Disney Characters: Where To Find Them In Disney World

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Disney Characters in Disney World are scattered all around the Parks! Here is a rundown of the Top 10 favorite Disney characters to see at Disney World to see while you are on your travels.

Seeing the Disney Characters that you and your children both grew up watching is truly an astounding feeling. In saying this, you must make a list of the ones that you are trying to see before it’s too late! Be sure to peruse the information below to see my favorite characters while you are at Disney World! 


My Top 10 favorite Disney characters to see at Disney World

  1. The Original Gang
  2. Lilo & Stitch
  3. Peter Pan
  4. Chewbacca
  5. Mary Poppins
  6. Toy Story Pals
  7. Tiana & Rapunzel
  8. Captain Jack Sparrow
  9. Aladdin and Jasmine
  10. Chip ‘n’ Dale

I want you to keep in your mind that these are just my favorite characters to see, and there are plenty more of them that did not make the list that brings a thrilling time with them as well. As you make your way around the Parks, make sure you keep your eyes open for some of these characters, as they can sometimes be difficult to find.


The Original Gang

The Original Gang consists of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. These characters are a group of four that always seem to be by each other's sides as you make your way toward them, but you can see them individually as well. They are one of the most popular meet-and-greet characters, so be ready to wait in a long line when you are ready to see them! If you are trying to do them by themselves, they are present throughout the parks, especially in the Character Spot at EPCOT. They are incredibly energetic and a staple group of characters that you will want to have on your list once you make your way inside. 

Lilo & Stitch

I grew up watching Lilo & Stitch on rerun, so these are surely one of my preferred character combos to see when I am at Disney World. They are located in a few different places around the parks, but the easiest way to locate them is by getting reservations at Ohana. If you are looking to see just Sitch (many people's personal favorites of the two), you can meet him at Magic Kingdom in the character spots near the entrance or by the People Mover in Tomorrowland. By herself, Lilo can only be seen at the Typhoon Lagoon. All in all, Lilo & Stitch is a heartwarming duo to bring to see with your children (or by yourself). If you can dance, this is a plus in this circumstance, as Lilo loves to dance with guests!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is by far and large one of the best characters to meet. Although I may be a little biased since I have watched the movie more than a handful of times, he is one of the most fun Disney World Characters that you can meet. The great thing about him is that you do not need any reservation or special pass to see him, as he is usually out in the open. If you are to take pictures with him, he always has a photographer nearby, which is great to have to capture an amazing moment. If you can not find him in the open, make sure to check Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom! You will find that he is very sweet and foolish, something that will brighten your day once you meet him. 


Chewbacca is another classic character that must be on your bucket list. Nicknamed “Chewie”, he has an immense heart and love for his friends and guests and will give you a big Wookiee hug if you need one. He is always located at the Star Wars Launch Bay, where you can also find time to meet Darth Vader and BB-8 in the same area if you have the time. If you have not seen him before, you will find quickly that he is one of the most engulfing characters, and seems to tower over all of his guests. 

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is one of the characters that kids and parents love to meet, as the movie was first filmed in 1964. She teaches various amount of lessons in the movie like being closer to your children and family consistently to live a happy life. She can be seen in an assorted amount of places around the Parks. Also will be located in the back of the pavilion near the gazebo in the United Kingdom pavilion or at times, in the same area Alice is in the garden area. She is a formal and sassy character, so make sure you are on your best behavior around her.  

Toy Story Pals

Who doesn’t love the Toy Story movies? I know I sure do, and this is why they are one of my top groups of characters to meet. They are frankly one of the most fun characters in Disney World and are ready to make amazing memories with you once you arrive. They are so popular, that they have their area called Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where they are located throughout the day. Here, you will see Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear. Make sure you are ready to give Buzz your best salute upon your arrival!

Tiana & Rapunzel

This pair is one of the more fun-loving duos to meet inside Disney World. They are positioned at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom for a meet-and-greet session, but if you are not interested in going that route, they are also in the Royal Princess Hall in Magic Kingdom as well. Both of them are present with a photographer if you would like to capture a special moment of you, your children, and them together. Although the majority of Disney Princesses are a pleasure to meet, you will find that these two certainly are at the top of the list. 

Captain Jack Sparrow 

Jack Sparrow is an extremely talented and smart Disney character, and usually is one of the main attractions in Adventureland. I have gone and met him several different times, and each time it is a blast. He is located on the side of the Adventureland Stage in Adventureland, which is right across from the Pirates of the Caribbean display. If you and your children are true Pirates of the Caribbean fans, you can also head over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom. You may be lucky enough to get on the ride and then meet him right after if he is nearby. 

Aladdin and Jasmine

Ever since I was a child, these were two key characters I met every time I visited Disney World. They are such a sweet couple together, and the movie is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies by far. Always in Adventureland next to the Margic Carpers ride in Magic Kingdom, waiting to happily meet guests as they move along. They are positioned under an awning, so if it is a hot summer day, you will benefit from getting some shade for a few minutes here as well. 

Chip ‘n’ Dale

Chip ‘n’ Dale will always have a place in my heart. They were the first pair of characters that I met when I visited Disney World at The Garden Grill in EPCOT, and I will always cherish that special moment. I even dressed up as Chip for a Halloween costume years later. They also have a daily meet-and-greet time near the back of Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom, which I went to the last time around and had an exceptional time. 


Disney World is one of the only places in the world that will make you entranced with every single little thing in the Parks. As I previously stated, I could make a list of 50 of my favorite characters to meet, but these were just my Top 10 favorite Disney characters to see at Disney World that always bring me a joyous time. I hope this helps you decipher which ones you are trying to see on your adventures!

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