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Disney Jail Imprisonment Causes, Facts, & More

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Everyone loves Disney, whether theme parks, movies, or television shows. But did you know that Disneyworld Jail is a real thing? Since Disney is a magical place where guests from all over the world come to make their vacations worthwhile, Disney officials ensure that it stays that way for their guests and that nobody has to face any hardships during their stay at Disney World. Let's see what things to do or not to do to have a great time at Disney World.

The Walt Disney World Jail

Disney has employed various secret procedures to keep the Disneyland magic alive. These procedures aim to solve the issues without drawing any attention to the case. Each theme park is filled with undercover cops walking on-site.

The security guards are in normal outfits as others which is a really good idea to be sneaky and look out for uncooperative guests. They are cast members and can be found anywhere on Disney's property looking out for people causing trouble to the security of the park.

On catching the guilty people, Disney cast members take those people to a holding area, “Disney jail.” There are many stories of people talking about Disneyland underground jail in the past. Most people have tweeted their past experience in Disney jail and what was the reason behind it.

Things Not To Do In Disneyland

A theme park in Disneyland has certain regulations for everyone to follow. Everyone should cooperate with Disney's policies to enjoy the complete magic of the park. Guests' behavior is one thing that can help them to enjoy their stay in Disneyland.

There is a local police station near Walt Disney World, “Anaheim Police Department.” The police have to deal with people sometimes if Disney cast members are unable to handle the case. These are the things you should avoid doing in Disneyland:

Shoplifting From Stores


WDW Jurisdiction considers shoplifting a serious crime. Some people may say it is a victimless crime because it is stealing from a company rather than an individual. However, shoplifting is not a victimless crime because the stores that get robbed become less likely to operate in the future, thus hurting the economy.

Disney has suffered from shoplifting a lot. People always try to walk away with unpaid things from the store, but the security now is too strict at Disneyland. Depending on the incident, Disney security will hold perpetrators in the office until they figure out whether or not more serious action needs to be taken.

Disney security does not arrest anyone. However, depending on the circumstance, the “Disney jail” can be used as a place to hold a disruptive guest until the police arrive.

Misbehaving With Others

Another thing to avoid is having inappropriate behavior with any cast member at Walt Disney World. You should always be polite and helpful to others at Disney parks. That way, you can avoid Disney jail and have a good time at Disneyland too.

Try to stay as far as possible from trouble not to get a lifetime ban. There is more than just one Disney prison on the property. One of them is in The Pirates Of the Caribbean ride, but there are more severe ones across the property.

Having inappropriate behavior with not just a cast member but also others in Disney Grand Floridian Resort hotels or even a Disney employee can result in your group getting lifetime bans.

Underage Drinking


Drinking a lot is not advisable at any Disneyland hotel, and if you are underage, you can be charged with public intoxication and taken to a holding area for people at Disney jail. There is a Disney jail at each Disney park.

Disneyland Orlando, Florida, has strict rules for people caught in public intoxication, and the security has to deal with those kinds of customers and put them in jail and behind bars. You can have alcoholic beverages in your hotel room but not excessively.

The security guards at Walt Disney notice any slight change in a guest's behavior because they have enough experience. If you try to resist in any way, you might also be sent to an actual jail in the Anaheim Police Department.

Sneaking In Theme Parks Can Also Lead To Disney Jail


Since Disneyland is expensive enough, people always try to sneak in. The central Florida location is crawling with people trying to sneak into Disneyland. Some of them even managed to, but authorities caught them and took them to Disneyland jail.

Blake Lively and her brother incident is the most famous sneaking incident in Disneyland. Blake and his brother have been in Disneyland jail. When they were young, Blake Lively and her brother thought sneaking into the park by manipulating the security was a really good idea.

They were able to manipulate the security and entered the main street of Disneyland. They thought they would walk away with this, but authorities caught her brother and put them behind Disneyland jail bars. Blake Lively tweeted about her experience in the Disney jail later on.

Using Fake Tickets Is A Ticket To Disney Jail


The cost of park tickets has led to many people using fake park tickets to get inside the magical world. The parks in Disneyland have tight security not to let any trouble from happening. Using fake park tickets can get you banned from Disney parks and might even land you in the Disney jail cell.

The Disneyland Orlando website has authentic park tickets that you can buy online from anywhere in the world. You can show those park tickets on your mobile device when you walk up to the park entrance.

Tickets for all the parks are available on the Disneyland website. Buy only the authentic ones from reputable sites to avoid getting banned from Disney magic parks. Even if you manage to get in, the security officials dressed in normal outfits can take you to Disney jail.

Climbing On Attractions

When on vacation in Disney, try not to get carried away. The buildings and attractions at Walt Disney parks are beautiful but not for climbing. Disney's Magic Kingdom has tall buildings, and guests sometimes get too excited to climb those.

Climbing these attractions is not allowed, and on being caught, you'll be taken to Disneyland jail. The security team at Disney Resort trains to maintain a healthy environment at Disney World.

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Bringing Prohibited Goods Into Theme Parks


You cannot walk away by bringing prohibited goods to Disney World. The security will take you to Disney jail and make you stay there for an hour or so if they catch you with anything prohibited in your room.

To avoid this from happening, don't bring the following items to Disney Park:

      • Devices like drones, remote control toys, skateboards, or rollers.

      • Any illegal substance like alcoholic beverages or marijuana.

      • Not too large strollers, suitcases, or wheelchairs.

      • No loose liquid or dry ice.

      • Weapons of any kind.

      • Folding chairs.

      • Large tripods or selfie sticks.

    Metal water bottles and keychains should be held in hand when walking through metal detectors so that they know what you are bringing with you, and no other suspicious item should be caught in your bag checks. Keeping these things in mind can help you avoid Disneyland jail time.

    Disneyland Jail Or Disney Security Office


    Disney's so-called jail is not an actual jail but a security office where they monitor the whole park. Disney declined to comment on the record of Disney Jail pictures but said rumors of it are misleading and a wives' tale.

    After taking you to Disneyland jail, they use a secondary screening to see what charges to put on the person. This way, the resort has been able to maintain its healthy environment for ages.

    Walt Disney World Is A Safe Place For Visitors


    There is no doubt that Walt Disney World is a safe place for everyone. The security and safety measures safeguarding sensitive data such as your Disney Security Number place are top-notch, and the staff is always on hand to help guests in any way they can. There have been no major incidents at the park in recent years, and overall, it is a very safe place to visit.

    Disney officials take only the ones at fault to Disneyland jail. Other than that, Disney Resort tries its best to please you in every way possible. Just keep in mind the Disney policies, and you'll make the best of your vacation.

    Disney Security Check Locations

    You have to go through a security check at Disney in several places. The first place is at the front entrance of the parks. Everyone must go through a security checkpoint before allowing them to enter the park.

    The second place is at the entrance of each ride. There is a security checkpoint at the entrance of each ride that you must go through before you are allowed to get on the ride.

    The third place is at the exit of each ride. Before leaving the ride, you must pass through a security checkpoint at the exit.

    Disney's Magic Kingdom


    Disney's Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With millions of people visiting each year, safety and security are paramount. Multiple security checkpoints are located throughout the property to ensure guests' safety.

    Guests will encounter the first security checkpoint at the transportation center, where they will undergo a thorough bag check and metal detector screening. Once guests arrive at the entrance, they will undergo another security screening before entering the area.

    Throughout the day, roving security teams monitor and assist with any potential security issues. These measures help guests enjoy their time at Disney's Magic Kingdom with peace of mind.

    Disney's Animal Kingdom


    Disney's Animal Kingdom attracts many people daily. As a result, security measures are in place to ensure the safety of everyone entering the area, including guests, staff, and vendors.

    There are several security check locations at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests can expect to go through metal detectors and have their bags checked by security personnel at these locations. Disney strategically placed these locations at the entrances to make them easily accessible for guests.

    Disney's Animal Kingdom also has a clear bag policy, meaning you can only bring clear bags on the property. This policy speeds up the security check process and ensures that individuals do not bring prohibited items to the premises.



    EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is popular in Florida, USA. Like other theme parks, EPCOT takes the security of everyone seriously. Several security check locations are located throughout EPCOT to ensure everyone is safe and secure.

    You can find these locations typically at the entrances, including the main entrance and the entrance to the World Showcase. Before entering, you must pass through metal detectors and have your bags checked by security personnel. This helps prevent prohibited items, such as weapons or illegal substances, from entering the property and potentially causing harm to others.

    Overall, the security check locations at EPCOT are an essential part of the park's safety protocols, helping to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit with peace of mind.

    Disney's Hollywood Studios


    Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of the most popular theme parks in the world, attracting millions each year. It has implemented strict measures to ensure safety, including checkpoints at the entrance and throughout the park's various lands and attractions.

    Disney requires you to go through metal detectors and check your bags and belongings before entering. Trained personnel equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools conduct this process to detect prohibited items.

    Additionally, security conducts random checks throughout to ensure the safety of all people. These measures provide peace of mind and help maintain the park's reputation as a safe and enjoyable destination for families and individuals.

    Banned From Disney World And In Jail

    Disney's policies are relatively easy to follow. But if you keep repeating the same mistakes, the Disney resort will not only sentence you a Disney jail time but might also ban you from Walt Disney World for a lifetime.

    Cast members at Disney do not go around giving lifetime bans, they usually ask the person to change their behavior or make them understand their fault, but if that doesn't help, then Disney jail is the last option for them.

    Always double-check the rules and the products you carry to avoid falling into any problems at the Disney property. You can have fun during your stay at Disney without even hearing about any jail if you simply go along with the regulations.

    Denying Disney Policies Can Result In Real Jail Time

    You might wonder what kinds of crimes someone could commit at the happiest place on Earth. It turns out that Disneyland jail, also known as the Mickey Mouse jailhouse is more of a way to remove a disruptive guest from the premises before Mickey’s friends at the Anaheim Police Station take over. Depending on the circumstances, Mickey Mouse Jail can result in serious legal actions, including real jail time.

    Aside from actual imprisonment, individuals sent to Disneyland's detention facility may encounter various repercussions, such as invalidating their tickets and being required to exit the premises for the day. Furthermore, holders of season passes may also receive a minimum one-year suspension.

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