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Is Mario Land in Disney?

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Is There a Super Mario World at Disney?

There is no Disney Mario Land, meaning you will not find Super Nintendo World in the Tokyo Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World of Florida. Since Mario World is not in any U.S.-based Disney parks, so you will have to go outside of your Disney vacation to enjoy it. Instead, the Mario-themed activities are available only in the Universal themes — now only in Japan but eventually across the United States, Florida, and Singapore. The closest thing to Mario at Disney is the Mistukoshi Department Store in the Japanese pavilion during the EPCOT World Show. Unfortunately, it does not have a ride, interactive games, or even a dining area for Mario. However, modern pop culture stores often offer a wide range of Nintendo-related merchandise.

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood recently opened the Super Nintendo World on February 17th, 2023. As it only recently opened, the land is relatively small, so small that strollers are not even allowed inside. Guests can visit this land with the standard admissions ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The iconic Nintendo games from the Mushroom Kingdom inspire Super Nintendo World's theme. The guest will experience Mario Luigi and Princess Peach by bringing Warp Pipes into this land. Go here to see the first Mario Kart: Bowser challenge inside Bowsers Castle, a unique entertainment ride! It also features an interactive area and a shopping and dining theme. The characters have also met and greeted Luigi, Princess Peach, and The Toad. You can find the Peaches in the Pink Pavilion area and Mario and Luigi in the center.

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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most popular movie-based theme parks in the United States in Universal City, California. The park offers an excellent combination of exhilarating rides, live shows, immersive experiences, behind-the-scenes tours, and fabulous dining options.

Mario Kart

Top Attractions in Universal Studios Hollywood

Studio Tour

The world-famous Studio Tour takes guests on a guided tram ride through the backlot of a working movie studio. Visitors can see iconic film sets and soundstages and experience thrilling encounters with movie-themed attractions.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This immersive land brings the magical world of Harry Potter to life, including iconic locations like Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade. Guests can enjoy attractions such as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Flight of the Hippogriff and explore themed shops and dining options.

Harry Potter

Transformers™: The Ride-3D

This 3D motion simulator ride puts guests in an epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Jurassic World—The Ride

A thrilling water-based attraction that takes visitors on a journey through the iconic world of Jurassic Park, featuring lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, interactive elements and exciting encounters.


The Simpsons Ride

An immersive motion simulator experience that brings the world of the popular animated TV show to life, allowing guests to join the Simpsons family on a hilarious and chaotic adventure.


A live-action stunt show based on the movie “Waterworld,” featuring daring stunts, explosions, and thrilling aquatic performances.

Important To Note

As with any theme park, attractions and experiences may be updated or changed over time. For the latest information on Universal Studios Hollywood's offerings and attractions, it's best to check their official website or communication channels.

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Seasonal Events at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood offers several seasonal events throughout the year, providing visitors with unique and immersive experiences beyond the regular theme park guests' offerings.

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Halloween Horror Nights

Held during the Halloween season, Halloween Horror Nights is a massively popular event transforming the park into a haunted playground. It features elaborately themed haunted houses, scare zones, live shows, and thrilling attractions. The event is known for its terrifying mazes based on horror movies, TV shows, and original concepts, creating a spine-chilling experience for horror fans.

Lunar New Year

Celebrated around the Lunar New Year, this event honors the traditions and customs of Asian cultures. Guests can enjoy festive decorations, live performances, character meet-and-greets in traditional attire, and unique food offerings inspired by Asian cuisine.


Universal Studios Hollywood celebrates Grinchmas during the holiday season, a heartwarming event inspired by Dr. Seuss's “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Visitors can meet the Grinch and other Whoville characters, enjoy holiday-themed shows, and experience the magical transformation of the park into a winter wonderland.

The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle

During select evenings, Universal Studios Hollywood presents a dazzling light show at Hogwarts Castle, showcasing the four houses of Hogwarts in a stunning visual display, accompanied by music from the “Harry Potter” film series.

Summer Concert Series

Universal Studios Hollywood occasionally hosts special summer concert events featuring famous musical artists. Guests can enjoy live performances in a unique outdoor setting.

Important To Note

These seasonal events provide guests with additional opportunities to enjoy the park's attractions and shows with a thematic twist, making their visits even more memorable. Remember that event dates and offerings vary from year to year, so it's recommended to check the official Universal Studios Hollywood website for the most up-to-date information on seasonal events and their schedules.

Disney World vs Universal Studios

Dining Options for Universal Studios Hollywood

Much like any other central theme park, Universal Studios Hollywood offers many dining options throughout the park. Each dining option offers a unique taste, preference, and dining atmosphere. The following list is a few of the top choices for guests to dine at.

      1. Mel's Drive-In – A themed restaurant inspired by the classic American drive-ins of the 1950s, offering burgers, fries, milkshakes, and other traditional diner fare.

      1. Jurassic Café: Located near the Jurassic World—The Ride attraction, this restaurant features a menu with a mix of American and Costa Rican cuisine, including burgers, salads, and flavorful dishes.

      1. Three Broomsticks™: A dining establishment in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, offering British-inspired fare, including fish and chips, Shepherd's pie, and Butterbeer™.

      1. Krusty Burger: Inspired by “The Simpsons,” this quick-service eatery serves iconic Krusty Burgers, Sideshow Bob Footlongs, and other Springfield-themed food items.

      1. Cletus' Chicken Shack: Also based on “The Simpsons,” this dining spot serves fried chicken and other southern-style comfort food.

      1. Plaza Grill: A sit-down restaurant with a varied menu, including pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

      1. Hollywood & Dine: A quick-service restaurant offering an array of international cuisines, from Asian dishes to Mexican favorites.

      1. Ben & Jerry's: A famous ice cream shop featuring a variety of delicious ice cream flavors and sundaes.

    ride mario kart

    Super Nintendo World Universal Orlando Resort

    With Super Nintendo World having immediate success in Universal Studios Hollywood, executives plan to bring Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios in Orlando. Super Nintendo World's future plans are to be home to 3 major attractions – Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge, Yoshi's Adventure, and Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness.

    Reservation Times for Super Nintendo World

    Warp into the land by making a Virtual Line reservation* in the Universal Studios Hollywood app after buying your park ticket and arriving onsite. Reservations are only sometimes required to enter the land, but you must check on the day of your visit to make sure you get all the benefits. Download the app or click the link below and start planning your visit.

    Guests with Universal Express and VIP privileges will have reservation-free entry into SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ once per day (after 3 pm for Platinum Pass members) when reservations are required to enter the land.

    *Depending on crowd conditions, you can enter the land without making an entry-time reservation via the Virtual Line reservation experience.

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    How Much Are Tickets to Super Nintendo World?

    Entry fees to Super Nintendo World are included as part of your Universal Park ticket. One-day adult tickets to Universal Studios Japan are available from $8.400 (returned US dollars). The price at Universal Studios is $109+ from February 2023, and it has to be confirmed that the price will change when the “Super Nintendo World” comes out next year. Universal's Orlando Resort one-park tickets begin at $99 in February 2023, but the ticket price remains to be determined once the company builds a third theme park in 2026.

    Universal Studios Hollywood Discount Tickets

    Universal Studios Hollywood is ideal for your Disneyland visit as it shows how filmmaking takes place in Southern California. Guests can see the world of their favorite films by visiting a themed attraction, stunning live entertainment, and touring real film sets. A stay at Universal Studios Hollywood would be a great addition to your Disneyland vacation. Super Nintendo Land offers a range of entry points, depending upon the crowd level, in Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood.

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    Which Parks Have a Super Nintendo World?

    Super Nintendo World is located in all four Universal Park locations. So now it will require a passport and a flight ticket. You may also visit California if you are waiting until January 2023. The Universal theme park in Orlando has plans to open Super Nintendo World in 2025. Singapore will have its own version of Super Nintendo World open in 2020.

    Do You Need an Express Pass for Super Nintendo World?

    It is exciting that Japan's “Super Nintendo World” currently utilizes a timed entry system until the end of the year. A visitor can purchase an Area Timed Admission Ticket Advance Booking or Purchase the Universal Express Pass with an Area Timed Access ticket Advance Booking for a tour of the city or the hotel. The attractions within the land are all accompanied by Universal Express Pass Holders.

    super mario bros

    Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown

    Once a player has collected three or more keys from the previous game, they can destroy the boss. Bowser Jr. defeated his boss and had a miniature castle for this last play. Check your power band for entry into the tiny dungeon and find out where he stole the gold mushroom from Princess Peach. Is that a plan? We must win the prize! The game queue includes poison mushrooms, clown cars, boomerangs, and graffiti on wall surfaces. The interactive gaming experience in Super Nintendo World was a great pleasure for my son and me.

    theme park experiences

    Donkey Kong Mine Cart

    A new roller coaster in Super Nintendo World based on Donkey Kong is currently out of either park, and it's being built in at least two parks. The details of this attraction are speculative as they don't contain any verification. The fan communities have done the homework. You will likely board the minecart, which includes the unique roller coaster tracks that give you the sensation of jumping gaps in the track.

    Iconic Mario Kart Courses: Bowser's Challenge

    A famous ride in Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World is Mario Kart: Koopa Challenge. The Koopa King in the US is a Bowser. Its name can change with the ride opening in Hollywood. The Bowser names will likely become used in Florida once the final versions are released. The innovative Ride system uses Augmented Reality for a 3D effect on your kart.

    mario kart bowser's challenge

    Yoshi's Adventure

    If your family is young and wants something less frantic to ride at Super Nintendo World, Yoshi's Adventure will help. This slow-moving family-friendly ride uses the OmniMover ride system. Based on the already-announced Japanese story, we anticipate the ride will take you back onto Yoshi's back and embark on an adventure along the way. You'll try to spot eggs in various colors as part of your treasure hunt and look for eggs. In addition, you can enjoy stunning views across the Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Beanpole.

    Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band

    The Hollywood Super Nintendo World also has interactive experiences that let guests play a miniature Mario game in the land. In addition to the above levels, a yellow question mark block is on the land, where visitors can bump up points. All of the interactive activities require a powered-up battery. The wristwatch interacts with the Universal Studios Hollywood app if you want and collects digital coins and a key to winning the competition and is available in multiple sizes. Guests are able to customize their own personal or team scores.

    Can You Meet Mario and Other Characters at Super Nintendo World?

    At Super Nintendo World, guests can meet and interact with various Nintendo characters, including Mario and others. The land's signature restaurant also offers character meet-and-greet experiences, allowing visitors to take photos, get autographs, and engage with their favorite Nintendo characters in a fun and immersive setting.

    Meeting Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other iconic characters is a highlight for many guests, especially for fans of Nintendo video games. The characters roam around the themed area, appearing at designated locations throughout the day. Watch for scheduled character appearances or check the park's daily entertainment schedule to know when and where to meet your favorite Nintendo characters like Princess Peach during your visit to Super Nintendo World.

    Meeting the characters adds a layer of magic and excitement to the experience, making Super Nintendo World a must-visit destination for Nintendo fans and theme park enthusiasts.

    universal hollywood

    Super Nintendo World Interactive Gameplay

    After guests enter Super Nintendo World, they can play real-life games, like Punching Blocks, to collect digital coins. Interactive binoculars feature augmented-reality technologies in the land to let visitors step inside.

    Dining at Super Nintendo World

    Like dining at Disney restaurants, dining at Super Nintendo World will immerse guests in the Nintendo world. The restaurant still needs to be confirmed for the US theme versions, but we're introducing a menu from Japan. We hope to get the existing items into the Pacific for our journey because of their beauty – we'll be sure of them!

    Toadstool CafeTM

    Indulge in delicious dishes at Toadstool CafeTM. You will find Toad's favorite recipes at Mushroom Kingdom. The menu includes vegan and gluten-free meals. Due to limited capacity or high demand, reservations are needed for dining at Toadstool Café. Reservations can only be made on one day of availability, and the availability will depend on availability. For reservations, use the QR codes displayed at the entrance to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD or Toadstool Cafe. In addition, joining the waiting list doesn't guarantee entry to Toadstools Cafe. *Depending on crowds, a reservation via virtual lines is necessary to enter Super NINTENDO WORLDTM.

    Kinopio's Café (AKA Toadstool Café)

    The home of Kinopio is now a restaurant and features a variety of food from the Mushroom Kingdom. This restaurant is quickly becoming one of the top dining options in Super Nintendo World. In Japan, they are known as Kinos Cafe; here in the US, they are called Toadstools Cafe. This menu offers dozens of dishes based on American, Italian, and Japanese cuisine and is surprisingly heavy on mushrooms. Super Nintendo's leading restaurant provides food in a counter-service restaurant. Try the Super Mushroom Pizza bowl topped with mozzarella cheese and mushroom sauce with a crispy pizza crust that makes for an incredibly cute presentation.

    disney mario land

    Yoshi's Snack Island

    A kiosk or food cart offering an assortment of quick snacks and beverages. Look out for Yoshi-inspired treats, such as Yoshi-shaped cookies, fruit smoothies, or other fun and colorful goodies.

    Princess Peach's Castle

    A themed dining location inspired by Princess Peach's royal castle. Here, you can enjoy a sit-down meal with elegant décor and dishes befitting a princess.

    disney mario land

    Bowser's Bar & Grill

    An immersive dining experience themed around Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser. The restaurant might offer hearty dishes and bold flavors, fitting for the King of the Koopas.

    Power-Up Cafeteria

    A quick-service dining spot featuring a variety of delicious options. The menu may include a mix of healthy choices and indulgent treats to energize you for your adventures. The cafeteria is also home to the sought-after super mushroom soup. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a Mario Bacon Cheeseburger, a Luigi Pesto Chicken Burger to fuel themselves up for the other theme park attractions.

    disney mario land

    Universal Studios Japan

    Super Mario World is a themed land within Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan. Super Mario World offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the infamous world of Super Mario.

    disney mario land

    Here are some key attractions and experiences you can find in Super Mario World:

        1. Super Nintendo World: Super Mario World is part of a larger area called Super Nintendo World, which features various attractions and experiences based on Nintendo's popular video game characters and franchises.

        1. Mario Kart Games: Koopa's Challenge: This highly anticipated attraction allows guests to enter Mario Kart's world and embark on a thrilling augmented reality (AR) racing experience. Guests can ride in a physical kart while wearing AR headsets to compete against other racers and iconic Mario Kart characters. Remember to collect digital coins during the interactive games!

        1. Yoshi's Adventure: A gentle, family-friendly ride where guests board Yoshi-themed vehicles and journey through the Mushroom Kingdom on a whimsical adventure, encountering familiar characters and vibrant landscapes.

        1. Power-Up Band: Guests can purchase a Power-Up Band, a wearable device that syncs with a mobile app to interact with the various elements of Super Nintendo World. The band allows guests to practice collecting coins, compete in challenges, and discover hidden surprises throughout the land.

        1. Themed Dining and Merchandise: Super Mario World features several dining options offering Mario-themed snacks and meals, as well as merchandise shops where guests can find a wide range of Super Mario merchandise, including apparel, accessories, toys, and collectibles.

      disney mario land


      If you are planning to visit Super Nintendo World theme park, you have a few options to choose from. If looking to pair Disney World with Super Nintendo World, the best option would be to head to California, or Universal Studios Japan in order to enjoy both options. No matter which theme park you choose, make sure you carefully research the theme park to ensure you have the best vacation possible.

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