worry about traveling back and forth, lugging around all of your items from the hotel to the event, and back again. This is my preferred option as it puts less stress on you and your family, but I also understand that this is not feasible for everyone depending on your specific situation. 



One of the most popular nighttime occasions to be at is the firework shows. These are generally at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios as part of their Nighttime Spectaculars that occur daily if the weather permits. The best part about these shows is that you do not need to have an extra special ticket to be able to watch the fireworks. They are completely free as long as you have a theme park admission ticket. Make sure you are there well before the fireworks go off though, as the area to watch fills up very fast. I have noticed that getting there 45-60 minutes early is an adequate amount of time to get good spots. Disney World a room celebration is also one of its kind celebration in Disney World.

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Projection Shows

Several different locations have projection shows, with them all starting around 6:30 p.m. when the sun is going down. EPCOT has a Spaceship Earth light up with music pounding out of the speakers as you see the reflections boom into the night sky. If you are in Magic Kingdom, you will see Cinderella’s Castle light up with beautiful blue, pink, and purple sparkles. At Hollywood Studios, they put on a tremendous 10-minute show outside the Chinese Theater that displays a single clip from every Disney animated classic film. Lastly, my personal favorite is the Animal Kingdom Beacon of Magic light show where the Tree of Life shows all of its true colors and fireflies in the starry night. The prices vary slightly for each, but the majority of them will cost you from 50$-75$ per adult to 20$-40$ per child. 

A Night of Delite 

One of the more unique experiences is going into Magic Kingdom after the gates close in their Disney After Hours event. This a great place to be if you were not able to get there in time to see everything during the day. On top of this, there is a much smaller crowd, so you won’t have to wait in lengthy lines to get where you want. The one downside is that you have to pay a hefty price to get into the After-Hours event.

The ticket prices start at $135, but if you are a Disney World annual pass holder or Disney Vacation Club member, you can receive a discount of $30 off of your ticket. When you arrive, you will be able to enjoy all of the magic you would experience during the day, but with a twist. Watch your kids bask in the joy of Magic Kingdom while you sit back and relax while eating some tasty snacks that are included in the ticket price. Be sure to check out the Disney After Hours page for more info on this event. 

Live Music

Disney World brings out the best characters, stories, and magic… and it also brings out the best music. If you are a night owl and looking for a fun time after the fuss has died down from the day, you can head to one of the many live music and entertainment events that are going on all around the Parks. Whether you are a jazz or pop fan, there is always an area for you. One of the best spots to go to be inside of a show is the karaoke at Kimonos at the Swan Hotel. They stay open until 1 a.m. and will have you singing your heart out into the night on stage.

Disney Main Street


Late Night Walk

This may seem like something so minimal and not worth your time, but I will tell you that it is certainly something you want to do at least once while at Disney World. It is not an event per se, but you can certainly make it into one if you are open-minded. During the late hours, the crowds have usually died down after tiring out from the scorching sun beating on them all day, so it may just be you and a few other families/couples.

My favorite spot to take a calming stroll is Disney’s Boardwalk. The lights are truly stunning at night as you move along the boardwalk, and depending on what time you are there, you may be able to stop at a shop or restaurant for a late-night souvenir/snack. It is one of the most peaceful places you can be at this time of day and it winds you down in the right way to get reenergized for the following day. The best part about it is that it is free to be there. This means you do not have to open your wallet back up after your child spent over $200 at the Disney Store during the day.


Whether you are looking for an upbeat Exclusive nighttime events in Disney World or a relaxing walk on the boardwalk, Disney World has every option you can think of. Although they are not on most people’s bucket lists when coming to the Parks, you do not want to end your day without experiencing the nightlife at Disney.

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