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Disney Facts: Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney World

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If you are a massive Disney fan, you have gone down the hole of trying to figure out every unique fact that comes with the resort. Good thing for you! If you have not done any prior research but are fascinated with the little intricacies of Disney World, read ahead to gain bits of knowledge you may have not even heard of before.

Top 10 Interesting Disney Factstop 10 disney world interesting facts

One of the most popular attractions worldwide is Disney World. There is a lot going on at Disney World that most visitors never see or are unaware of. Every year, millions of people come, and the majority of them have a terrific time. There are undoubtedly some facts about Disney World that you don't know, even if you've been there a million times. Here are ten interesting Walt Disney World facts that only a few individuals are aware of.

Fun Fact #1: Scents Pumped Near Rides And Eateries

scents pumped at disney

Have you ever wondered why, when you walk past a specific place in Disney World, the scent in that area is magnified to a tremendously intense level? If you have, remember that you are not crazy when you ask your husband six times if he smells that chocolate chip cookie as if it were right in front of your face.

Disney World attempts to appeal to all of your senses. There are several ways to navigate the Parks, and one of them is by sniffing these smells in the parks. They craft these scents carefully to evoke specific emotions and memories in visitors so they can transport themselves to a different place and time.

For example, the scent of popcorn from the main entrance to Magic Kingdom makes visitors feel as though they are at a classic carnival or fair. The smell of coconut and suntan lotion in the Polynesian Resort creates a tropical atmosphere. The scent of fresh pine in the Wilderness Lodge evokes feelings of being in a rustic cabin in the woods.

The list truly goes on and on! These scents enhance the rides and attractions. For example, the smell of gingerbread on the Haunted Mansion during the holiday season or the aroma of burning fuel on the Test Track ride. Even the water in certain areas is treated with scent to enhance the atmosphere, such as the musty smell in Pirates of the Caribbean. All in all, the scents pumped into Disney World are a subtle way to enhance the visitor experience. They also make the parks even more immersive and magical.

Fun Fact #2: Point With Two Fingers – Disney Point

disney point

One of the most interesting Disney facts is whenever you are asking for directions in Disney World, have you ever realized that they always point with two fingers? Disney cast members point with two fingers, known as the “Disney point,” as some cultures consider it impolite to only point with one finger.

Disney is a global brand and attracts visitors from all over the world, so using Disney Point is a way to avoid cultural misunderstandings and ensure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable. The two-finger point is more elegant and graceful. It aligns with Disney's reputation for creating a magical and enchanting experience. Moreover, the Disney point gesture does not apply to cast members only. Guests can use this gesture when interacting with others in the park. This creates a sense of unity and reinforces the idea that everyone is part of the same magical world.

Fun Fact #3: No Bathrooms In Liberty Square

disney liberty square

Liberty Square is a themed land in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. They have designed it to look like colonial-era America. It offers some of the best features in the Parks. However, one of the unique attributes of Liberty Square is that there are no public restrooms within the land. After several forms of research, it has been found that there are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, indoor plumbing did not exist during the colonial era. Therefore, it would be historically inaccurate to have restrooms in the area. Disney Imagineers wanted to create a captivating experience that accurately reflects the period. Secondly, the designers wanted to avoid disrupting the theming and atmosphere of Liberty Square. Because bathrooms are often sterile and modern-looking, it would possibly clash with the colonial theme of the land.

If you are located in Liberty Square and need a bathroom, do not feel Disney World is leaving you with nowhere to go. To accommodate you, there are restrooms just outside Liberty Square, and they have also placed signs to direct guests to them. This decision also allows for more room within the land for attractions and other themed experiences. In closing, the lack of public restrooms in Liberty Square is a deliberate design choice to keep the historical accuracy of the themed land intact. Hence, it is one of the most clever design choices that the Imagineers have made!

Fun Fact #4: Nothing Over 199 Feet Tall at Disney

cinderella castle

One of the absorbing facts about Disney World is that no structure within the park is taller than 199 feet. This rule applies to both attractions and buildings, including iconic landmarks such as Cinderella's Castle. The reason for this rule is primarily related to aviation regulations.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, any structure taller than 200 feet requires a red beacon light on the top to alert pilots. However, the use of such a light would interfere with the magical nighttime ambiance of Disney World. So, they set the limit just below the FAA's threshold. Besides this, the limit ensures the park remains visually appealing and proportional. Keeping structures relatively low allows for better views and more room for landscaping and other scenic elements.

If several of the structures were above the clouds at times of the day, you would not be able to get the same vibe from the Parks that you would with them all at a specific height limit!

Fun Fact #5: Just 30 Steps Away Trash Cans

disney trash can distance facts

You are only 30 steps away from a trash can no matter where you are in Walt Disney World. When creating Disneyland, it's reported that Walt visited neighboring parks and tracked how long visitors would cling onto a piece of garbage before discarding it. He devised a thirty-step plan. This makes it one of the fascinating Disney facts!

They not only positioned Disney's trash strategically but also prominently displayed it to draw attention. Disney never hides or uses subtlety since their garbage cans are painted in vibrant, enjoyable colors. There are Disney garbage cans everywhere, standing happily in the open and grabbing attention. Additionally, they are entertaining, so visitors love using these creative trash cans to dispose of their rubbish.

Moreover, they have installed fun and theme-painted recycling containers directly next to trash cans across Disney parks. Placing recycling bins near garbage cans promotes recycling awareness. It raises people's awareness of environmental protection. Also, it makes it easier to distinguish recyclable materials from other garbage.

Fun Fact #6: Hidden Mickeys at Disney World

hidden mickeys at disney world

Those who have visited any of the Disney parks have most likely discovered representations of Mickey Mouse hidden in paintings and murals, tiled floors or ceilings, behind ride posters, and around water fountains. These Mickey Mouse photos are known as Hidden Mickeys. You often have to look attentively or simply come upon them.

Hidden Mickeys have been around since the establishment of Epcot. When Epcot was first conceived, the Disney characters were not included. Mickey Mouse was prominent in Magic Kingdom and not included in the Epcot concept. Therefore, Disney Imagineers decided to bury Mickey's images across the park. So, all Disney theme parks now have Hidden Mickeys and welcome guests who hunt endlessly for new ones. 

Fun Fact #7: Tunnels Under The Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom tunnels

If you're a huge Disney World fan, you undoubtedly already know that the Utilidors, a network of tunnels under the Magic Kingdom, exist. When you took the Keys to the Kingdom tour, you might have even spotted some Utilidors.

Walt built Utilidor tunnels to allow cast members to go through the Magic Kingdom more swiftly and avoid the crowds. Additionally, actors can move around discreetly. For instance, Walt Disney did not want a cast member from Tomorrowland to be spotted in Frontierland. Seeing a cast member who doesn't fit in could destroy the magic because the clothes are so drastically different.

However, the places underground are where the majority of Magic Kingdom cast members go to take a break and rest for a bit. The tunnels have locker rooms, break rooms, a café, and grab-and-go food options.

Fun Fact #8: EPCOT – Unrealized Concept Of Tomorrow


EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow! The true Disney nerds will tell you that it was once intended to be a functioning, modern city. Sadly, Walt's passing changed the original course. The strange origin of the park is the subject of a legend, though.

A moment of frustration inspired the park's unusual design. Since the business had opted not to pursue the concept of a futuristic city, Imagineers pondered how to best bring Walt Disney's concept of the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow to life, at least partially, throughout the 1970s.

By the middle of the decade, two groups had formed: one desired a futuristic showcase of current technology. In contrast, the other preferred a “permanent world's fair” with pavilions representing countries from across the world. According to Disney legend, the two opposing models were pushed together one day. And that's how they built EPCOT.

Fun Fact #9: Disney Cultivates Its Own Fruits And Vegetables

disney fruits and vegetables

If you've ever eaten fresh fruit or delicious vegetables in one of Disney's restaurants, you've probably eaten something grown at Epcot's Land Pavilion. As it generates 30 tons of food yearly.

If you're curious about the unique methods used to raise so much food, take the Behind the Seeds tour. It includes visiting the Land Pavilion's fish farm and four greenhouses. There are also “gigantic fruits and vegetables and unusual crops from around the world” and “discover the latest plant-growing techniques, including hydroponics.”

Fun Fact #10: Dragon In The Animal Kingdom Logo

animal kingdom logo

Have you ever taken a close look at the Animal Kingdom logo? At first glance, it appears to be a line of animals. If you look closely, you will discover a dragon in the middle of the logo. Dragons were supposed to be a part of Animal Kingdom! They were to be included in a section within the park called the Beastly Kingdom, which would contain mythological animals such as unicorns and dragons. 

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, Disney scrapped the proposal for the land, and instead, they developed Dinoland USA because it was considerably cheaper. The Beastly Kingdom would have been where Pandora: The World Of Avatars presently stands.


In conclusion, every visit to the enchanted world of Disney can be more interesting by discovering hundreds of intriguing and little-known facts. Every little thing at Disney World, from the meticulously crafted smells that whisk you away to the different realms to the graceful “Disney point” gesture that unites visitors from all over the world, adds up to an immersive and unique experience. So, the next time you visit Disney World, keep a look out for these magical elements that elevate the whole experience.

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