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Disney World Guide Book: Free Tips & Tricks

A Disney World vacation is a memorable experience for children of all ages. While a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort is a magical experience, proper planning is the key to ensuring a smooth trip. With all that Disney World has to offer, we know that it's not easy to coordinate a trip and save time, money, and energy at the same time. Which is why we're providing all our insider tips and tricks to planning your vacation with our Disney World Guide Book 2022.

Disney World Guide Book Tip: Choose A Date With Lower Crowd Levels

Times to Avoid Disney World

The first piece of advice in our Disney World Guide book is to is to choose your dates strategically. Many choose to visit Disney World when the adults are off work or the children out of school. While these might be the most convenient times to travel they are not necessarily the best times to visit Walt Disney World if you're looking for the lowest crowds. When choosing the best time to visit the theme parks,  avoid Spring Break, Summer Break, and holidays.

Best Times To Go To Disney World

Our favorite time to visit Disney World is the first half of the year. With lower crowds and cooler temperatures, it's a time where you can truly get the most bang for your buck. While early August brings in the beginning of the holidays with holiday parties at Magic Kingdom, and Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, it can also bring in more moderate crowd levels. If you do find yourself at Walt Disney World with heavier crowds… don’t sweat! There are plenty of ways to make memories at Disney World that don’t involve waiting in long lines.

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Disney World Guide Book Tip: Plan Accommodations Accordingly

Choosing A Hotel at Disney World

Once you've chosen your dates, the next step in our unofficial guide to Walt Disney World is choosing your accommodations. With more than twenty-five resorts on property, Disney World has great hotels at a variety of rates and for an array of interests.

Location, Experience, Price

When choosing your hotel, consider if you are most interested in location, experience, or price. Some hotels, like the Contemporary Resort or The Boardwalk, are only  a walk away from your favorite theme parks and will save you time getting back to your room at the end of the day. If you're more interested in experience than location, many resorts offer unique offerings right in the lobby. For example, Animal Kingdom has a zoo housing giraffes, zebra, and other wildlife right outside the lobby. Finally, if you're interested in saving your money for other aspects of your trip, hotels like Pop Century Resort keep you close to the magic without breaking the bank. Luckily, Disney World's wide lodging offerings ensures that there’s an accommodation option for everyone!

Disney World Guide Book Tip: Purchase Tickets in Advance

Disney World Park Tickets

Next item in our unofficial guide to Walt Disney are park tickets. Once you have your hotel, it’s time to purchase your keys to the kingdom. Whether you’re planning to go to one park or all six parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, planning ahead can save time, money, and stress.


While coordinating your Walt Disney vacation,  seek out the bundles that Disney offers to streamline purchases to those planning to attend multiple parks within their trip. Furthermore, these bundles are built be both more efficient and more affordable options to tickets purchased day-to-day.

Disney World Guide Book Tip: Plan Your Dining

Disney Dining Reservations

In addition to choosing your hotel and purchasing your tickets, a must have when planning your vacation to Disney World are dining reservations. While reservations might not seem like the most important part of planning your trip to Walt Disney World, it can eliminate a lot of stress when stomachs begin to growl with hunger. You can make, edit, and cancel dining reservation through the MyDisneyExperience app.

Disney Dining Plan

In addition to reservations, if you plan to eat on Disney property for most or all of your trip, one of our favorite tips in our Disney World Guide Book is The Disney Dining Plan. While the option is temporarily unavailable, we recommend checking in before your vacation as Disney World continues to restart various initiatives. The Disney Dining Plan allows you to taste a variety of Disney food in without constantly swiping your credit card through a easy to use prepay system. So, next time you check out your favorite Disney food blog; make the reservation, research the Disney Dining Plan, and begin making a list of the treats you'll try on your vacation.

Disney World Guide Book Tip: Expand Your Horizons

Disney Cruise Line

Did you know that our tips and tricks for the Walt Disney World Resort can expand outside the theme parks? We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the opportunities just beyond Orlando, Florida in our Disney World guide book. Only a few miles away in Cape Canaveral, Florida, The Walt Disney Cruise Line launches. So, if you'd like to expand your Walt Disney adventures to the open sea, The Disney Cruise line is your ticket to a variety of exotic locations. From the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands, Disney World continues to prove that it has more to offer than just the parks.

Disney World Guide Book Tip: Pace Yourself


Finally, what is the best tip we could offer in our Disney guidebook? Pace yourself!  Planning a trip can be stressful. It's important to remember that it's your vacation and it’s important that you’re comfortable, rested, and enjoying yourself. When planning your vacation, schedule time to relax and break the day up between high and low energy activities. The easiest way to not enjoy your vacation is to spend all of your time walking around in the heat alongside fellow travelers. Luckily, Disney World knows the importance of winding down just as much as it knows how to keep you moving. From seeing a movie at Disney Springs to taking advantage of one of the various resorts’ spa offerings, you can leave the trip feeling more relaxed than you began!

Have Fun!


We know that it can be difficult to know where to start planning your Disney World vacation on your own. We hope that, with our Disney World Guide Book 2022 by your side, you feel prepared to have the most magical vacation!

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