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Welcome to the magical world of Disney Droid Depot from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! One of the most exciting experiences in this immersive land is the Droid Depot, where guests can build their very own droid.

You can now create your own R2 or BB unit, just like the ones from the iconic Star Wars films. This is an exciting opportunity for Star Wars fans of all ages to engage in an interactive and personalized experience that will leave them with a unique souvenir to take home.

Let's explore the details of the Droid Depot experience, including the customization options, the building process, and some tips to make the most of your visit.

So, let's dive in and discover how to bring your Star Wars droid home!

Overview Of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

droid depot at disney

The Droid Depot is not just a regular Walt Disney World resort shop but an immersive experience. To truly appreciate the wonder of the Droid Depot, one must first understand how the entire process works.

The building of the droid is composed of two distinct sections:

– A gift shop that boasts an impressive collection of droid merchandise and

– A fully immersive mechanical shop where visitors can build their very own custom astromech droids.

Building a droid in Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World vacation is an absolute must-do for any Disney visitor! The process of building your custom droid is simply fascinating.

star wars characters

You get to handpick the parts and assemble them yourself, resulting in a unique and personalized droid with which you'll feel an unbreakable bond. The droids built here are so cool that they'll leave you surprised!

One of the most exceptional aspects of the experience is the incredible attention to detail that goes into each astromech unit. Visitors can choose from an array of droids, each with its own set of quirks and personalities.

Moreover, visitors can also purchase personality chips. They help you personalize your droid and make it even more special.

The Droid Depot is an extraordinary place where one can indulge their Star Wars fantasies, let their creativity run wild, and walk away with a personalized and unique droid.

Visit today and discover for yourself why it's such a popular destination for Star Wars fans worldwide!

Location Of Disney Droid Depot

star wars attraction

Disney's Hollywood Studios has the best franchises, and Star Wars is one of them. You can find your favorite Star Wars attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios in no time with the help of the following guide.

When venturing into Star War's Galaxy's Edge via Toy Story Land, one of the initial shops you'll encounter is the Droid Depot.

It's conveniently located beside Savi's Workshop, where you can build your own lightsaber.

If you're approaching Grand Avenue, simply stay to the right after passing the Black Spire Outpost Marketplace until you reach the staircase's base.

The droid sounds, and other noises make it a popular spot for videos and pictures.

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droids at depot

Although all the signs are written in Aurebesh – the language of Star Wars, spotting the store is a breeze due to the audio-animatronic droids lined outside.

For check-in, arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your reserved time at the front of the store. Everyone in your group must be present during check-in and entry into Disney Droid Depot.

Be ready to present your reservation confirmation, photo identification, and the credit card utilized for booking.

Remember, failure to cancel the day before or being a no-show will result in a cancellation fee. Additionally, a delay may result in a refusal of entry and a no-show charge.

Upon entering the store, the sheer amount of droids of various sizes and shapes may be overwhelming.

Some even move about in the background or on the walls. Don't forget to look up and down, as Disney packed the space with intricate details.

3 Visitor Categories At Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

droid depot lane

Upon arriving at Droid Depot, visitors may find themselves lost as there is a lack of signage to guide them.

To avoid needlessly standing in long lines, it is important to identify which category you fall into. These categories include:

– Individuals who simply want to shop

– Those who wish to build a droid without a reservation

– Those who have a droid depot reservation for building a droid.

If shopping solely interests you, your best bet is to enter through the doors near the “Sales,” “Service,” and “Trades” signs.

For those looking to build a droid without a reservation, keep an eye out for the “Droid Depot, End Of Line” sign and join the line.

However, approaching a Cast Member for directions is advisable if the line is not easily visible.

Finally, if you have a reservation for a droid building, asking a Cast Member near a door for guidance to the appropriate line inside is your safest bet.

Understanding which category you fall into is crucial in navigating Droid Depot easily.

Story Of Disney Droid Depot

disney droids

The Star Wars Droid Depot at Walt Disney World is a must-visit attraction for Star Wars fans of all ages.

This experience allows visitors to build their own droids and take them home as a souvenir.

The Droid Depot opened in 2019 as part of the Galaxy's Edge expansion at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida.

The attraction features an interactive droid-building experience that allows visitors to create their own astromech units, a staple in the Star Wars universe.

The experience begins with guests choosing between three different droid depot options: the BB-series droid, C-series droid, or R-series droid.

After choosing, guests move on to the building station, where they can customize their droid's color and personality chip. Once complete, guests activate their droid and watch as it comes to life before their very eyes.

Interactive Experience & Souvenir to Remember

take away droids

The Star Wars Droid Depot offers an interactive and immersive experience that transports visitors into a galaxy far, far away.

As they step inside, guests are greeted by a team of skilled mechanics outfitted in the latest gear, who provide personalized guidance and support throughout the journey.

With a vast array of droids available, visitors are encouraged to let their creativity and imagination run wild.

From BB units to Astromech droid units, each droid can be fully customized with a wide range of parts, accessories, and colors.

custom droids

These droids are not just for show, either. They can be taken home in a custom-designed box, complete with a convenient backpack for easy transport.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Visitors can also take control of their droids using a smartphone app, allowing them to explore the park in a whole new way.

These droids can even interact with other Star Wars toys, bringing the entire galaxy to life in ways never before possible.

Whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or just looking for a unique souvenir to remember your trip to Walt Disney World, the Droid Depot is an experience not to be missed.

With its blend of cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, personalized service, and limitless possibilities, it truly is the ultimate destination for any aspiring droid builder.

Build Your Own Droid

droid accessories

Similar to several Disney Parks' attractions, the Droid Depot serves as both a hub for merchandise and a unique experience all on its own.

It's an immersive environment where every inch, from the floor to the ceiling, is adorned in droid-themed decorations.

The main attraction of the depot is the chance for guests to create and construct their very own astromech droids to bring home. The experience of building your own droid comes at a price of $119.99 per builder.

This package offers a customizable selection of pieces to assemble your custom astromech units, complete with a box and remote control for easy transportation.

Yet, even for those who don't fancy the building process, the warehouse, which is thoughtfully decayed and industrialized, is packed with visual treats and intriguing details to explore.


droid build station

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World remains a popular destination even after four years of its opening.

Despite the extended waiting period for rides, dining, and shopping, visitors are still flocking to the park in great numbers.

To avoid disappointment, Disney advises that you book in advance for Droid Depot, with reservations available up to 60 days prior on Disney's website or My Disney Experience app.

While Droid Depot may have limited space for walk-ins each day, availability cannot be guaranteed.

To secure your reservation, a valid credit card is required upon booking, but don't worry; your card will not be charged until you arrive at the shop.

droid sizes

If you need to cancel your reservation, make sure to do so at least one day before the scheduled date to avoid a hefty $119.99 per builder “no-show” fee, which amounts to the full cost of the experience!

Be mindful of the time it takes to get to the park, go through security, and make your way to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, as late arrivals may not be permitted. With so much to account for, you'll need to plan accordingly to avoid any unforeseen obstacles.

This particular encounter is exclusive to a single guest and the constructor. To partake, at least one person must be 14 years old.

It is advisable to book a reservation if this experience is a priority on your itinerary, but there is no need to worry if you cannot secure one.

Instead, arrive early in the morning or late at night, as these are the prime times for walk-ins. The majority of Batuu voyagers construct their custom droids during the afternoon, with noon to 3 p.m. being the busiest time, according to a cast member.

Cost At Disney Droid Depot

customized droids

The price of constructing your own droid is not insignificant, as it will set you back $119.99, including taxes. It also requires a prepayment before the construction process can commence. This price encompasses the cost of one droid and its accompanying carrying case.

Once you've finished building your droid, the purchase is non-refundable, as the residents of Batuu view the droid and its creator as inseparable companions for eternity.

The cost of this unique, personalized experience is well worth it, as you will have a steadfast ally for the rest of your days.

Therefore, do not rush through the selection process when choosing the parts for your droid; instead, take the time to have a clear vision of what you want it to look like.

All available options are displayed on a wall to the left of the register, and no discounts are available, even for those who hold an annual pass.

droid types

However, if you're looking to add more personality to your droid, you can purchase droid depot personality chips for an additional $14.99 each, as well as other droid accessories, such as the droid backpack, for $49.99.

At Disney Droid Depot in Galaxy's Edge, you can not only build your own droid but also explore other options.

Among these are model kits, pre-made droids, and premium droids that come in a variety of sizes and styles. All those are modeled after the iconic droids from the Star Wars films.

Moreover, the pre-made interactive droids operate just like the customized ones, meaning you can own a mini replica of your favorite droids, like R2-D2, BB-8, D-0, and even the beloved C1-10P, also known as “Chopper” from Star Wars: Rebels.

Whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or just looking for a unique collectible, Droid Depot has something for everyone.

Types Of Astromech Droid Units

two droids

In the vast expanse of the Star Wars universe, one constant has been the integral role played by astromech droids.

These droids use Bluetooth technology to communicate with other astromech droid units as well as certain other elements and objects on Batuu and at Disney Parks and Resorts.

Using a remote-control device to operate a droid while at the theme parks will be prohibited. Please carry the droid around Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to allow it to interact with elements on the land.

assembling droids

From the earliest days of space travel, these versatile machines have been tasked with a plethora of important duties. These range from the crucial task of starship repair to providing invaluable navigational support.

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each type of astromech droid possesses its own unique set of specialized functions, executed with impressive precision.

Whether it be the compact and nimble R2-series or the hulking R5 units, astromech droids remain an essential tool for spacefaring adventurers across the galaxy.

R Series Droids

r series droids

The R-series droids include the famous R2-D2 and R5-D4. They represent the classic and original style of astromechs that have stood the test of time.

The R-series droid is equipped with a range of tools and equipment, which makes it highly versatile. These droids exude a sense of nostalgia and remain a favorite among Star Wars fans.

They also have a range of tools and equipment, including a cutting torch, a welding arm, and a universal interface arm.

BB Series Droids

bb series droids

The BB-series droid, such as BB-8, is a new droid option available at Droid Depot. The BB-series droids are designed to be highly interactive. They can communicate with humans and other droids using a range of sounds and gestures.

These droids feature a unique design with a head connected to a spherical body. They move by rolling their bodies while their heads remain floating on top.

This design gives them a distinct appearance and allows them to navigate efficiently through tight spaces.

They are also equipped with a range of defensive mechanisms, including a shock prod and a flamethrower.

Additionally, they are equipped with a range of sensors, including radar and infrared sensors. They use that to detect and analyze their surroundings.

C Series Droids

c series droids

The C-series droids are an older style of astro droids in the Star Wars universe. Although smaller and with several distinguishing details, they share a similar form with the R-series droids.

C1-10P, also known as Chopper, is a prominent example of a C-series droid. These droids are reliable and equipped with advanced functions, making them an essential part of any mission in the galaxy.

Additionally, they have a range of tools, including a welding arm and a cutting torch. They use that to repair and maintain starships.

The C-series droids are also capable of piloting starships and can provide navigational assistance to their owners.

Parts Station

droid depot parts

The parts station in Hollywood Studios is the perfect replica of what it is like in the movie. Here you have to choose the right droid parts for your new droid based on the droid type you choose. If you are unaware of the parts, cast members can help you with the process.

As soon as your style preference is established, you'll be guided toward a station located on a conveyor belt.

This particular stage is a highlight of the entire experience. There you stand amid a dynamic flurry of various parts whizzing past you.

Here at the conveyor belt, you have the opportunity to handpick each component of your droid!

Each station has detailed instructions and graphics. It provides you with a clear indication of what to look out for.

Selecting For BB Series:

disney droid

When embarking on the creation of a BB-Series droid, you'll need to choose from a selection of vital components, including:

      • The Dome

      • Dome Connection Plate

      • Body Sphere

      • Motivator

    Selecting For R Series

    droids at disney world

    On the other hand, if you're opting for an R-Series droid, the key pieces at your disposal will be:

        • The Dome

        • Body

        • Center Leg

        • Set of Side-Legs

      Selecting For C Series:

      disney droid types

      Meanwhile, for C-Series droids, you'll have the option of selecting:

          • The Dome

          • Body

          • Either a Center Leg or Center Wheel

          • A Set of Side-C Legs.

          • Additionally, if you're utilizing an Extender with your Body, don't forget to add a Set of Side-R Legs.

        These pieces are available in multiple colors, from vivid purple and fiery red to eye-catching orange and even crystal clear.

        The possibilities for mix-and-matching these components are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

        Observing children carefully selecting the perfect components for their droids is an enjoyable experience. The combinations they create are endlessly entertaining.

        If you encounter difficulty finding the necessary parts, rest assured that numerous cast members are nearby, eager to assist.

        Disney Droid Depot Build Station

        droid depot station

        Constructing a droid is a straightforward process that involves following step-by-step instructions presented on a placemat or a monitor display.

        custom disney droid

        Despite its seemingly complex nature, assembling a droid is achievable with the help of easy-to-understand guidelines at your droid assembly table.

        Friendly cast members are always ready to offer assistance if you encounter any difficulties. With the proper guidance, anyone can successfully create their very own droid.


        personal disney droid

        Creating a droid at Walt Disney World Resort Galaxy's Edge is a thrilling experience that brings your machine to life before your eyes! You can carry your droid anywhere in Disney parks after its activation.

        Once the assembly process is complete, you'll receive a remote control that gives you complete command over your new companion (same as wielding a lightsaber). Once activated, you can stow your droid in the convenient box or backpack you purchased.

        droid depot options

        Disney World's Cast Members will thoroughly inspect your droid before handing it over to ensure that everything is functioning flawlessly.

        After that, you'll have the option of purchasing additional accessories. Those can be Droid Depot personality chips and panels to customize your droid to your liking.

        Customization At Disney Droid Depot

        droid depot parts

        Would you like to personalize your droid further? You have several options to choose from. One possibility is to add a personality chip to your droid, which will alter its sound and behavior.

        These personality chips are compatible with all 3 droid styles (C-Series, R-Series, and BB-Series) and cost $14.99 each.

        Personality chips change the droid's personality and how it interacts with the environment in the park. You get to choose your own personality chips.

        droid depot personality chips

        Personality chips can be removed and replaced, so having multiple ones for the same droid is possible.

        There are 6 different types of personality chips, each of which will give your droid a different personality favored towards The Resistance, The First Order, or the Independent.

        Installation is a breeze; simply open up the droid and insert the chip into the designated empty slot.

        In addition, those who purchase R-Series droids have even more customization options available to them, such as decals and accessory panels. The possibilities for personalization are endless!

        Custom Droid Rules

        droid depot disneyland

        As one might expect, there are certain guidelines regarding the use of droids. The primary rule is that droids are prohibited from being utilized within the confines of the parks.

        Despite this, the Bluetooth technology embedded within the droids enables them to interact with their surroundings and other droids.

        Though your newly-acquired droid friend may stir and beep inside its free box (or backpack), it is not to be unboxed and released onto the ground.

        droid depot color options

        The recommended age range for guests seeking to partake in this experience is 3 and above. Furthermore, children aged 7 and below must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 14 years of age.

        When constructing, each customer will have to bring one guest. Unlike at Savi’s Workshop, Disney appears to be less strict when it comes to enforcing the 1 guest/builder regulation.

        However, given that the building stations are not very large despite the overall space being larger, it is advisable to adhere to the 1 guest policy, barring any exceptional circumstances where the number of children present surpasses that of the adults.

        The Purpose Of These Customizable Droids

        chopper droid depot

        When you bring your custom astromech to life at the Droid Depot, a universe of possibilities unfolds before you.

        Your droid can make all the bleeps and bloops you’ve come to know and love, move around with ease, and even turn its head in curiosity.

        You can direct your droid to move around with fluidity and explore the surrounding area using the remote control.

        However, be mindful that operating your droid on the ground is not permissible within the Disney Parks, except within the Droid Depot test area.

        droid gift shop

        But there's more to these droids than meets the eye. With Bluetooth technology, they interact with each other and the various sites scattered around the parks.

        By carrying your droid in one of the signatures Droid Depot backpacks, you'll likely notice it moving its head around and “talking” to you for the rest of your park visit. These astromechs are highly interactive and have a personality all their own.

        What's more, the Droid Depot companion app opens up a world of opportunities for you and your droid. You can make it perform various functions and even choreograph a dance sequence for it to perform.

        Let your imagination run wild and create a unique experience for yourself and your droid companion. The possibilities are endless.

        Droid Interactivity Inside Galaxy's Edge at Disney World

        droid depot attraction

        Behold, these wondrous droids have the latest Bluetooth communication technology. It allows them to connect and converse with a vast array of astromech tech, as well as other objects and elements inhabiting Batuu and the various Disney parks and resorts.

        It is crucial to note that the remote control operation of these astromechs is not advisable within the confines of the theme parks due to safety concerns.

        However, one may still transport their droid within its protective casing and allow it to engage with the surrounding environment and fellow droids.

        Disney Droid Depot Mobile App

        droid depot app

        As you return from your adventure to the Black Spire Outpost, take a moment to explore the wonders of the Droid Depot app, now available for both Android and iOS devices.

        This innovative droid depot mobile app harnesses the power of Bluetooth connectivity. That connectivity establishes a seamless link between your astromech unit and your smartphone.

        With this new level of control, you can experience an array of exciting features. They will redefine your droid piloting and interaction capabilities.

        Accompanied by the pulsating rhythms of DJ R3X from Oga's Cantina, you can even compose and program intricate dance sequences that showcase your droid's unique personality.

        The app offers a thrilling game of tic tac toe for the strategy mode that lets you test your droid's cognitive skills.

        But here's the kicker: you don't even need a physical droid to enjoy the full range of the app's features!

        The app includes detailed schematics that enable you to build and interact with a virtual droid. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

        Droid Depot Gift Shop

        star wars gift shop

        The Droid Depot at Black Spire Outpost is a must-visit location on your excursion to Galaxy's Edge.

        Not only can you construct your own droid, but there is also a “regular” gift shop where you can find a plethora of Astromech apparel and souvenirs.

        These items range from t-shirts and mugs to unique gift cards and even full-scale R2-D2 models worth $25,000.

        Whether you plan on building a droid or not, Droid Depot is an experience that you should not overlook.

        The Disney Droid Depot Backpack

        droid backpack

        Introducing the groundbreaking Droid Carrying Backpack – a technological marvel crafted to meet the demands of ardent robotics enthusiasts.

        Not only does this backpack make a fashion statement, but it's also a practical tool that simplifies the process of transporting droids to new destinations.

        Crafted from top-tier materials, the backpack delivers unrivaled comfort and longevity, rendering it ideal for frequent droid travel.

        Get ready to journey beyond the boundaries of conventional robotics with the Droid Carrying Backpacks by your side.

        These carrying backpacks are a true marvel of engineering, especially when it comes to securely holding a wide variety of droids.

        The adjustable straps are an absolute lifesaver in this regard, allowing you to fine-tune the size of each compartment to snugly fit each unique droid you may need to transport.

        Secure Your Droid

        disney shops

        Not only does this guarantee the safety of your precious cargo, but it also ensures that no damage will occur during transit.

        Furthermore, the backpack's feather-light construction makes it incredibly effortless to carry, even with the heaviest of droids on board.

        The level of convenience and peace of mind provided by these backpacks is truly unparalleled in the world of droid transportation.

        The backpack also features multiple pockets and compartments. You can use these to store various accessories and tools required for droid maintenance and repairs.

        These pockets make it easy to access all the tools you need. It ensures that you can quickly fix any issues that may arise with your droids while you are outside.

        Another unique feature of the Droid carrying backpacks is its futuristic design, which is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

        It is not only functional but also looks great, making it a statement accessory for those who love to stay ahead of the game.

        The backpack is available in different colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and personality.

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