Disney Bag Policy 2023: A Complete Guide To Packing Your Disney Bag

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The Disney bag policy is one of many efforts made by the Walt Disney Company ltd to ensure all guests have a safe, fun, and comfortable Disney vacation.

The Disney bag policy allows each guest to bring one bag that doesn't exceed 24”x15”x18” and that doesn't contain any items prohibited by their policies. Each guest is also allowed to bring one small clutch or wallet. The policy does not allow bags larger than 24”x15”x18” or luggage, including overnight bags and suitcases.

This guide will help you choose the best Disney purses and bags with everything you need without including any items prohibited by Disney's official bag policy.

What kind of bag can you bring to Disney World?

Disney World has a strict policy regarding the type of bags you can bring into the park. Therefore, they do not allow any kind of bag larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high. Moreso, the policy applies to all of their theme parks, Disney Springs, and water parks.

For the best experience, you should ensure that your Disney bag is within the required dimensions before you arrive at the theme park. As a matter of fact, there are checkpoints at the entrance of each park, and you will only be allowed to enter with your bag if it meets the requirements. This policy also applies to Disney purse, so make sure your purse adheres to the size restrictions as well.

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Does Disney have a clear bag policy?

Disney doesn't have a “clear bag policy.” As long as your bag meets the sizing requirements and the items inside pass the security checkpoints (which we'll get to soon), you can bring it to Disney.

Can you bring bags into Disneyland?

Backpacks are allowed in Walt Disney World parks as long as they fall within the size requirement mentioned above. They're a good option for taking snacks and other larger items that may not fit inside a small bag or fanny pack. 

So, if you're planning to visit Disney World parks, you can definitely bring a backpack for Disneyland. Just make sure your backpack complies with the specified dimensions to ensure hassle-free entry into the park

What bags are not allowed?

The following types of bags are not allowed inside Walt Disney World parks:

      • Bags larger than 24” long x 15” wide x 18” high are not allowed at Walt Disney World.

      • Overnight bags

      • Suitcases/Luggage (with or without wheels)

    Aside from these, most all other bags are allowed.

    What kind of bag should I bring to Disney?

    When deciding what kind of bag you should take to Disney parks, it's best if you can get away with taking a smaller bag like a crossbody bag or fanny pack. However, it isn't always possible to fit everything you need into these smaller bags. In such cases, you might consider using a Tokyo Disneyland backpack.

    A backpack is the best solution if you need to take a larger bag for carrying snacks, water bottles, etc. Moreso, a backpack will allow you to pack everything you need for your day at the theme park but keep your hands free while you explore. The backpack is considered the best bag used for Disney World as it provides ample space and convenience for carrying all your essentials.

    Just remember that you don't want to pack too many things. You'll be doing a lot of walking, and a heavy backpack will get uncomfortable quickly.

    It's also important to note that you don't have to take a bag to Disney parks if you don't have things you want to bring along. Therefore, if you purchase a MagicBand/MagicBand+, you won't need to worry about keeping up with a bag, wallet, or room key at the theme park. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the disney bag policy.

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    Can you bring bags on rides at Disney theme parks?

    You can bring bags and backpacks on the rides with you. If the bag is allowed into the park, it will also be allowed on the rides. When riding a ride that doesn't require being restrained, you can continue to wear your crossbody bags during the ride.

    For fast rides and any other rides that require you to be strapped into your ride vehicle, you will have to remove your bag during the ride. Many of the rides will have storage for you to use for your bag. However, larger backs and backpacks won't fit in these pockets.

    If you carry a larger bag or handbag onto the ride, cast members will usually have you place the bag on the floor near your feet.

    Some rides, however, will not have room for your bag in your ride vehicle. If this is the case, there's usually bag storage nearby.

    When riding rides like Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain (closing for retheme January 23, 2023), where your items may get wet, there are usually free lockers for you to store your Disney bag.

    To ensure a smooth experience at the theme park, it is important to make a reservation in advance. By securing a theme park reservation, you can guarantee your entry and enjoy all the attractions and rides without any hassle.

    What should I pack?

    A Walt Disney World vacation requires a lot of research and planning, which includes making sure you get all the essential items you'll need for the day into your Disney bag.

    When you're packing you're bag for your day at one of Walt Disney World's theme parks, it's essential to pack everything you'll need for the day.

    The following is a list of things you should be sure to include in your Disney bag:

        • A water bottle with a carrying strap.

        • Camera

        • Portable phone charger

        • Snacks

        • A poncho (just in case)

        • An autograph book and pen for meeting characters.

        • A map of the park

        • Sunscreen

        • Sunglasses

        • A hat/Minnie ears

      If you're packing for a water park, you'll also want to add an extra set of clothes and a towel.

      What can't you bring to Walt Disney World?

      The following items are not allowed in Disney theme parks or water parks:

          • Weapons (including firearms, knives, and ammunition, AND toy weapons)

          • Pepper spray

          • Fireworks or any other explosive objects

          • Any illegal substances

          • Alcoholic beverages

          • Folding chairs

          • Shoes with built-in wheels, skateboards, inline skates, etc.

          • Artificial noise makers (horns, whistles, megaphones, etc.)

          • Glass containers (small baby food jars are an exception)

          • Remote control toys (including drones)

          • Wheeled mobility devices with less than three wheels

          • Stroller wagons or strollers larger than 31″ (79 cm) wide and 52″ (132 cm) tall.

          • Tripods and selfie sticks

          • Loose or dry ice

          • Non-Coast Guard-approved water floats and swim noodles (water parks)

          • Smoke machines/fog machines

        Be sure to check the complete list of prohibited items on the Walt Disney World website to ensure everything you pack in your Disney bag is allowed. Guests who bring a prohibited item will not be permitted to enter the park until they have disposed of it.

        Disney's Animal Kingdom has additional items on their list of things you can't bring

        There are a few other Disney rules and regulations that are important to note, including:

            • You can only ride bicycles in designated Disney Resort areas.

            • As per Disney's cooler policy, coolers are not allowed at indoor venues.

            • Pets are not permitted in any Disney park except for service animals.

            • Small children (under 14) can wear costumes. However, any above 14 is not allowed to wear costumes or masks that cover their face.


          Can you bring food?

          Yes, you can bring your own food to Disney as long you follow Disney's policies about bringing outside food into the park. For example, your food can't be packaged in glass containers. The food items you pack also can't require heating or temperature control.

          Most people asked can you take food into EpcotEpcot, like other Disney parks, allows guests to bring their own food. However, it's important to adhere to the guidelines mentioned above. The food you bring should meet the packaging and temperature requirements specified by Disney.

          You're also not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages unless you're visiting Disney Springs. You can bring wine into Disney Springs to consume at select table service restaurants, but you will be charged a corkage fee.

          Locker Rentals at Disney Parks

          Each theme park offers locker rentals if you want to enjoy your Disney World vacation without lugging bags around the park. If you rent a locker, you'll be able to bring all the things you'll need for the day without carrying your Disney bag around the theme park.

          Animal Kingdom

          How much does it cost to rent a locker?

              • Small lockers (12″ x 10″ x 17″) are $10 per day.

              • Large lockers (15.5″ x 13″ x 17″) are $12 per day. These two options are available for every Disney theme park.

              • When visiting Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, you also have the option of renting a “Jumbo” locker (17″ x 22″ x 26″) for $15 per day. Unfortunately, these extra-large lockers are only available at these two theme parks.

            You can also rent lockers at the water parks.

                • Standard-sized lockers (12.5″ x 10″ x 17″) are $10 per day.

                • Large lockers (15.5″ x 13″ x 17″) are $15 per day.

              In most Disney Parks, you can find these lockers near the main entrance. Accordingly, you can pay with cash, debit or credit card, a gift card, or your MagicBand/MagicBand+.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Disney Bag Policy

              Can you bring a water bottle?

              You can bring a water bottle to Disney World. There are even places where you can refill your bottle for free throughout the theme parks.

              Can you bring Ziploc bags?

              You can bring Ziploc bags to Disney World. Ziploc bags are great for packing snacks and organizing your personal items in your Disney bag. They're also a great way to keep cell phones and other electronics from getting wet on water rides and at the water parks.

              What is Disney parking cost?

              Visitors who are heading to Magic Kingdom have the option to purchase standard parking for $25 or choose the more convenient preferable parking for approximately $50

              Disney Bag Policy

              Is There Anywhere Safe You Can Leave Your Bag?

              There will be a storage pouch to put your bag in when you ride at Disney World, either in front of you or behind you. Free lockers can hold your bag throughout the ride if you are riding a ride where you could get wet with water or a highly fast ride.

              At Disney World, you'll find convenient Walt Disney carry-all pouches available for storing your belongings while you enjoy the thrilling rides. These specially designed pouches provide a secure and practical solution for keeping your bag with you during your visit.

              Keep your bag in your line of sight at all times when you're in the theme park, is one piece of advice. If your bag isn't locked in a storage facility, keep it close to your body or within your line of sight. You may easily be approached by someone who would take your backpack.   

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              Don't worry about whether or not you can bring your bag onto the rides if you're planning a Disney World trip. Disney is aware that you will carry items into the theme park for the day. You can bring your baggage right on board the rides! You don't need to be concerned as long as your bag complies with the size restrictions!

              The query of whether or not you can bring bags on rides at Disney World has hopefully been answered. On most Walt Disney World rides, bags are permitted. Put them under your feet, in the designated baskets, or wear them on your person.

              Walt Disney World Resort

              Or, of course, you may always pay for a locker when you enter the park if you have personal items, breakable stuff, or big bags. Or at any time throughout your visit Walt Disney World parks. We advise always heeding our instructions on precisely where to put your bags as you board the ride.

              If you're planning a Walt Disney World visit, make sure to check out the various Walt Disney World tickets available for a magical experience. Moreover, With park hopper and park hopping benefits, you can maximize your enjoyment and explore multiple attractions across the enchanting Disney theme parks

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