Disney Memory Maker: Say Cheese And Create Lasting Memories

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The magical world of Disney is where dreams come true and memories are made to last a lifetime. If you've ever been to Disney Parks, you know that every moment is filled with wonder and enchantment. That's where Disney Memory Maker comes in place. From meeting beloved characters to experiencing thrilling attractions, there's something truly special about being immersed in the Disney experience.

And what better way to capture those precious moments than with Disney Memory Maker? Say cheese and get ready to embark on a journey of nostalgia as we explore how this innovative service can help you create and preserve unforgettable memories at the most magical place on Earth.

What Is PhotoPass At Walt Disney World?

disney photopass vs memory maker

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort, guests use the Disney Pass as an alternative photo service. It includes multiple photos of guests at attractions, character meet and greets, and an optional stop along the way with property photography.

PhotoPass photographers can be seen around resorts with unique backdrops like the Tree of Life. There are 3 PhotoPass Studios on the property that allow you to walk right up and take free photos. All of these are conveniently located near or connected to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques.

Photographers are also in character encounters, dining, or interacting with other guests. Sometimes exceptional photo opportunities celebrate special moments only for a limited period.

PhotoPass photographers have a Magic Shot — where a character or special effects show up in your photos — featuring Baby Yoda! Photographers could also add extra pixie dust by digitizing the Magic Shots. You own all your photos at no extra cost. There are more than 70 Classic Magic Shots, 4 Super Zoom Magic Shots, and 3 Tiny World Magic Shots.

Where Can You Find A PhotoPass Photographer?

disney photopass studio

There are 25 Disney photo passes at Walt Disney World theme parks, including Disney character meets and greet and on-ride photos. In addition, guests can book a private at each of the Walt Disney Parks at an additional cost. Recently, Disney added a PhotoPass Studio for the park, which allows your portrait to take place on a standard or unique backdrop.

So it'll be worth taking your theme park time for this one thing too! While a Fairy Godmother's Apprentice helps your princess or knight undergo a royal transformation at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom Park, a photographer will be there to capture it.

Walt Disney World Resort also offers a few PhotoPass photographers in Disney Springs. A few spots in Disney Springs, like the Marketplace, for example.

This service is also available in EPCOT’s Test Track and Frozen Ever After, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. These photographers take fun and professional photos of you and your family. You can also find photographers at Chef Mickey's, Cinderella's Royal Table, and Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White.

Overview Of The Disney Memory Maker

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While a standard Disney PhotoPass allows you to view and buy individual pictures, Disney's memory maker lets users have free downloads and print any attraction photo within the parks. It includes all the images taken on your vacation and your trip photos.

You can book the memory maker service prior to your visit at WDW, online or via a phone call, either as a standalone product or as part of a vacation package.

Do you remember that moment when you cried when you jumped off the top of the tower or jumped off a rocking rollercoaster? With the Disney Memory Maker, you can download it and share it with others before you leave Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Pros Of Purchasing Memory Maker

Memory Maker allows you to access your attraction photos. Splash Mountain attractions photographs Memory Maker lets you download all kinds of attractions photographs.

It makes it easy to customize your Disney PhotoPass pictures with border art or other images! For those extraordinary photographs, it is possible to purchase individual photos on the Disney PhotoPass website, PhotoPass.com.

The calendar is available for free when you get it. Another great advantage of purchasing Memory Maker is that you can download as many photos as you want … and we all know how many photos we take on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation!

Furthermore, Walt Disney World goes a step further by creating an animated magic shot, which could include Tinker Bell flying above you. These animated photos are sure to create magical memories for your entire family!

Cons To Purchasing Memory Maker

Memory Maker can be costly if you don't share your expenses with others. You may spend a million more at Disneyworld! Price for the Spirited Photography.

Ensure Disney will not print your PhotoPass pictures at no cost. All images you like will need separate printing fees. Guests may also access their digital photos online at any time with no charge.

It's possible that your photos could get lost, so you have to stay on top of the photos – using the PhotoPass app is great for this, and if you notice any missing PhotoPass photo, you can submit a missing photo report by calling (407) 560-4300 or stopping by any of the Disney PhotoPass Studios located at each of the parks within 30 days of the date of the photos.

How Long Can You Use The Memory Maker?

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When you purchase your Memory Maker in advance, the images are required to appear in your Memory Maker. Purchasing this option allows you to capture your Disney vacation pictures and download them immediately. For Disney PhotoPass downloads, customers must wait until the year passes to get a Free PhotoPass. Please remember that this will open the Memory Maker for 30 days of downloading the photos.

Please remember that your pictures expire within 45 days after they are taken and could be available for up to 60 days. If you've decided to purchase Memory Maker, it is important to make sure you get your money's worth – and the more pictures you take, the easier that is.

You can save even more when you purchase Memory Maker at least three days prior to your vacation. If you need more time, as long as you're not past your expiration date, you can pay an additional fee of $19.95 to extend your access to the photos for an additional 15 days.

How Long Is A Disney PhotoPass Good For?

Your photographs will expire whether you buy individual Disney photo passes or purchase Disney Memory Makers for your photos. Remember that once you have the digital download of the first photo, which essentially redeems your Memory Maker purchase, you will have 30 days to capture more photos. (This includes adding any photos you would like to have from the Friends and Family members you are connected with via My Disney Experience.)

Disney PhotoPass photos will remain in your account for 45 days after they are taken. The extension is available for purchase at a cheaper price that will increase over time. This extension lets you see the photos 60 days after they capture.

Even after purchasing a Disney Memory app, the images are valid for a month and a half. After getting your photos, you can customize them and add stickers and borders according to your choice.

How To Find A Disney PhotoPass Photographer?

my disney photopass

You can photograph the photographers at the Disney PhotoPass when you are there—the photos on the My Disneyland app show where the photographers are. Just keep yourself informed that this place only sometimes has staff. They are pretty easy to spot, as they will be carrying professional camera equipment and usually can be found wearing a bright green shirt with blue stripes on the sleeves.

You can move to other sites when you're not seeing any photographers. When you visit a PhotoPass photographer, they will check your Magicband or photo card. Disney PhotoPass photographers can scan QR codes in the My Disney Link photo app.

Another option is that guests will be given a PhotoPass card. This plastic card is free and will include a unique 16-digit barcode. The PhotoPass photographer will scan that each time they take your photo and then hand it to you.

The most famous and sought-after photo is in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. This is such a busy spot that Disney sets up more than one PhotoPass photographer along this location.

The Tower of Terror is another location where Disney uses multiple PhotoPass photographers. But, aside from the Cinderella Castle spot, a few more iconic locations are in Animal Kingdom in front of the Tree of Life and in front of the Millennium Falcon in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

When Should You Purchase A Disney PhotoPass Instead Of A Disney Memory Maker Package

is disney memory maker worth it

Disney PhotoPass photos are excellent for people who need to take just a few pictures from PhotoPass photographers, but the Disney Memory Maker is a great option. A single photograph download currently is $15.99 at My Disney Experience.

So if you plan to purchase 4 to 5 pictures during your travel, this memory machine is a good bargain for your money. With Memory Maker, you can download all the photos and videos captured by Disney PhotoPass Service during your vacation at more than 100 Walt Disney World Resort locations.

Keep in mind that this service is only available for the theme parks in Disney. Other attractions, such as Disney Cruise Line, have some onboard photographers take pictures of guests at important locations on the ship, similar to the PhotoPass service. These photos can be purchased as a package at a fixed price, but it is not a Memory Maker package.

Purchasing Photo Packages

The My Disney Experience holds all images available through the Photo Pass. Please note that all pictures will be marked unless you purchase individual pictures or packages of photos, like memory cards.

You could choose to buy photographs individually from the menu. To give an idea of the cost, digital downloads of images cost approximately $14.95 for a 4×6 print or 5×7 print, or $19.95 for an 8 x 10 print.

Suppose you find the package a little too expensive and you're traveling with a large group. In that case, you can (theoretically) split the cost with another family since Disney allows you to link your Memory Maker with up to 25 members of your family & friends who share media with you.

The price for Memory Maker is $69 for one day, or $169 for thirty days from the date of activation with advanced purchase, and $199 for the 30-day Memory Maker package that can be used immediately after purchasing.

In addition, guests may purchase various personal products like magnets, ornament mugs, and other items. Please note that the prices are non-taxable and subject to change. Depending on where you live, you can buy photos in Costa Rica.

PhotoPass Ride Photos

pirates of the caribbean ride photos

Some attractions offer photos of the journey. Like the PhotoPass tradition, you may purchase rides individually or memories with the ride photo as part of the package. In addition, customers with Genie + can also take ride pictures in the package for free.

After you ride an eligible attraction, you may see stations after the ride to tap your MagicBand beneath your ride photo; others will automagically appear in your My Disney Experience account, such as Expedition Everest, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Haunted Mansion, Slinky Dog Dash, Splash and Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom.

How Do I Get A Memory Maker Package Linked To My MagicBand?

Magic Bands

How does a memory maker work? A memory maker works easily and can be operated by anyone. To add a memory creator to my Disney Bands, go to the My Disney Experience App and follow these two simple steps: Go to your ticket and pass. Lastly, instead of typing the Memory Maker card numbers, you want the Magic Band number on the back of the band.

It'll be identical for synchronizing MagicBand+ to a user profile. If they sell or offer Memory Maker in combination with a park admission ticket, the Memory Maker window for that Memory Maker entitlement will be equal to the usage window of the associated park ticket. It will automatically begin upon the first use of the associated park ticket. Most of the photos taken are of good quality.

Downloading Your Disney Memory Maker Photos

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The My Disney Experience app has a simple way to download Disney photos, although this takes a little time to find, so wait until the last minute. Disney may customize your photographs. I modified some of them with some of their options and allowed them to be purely photos instead. It can take quite a bit of time.

Most people don't have to use computer memory software to create images. When downloading your photos, they'll come in fairly large ZIP files with some stock photos and video as well. These files can sometimes be out of order, so if you want a perfect trip timeline, you may need to organize them yourself once they are on your device manually.

Link Memory Maker With Your Friends Or Family

Once you have created your Disney Experience account, you can use your memory maker packages to send your friends and family to Walt Disney World. Individual users must have access to the account. You will also get access to other photographers' photos.

If you are doing a run Disney event, you can also link your bib number in order to receive your race photos. Once you buy Memory Maker, you can assign it to someone in your group who has a My Disney Experience profile, and then you can link photos to everyone! This way, everyone has access to all the photos taken on your vacation.

Just keep in mind that only the person who purchases Memory Maker will be able to view and download the photos without the watermark. That means only one person can share photos with all the other connected users.

In addition, you can easily combine Disney Genie selections for the same trip and share dining reservations with other users. When logging onto your account, click My Friends & Family / Friends list. Those visiting Walt Disney World can join us!

Is Memory Maker Worth It?

seven dwarfs mine train

Almost everyone asks us that…it varies! You know what pictures your friends are interested in and what they want. If it's your first-time visit to Disney World, then Memory Maker might be your suitable investment. Instead of paying for each photo individually, as you would through a PhotoPass, your purchase of Memory Maker lets you take unlimited photos and keep them all.

When traveling with friends for a few days, you can take photos of a particular attraction at a discount or buy photos online via Genie +. We personally highly recommend Memory Maker. It is worth spending the entire time capturing the magical moments. This differs by family.

Annual Passholders

annual pass

Previously Annual Passholders could download photos of the Walt Disney World parks for free, but the same has stayed the same. People who have purchased Memory Maker or have an Annual Pass can purchase a CD Archive or USB of pics for $34.95.

So add this one option to your yearly pass if you want pictures from your trip. The fee for this service is $99. Photos expire after one year with an annual pass add-on. A Disney Platinum Plus Annual Pass or Platinum Annual Pass allows unlimited downloads of all your Photo Pass photos.

Photo Spots For A Better Click

disney memory maker vs photopass

At festivals, you can take memorable photos with fun props and backdrops. There are plenty of photo ops to capture iconic shots, such as on Main Street, U.S.A., and around World Showcase. Additionally, the best part about the property is that it has Instagram-worthy walls that make for great selfie spots. Some of those are as follows:

Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom

  • The Purple Wall (near Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland)
  • Neverland Wall (Fantasyland, outside of Peter Pan's Flight)
  • The Tangled Wall (the restroom area in Fantasyland)

Disney's Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom

  • Fichwa Fellow (outside of Harambe Market in Africa)
  • “You Are Most Beautiful” (in Harambe Market in Africa)
  • Moss Wall (Pandora, near Satu'li Canteen)
  • The Coca-Cola Wall (near Drinkwallah, in Asia)
  • Children of the World wall (across from Harambe Market, Africa)



  • Bubblegum Wall (near the exit doors to Spaceship Earth)
  • Toothpaste Wall (The Seas with Nemo and Friends, as you exit the pavilion)

Disney's Hollywood Studios

hollywood studios

  • Batuu Blue Stripe Wall (next to the entrance to Droid Depot in Galaxy's Edge)
  • Popsicle Stick Wall (Toy Story Land)

What Happens After You Pre-Purchase Memory Maker?

disney orlando memory maker

Your purchased credit from Disney Experience will apply immediately to your My Disney Experience account. Most people get photos and video memories via fax and mail, but if you are still having trouble getting them, be sure to check your Disney account for the correct password.

If Memory Maker is purchased at the advance purchase price, any photos taken within three days of the date Memory Maker is purchased are not included. This means that any photo taken outside your Memory Maker window must be purchased separately.

The pre-purchase price is $169, and the full price is $199. Purchase it online on the Disney World website Memory Maker One Day. In addition to the full Memory Maker, you can opt to purchase Memory Maker One Day.

It is the best option for people attending special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Attending events like these offer many opportunities to take fun Magic Shots, making purchasing a Memory Maker One Day worthwhile.

Note: Add a Disney memory maker after the discount is made in the packages or rooms. Modifying the current reservation at the resorts to use the promotions has been more difficult if you have Disney Memory Maker than changing a reservation without them for other periods.

Dining With PhotoPass Photographers

disneyland memory maker

At Disney World, you can find PhotoPass photographers at certain dining locations. These are usually character meals or dinner shows, but it's important to note that availability can change without notice. The restaurants listed here are the ones that tend to have photographers available more consistently.

  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway Pavilion in EPCOT for Princess Storybook Dining, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom for Dinner ONLY when the Beast is available.
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 1900 Park Fare at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for breakfast and dinner.
  • Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.
  • ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for breakfast and dinner.
  • Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for dinner.
  • Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort for dinner.


If you are preparing for a Walt Disney World trip in the next few months, it is always essential to understand the Disney Memory Maker. There are many advantages to the memory maker package, like having all your photos and videos taken for you, instantly downloaded right to the Genie app, and much more.

However, these advantages do come with a few disadvantages, most notably the cost of the Disney memory maker package. It is vital to weigh these advantages and disadvantages when deciding whether or not to purchase a memory-maker package for your Walt Disney World vacation.

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