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Disney Ears 101: Everything About The Iconic Parks Accessory

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Walt Disney World sells a variety of souvenirs for guests to enjoy, from stuffed animals to Disney ears. However, the Mickey Ears have become the most famous souvenir for guests to enjoy. The Mickey Ears have become so renowned that they have become a complete theme park staple. One could choose from several infamous Mickey Ears; the styles are forever changing.

History of the Ears

Roy Williams first produced the infamous Mickey Ears in the 1950s in the Mickey Mouse Club. Roy was one of the adult Mousketeers, most famously known as “Big Mouseketeer.” Williams originally got the idea for the ears after the 1929 short film The Karnival Kid, in which Mickey tipped his ears to Minnie.

The first set of ears was relatively simple, simply a cap of felt with two plastic ears on top of it. Williams originally designed the ears for adults to simply sit on their head. However, future designs included an elastic band to help secure a child's head.

Disney Imagineers eventually created a headband version of Mickey's ears. This headband was a rigid strip with ears attached to either side, similar to the hat ear design. Then, during the mid-1980s, they added a Minnie Mouse version, red with white polka dots between the ears.

Eventually, Disney transitioned into creating unique ear designs each year to commemorate holidays or promote special events. In 2020 alone, Disney produced nearly 100 ear hats and headbands. Because of the unique designs, Disney Ears were not just for fashion but for collectible souvenirs.

Where to purchase Disney Ears

Magic Kingdom

There are several different places to purchase Mickey Ears while at Magic Kingdom:

      • The Chapeau

      • The Emporium

      • Big Top Souvenirs

      • Sir Mickey's

      • Star Traders

      • Frontier Trading Post

      • Tomorrowland Light & Power Co

      • Main Street Cinema

    In addition to the leading stores listed above, several carts throughout the different lands in Magic Kingdom sell Mickey Ears. So, if you are looking for a specifically themed Mickey Ears, head to the store right after that ride for your souvenir.


    Epcot is an excellent option for purchasing a pair of Mickey Ears at the World Showcase. Mickey Ears are sold daily in Italy, Norway, France, China, and Mexico. In addition, these ears are themed explicitly for that pavilion in the World Showcase.

    Additionally, to the World Showcase, guests may purchase a set of Mickey Ears at the Creations Shop, Gateway Gifts, and ImageWorks.

    Hollywood Studios

    Guests may purchase Mickey Ears on Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. The following are the stores one could purchase Mickey Ears:

        • Mickey's of Hollywood

        • Celebrity 5 & 10

        • Legends of Hollywood

        • Crossroads of the World

        • Tatooine Traders

      Animal kingdom

      Like other theme parks, animal Kingdom has a few uniquely designed Mickey Ears. Head to Discover Trading Company, Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures, Riverside Depot, or Mariya's Souvenirs to purchase Mickey Ears at Animal Kingdom.

      Shopping Online

      If you are preparing for an upcoming trip or want to purchase a particular theme far from the parks, you could also buy them online. There are a few authentic Disney designers that Disney Parks, Loungefly, Baubleboer, or other top-tier designers exclusively produce.


      ShopDisney is the top shop for authentic park ears. This shop does have a limited selection, but there is a chance to get a few of the new styles produced. If you want a specific kind, restocks typically happen around 2:00 am.


      Etsy is an excellent choice for shopping for uniquely designed Mickey Ears. The platform allows Disney fans to find Disney Ears themed to a broader range of Disney characters as they are not mass-produced. In addition, these ears are typically cheaper than one could purchase in the parks and are much more comfortable. Finally, the ears found on Etsy will likely be unique, separating you from the typical Disney parks ear hats.

      How to Get Personalized Mickey Ears

      If you want to step your Disney ear game up, guests can create their own personalized pair of Disney ears. The best place in Disney World is at Curtain Call Authorities, located on Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom.

      Guests getting a personalized Mickey Ears hat could choose from several fonts to embroider their name on the back. This is a prevalent first-time visiting souvenir used in pregnancy announcements or honeymoons. The cost will be around $17.99 for the hat and $3 to $7 for the personalization.

      Another option would be to go through Disney's Wonderful World of Memories in Disney Springs, the Box Office Gifts at Town Square Theater, or Fantasy Fair in Fantasyland. Finally, guests could visit the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom.

      Top Ranked Disney Ears – 2023

          1. Minnie Mouse Ears – Velvet BowThis takes the top of the list as it has a touch of the classic Disney. They also offer a bit of flare and will pair significantly with just about any Disney t-shirt!

            1. Baby Yoda EarsThe Mandalorian is a huge hit; everyone loves baby Yoda or Grogu.

              1. Woody EarsToy Store Land has become a massive hit in Hollywood Studios, leading to the Minnie Mouse Ears being a huge hit.

                1. Mickey EarsThe Mickey Ears are an excellent option for both boys and girls. They have classic ears, Mickey hands, and pants on each side.

                  1. Little Mermaid EarsThe Little Mermaid is a Disney classic and is still a massive hit in Magic Kingdom.

                    1. Olaf EarsWhile Frozen 1 and 2 have been out for quite some time, the movies are still insanely popular in the parks. Olaf is a big part of that success, so much so that it has led to these ears being trendy. 

                      1. Maleficent EarsAlmost all Disney fans are fans of Disney villains, and Maleficent is one of the top villains. 

                        1. Disney Christmas EarsIt is common to see Christmas-themed ears throughout the parks during the holidays. 

                          1. Spaceship Earth EarsOne of the top rides at Disney World is Spaceship Earth, so these ears are almost always seen in Epcot. The ride is fantastic, and the “ball” has become a symbol for Epcot

                            1. Lion King EarsAnother Disney classic, The Lion King, has become a great option to wear during guests' Animal Kingdom days. 


                            Overall, the Disney Ears, Mickey and Minnie, are a prevalent fashion statement or souvenir to take home in Disney World. Despite originating in the 1900s, they are still one of the top items for guests to purchase, both in and out of the parks. These are great for classic Disney hits or even uniquely designed ears. 

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