Disney Refillable Mug: Convenience and Value Explained

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Disney World is like a magician's den, where you'll be amazed by the enchanting atmosphere and the world-renowned theme parks that will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. But before you go, keep in mind that staying hydrated is crucial. You don't want to end up like a dried-out cactus in the middle of the desert! That's where a Disney refillable mug comes in.

Refillable mugs are the perfect solution! They are a magical invention that can help you save a lot of cash, but if you want to be a refillable master, you need to learn some tips and tricks to make the whole process much more manageable.

The Disney Refillable Mug Program


A Disney refillable mug is a 16-ounce cup that you can reuse for unlimited refills while your stay at Walt Disney World. It is an insulated plastic refillable cup with a lid and several adorable designs.

Disney started this program in 2013 as the Rapid Fill program, and throughout the year, they've made several changes to the prices and designs but continue to use rapid-fill mugs for their guests' ease.

Technology Added To Mugs

These Disney mugs can only be used in Disney resorts. You cannot use these refillable cups in any theme park at Walt Disney World.

There is no refillable mug system installed in any theme park. These Disney refillable mugs are equipped with an RFID chip at the bottom. The refill station scans the chip to refill your mug.

There are various refill stations all over Disney resorts where you can scan your refillable mug to get unlimited free refills for 14 days, covering the length of your Disney vacation.

Disney Mug Activation

After purchasing the cup from any Disney resort, a cast member will check to see if you are part of a Disney dining plan. They'll then activate the RFID chip in your mug, and you are good to use it at any refill station.

If the mug doesn't work after your 14-day limit and you're still on your Disney trip, you can always ask a cast member to extend the expiry date of your new mug.

Using The Refillable Mug

It's very easy to use these refillable mugs at a Walt Disney World resort. You can use these rapid-fill mugs at any quick-service dining location.

You just need to locate a mug station near you where you can scan your rapid-fill mug, and the dispenser will pour your drink until the cup is full.

The dispenser screen will also show you how many more days you can use your Disney refillable mug. You can use your refillable mug at any Disney World resort.

Disney World Characters On The Mugs

Disney refillable mugs come in various designs. You can choose to buy whichever Disney World refillable mug you like according to your favorite Disney characters.

All these insulated plastic Disney mugs have the same price of $21.99, no matter what design you choose. But you'd have to pay more for the quality if you want a stainless steel mug.

The designs are long-lasting as these mugs are dishwasher safe, so you can take them home to keep the memories alive till your next trip.

Buy Disney Refillable Mugs


Disney resort refillable mugs can be bought anywhere except Disney parks like Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. Moreover, it's always a better option to buy one instead of purchasing a paper cup every time you feel thirsty.

Your Disney refill mug comes in handy when you are on a resort hop. All resorts in Disney World, such as Caribbean beach resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge refillable mug options, or even riviera resort, have this facility to provide free refills to guests

Disney fans can buy their Disney resort refillable mug from the following areas:

From Walt Disney World Resorts

A Disney refillable mug is possibly the best thing for someone who doesn't want to spend much on soda and drinks.

The refillable mug program is available on all Disney resort properties, so you can buy these from any Disney World resort.

Moreover, all resort quick service locations entertain this service. You won't have any difficulty finding a station to refill your travel mug.

Free With A Disney Dining Plan

The fun fact about Disney refillable mugs is that they are free with a Disney Dining Plan. You can use them at any of the quick service restaurants in Disney resort.

If you sign up for a Disney dining plan, Disney World will give you one credit you can use to get your refillable mug from any of the quick service locations in your resort.

You can use that credit at food courts or Disney hotels to get your rapid-fill mug. Before finalizing the purchase, ensure you get the right design for your new mug.

From Gift Shops

If you have a Disney Dining plan, you can also use your credit to get a Disney refillable mug from gift shops. Or you can buy one for $21.99 from your nearest shop and have it activated by the cashier.

A Disney refillable mug saves you a fortune if you are a heavy drinker. You don't have to purchase a bottle every now and then.

You can reuse Disney refillable mugs and take them to parks, rides, or even Disney Springs, making your trips a little less dehydrated.

Some Helpful Points To Keep In Mind


Before you buy a Disney refillable mug, it is important that you know the perfect way to utilize that service completely. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting more money on a useless refillable cup.

A Disney refillable mug program may be the best way to save money on beverages, but what if you don't have a refillable mug station nearby?

It's important to consider all the possibilities before finalizing your decision. Here are some tips that can help you make the most out of the Disney refillable mug program.

Unique Disney Souvenir Cups

Port Orleans French Quarter has about 5 to 6 designs of these refillable mugs, so you can buy a different one for each family member.

Disney doesn't discriminate between guests. It offers the same quality of mugs to all guests. Some have to pay for it, and some get it free with a dining plan.

Make sure to buy the seasonal mugs that Disney introduced on its 50th anniversary. All the mugs are dishwasher safe, so rest assured, your unique design isn't fading away.

Buy According To Your Need

First of all, you should always check if you even need a Disney refillable mug for your stay at Disney World. This means if your trip is for just a week, a Disney transportation mug will probably waste your money.

Another consideration is the distance from your resort room to the refill stations. If you are in a resort with far away stations, you'll spend more time covering that distance instead of covering the service.

Hence, narrowing down this service's perks and cons is important before jumping into it.

Straws Are Important


With its go-green campaign, Disney is boycotting the use of plastic straws. They now provide paper straws with all kinds of drinks.

If you have kids, you know how easily paper straws can run out because of all the biting and chewing. They don't last long, even if used in a proper way.

Most people prefer bringing their own stainless steel or bamboo straws. Stainless steel straws are a good investment apart from a trip to Disney World.

Beverages The Cup Can Hold

The refill dispensers can only pour fountain drinks, such as morning coffee, hot tea, soft drinks, diet coke, or hot chocolate.

All Coca-cola products can be poured into your Disney refillable mug, but premium beverages like milk or apple juice are not included.

You can obviously pour them into the mug yourself, but the dispenser won't help you with that.

Mug Wash At Restaurants


Before getting another of those free refills, you might need to wash the cup if you are not getting the same drink again.

There are several mug wash sinks in Disney restaurants and food courts that you can use to clean your refillable mugs before you head on to get another cup of hot chocolate.

On Disney's 50th anniversary, it introduced some seasonal mugs. Make sure to get your hands on that to have a unique magical mug.

The 2-Minute Waiting Limit

Disney is very clever with its technology. In the past, people used to get their mugs refilled and pour them into another container to be able to get more with this service.

Disney World now has a 2-minute time restriction on the refilling stations to prevent people from misusing the refillable mugs.

Two minutes seems like very less time, but when you have eaten something spicy and want just anything to drink, 2 minutes feel like an eternity. After 2 minutes, you are welcome to refill your mug again.

Bring Memories Home

Disney's 50th-anniversary refillable mugs are the perfect souvenirs to bring home from that magical place. You can take it to your workplace, have coffee while driving, or shelve it as a showpiece.

The best part about these mugs is that they put a smile on your face, making you remember all the good times you had in the magical land of Walt Disney World.

Lastly, remember these mugs won't work the next time you bring them to Disney World. You'd have to buy a new one on each Disney trip and get them activated by the cashier or the cast member.

Separate Disney Refillable Mugs


Disney refillable mugs cannot be refilled in theme parks. You can only use this service at Disneyland resorts or water lagoons.

This doesn't mean you aren't allowed to bring your refillable mug to the parks. You get it filled before coming to the park and use it while you enjoy the magic there.

You can use your refillable mug at the following Disney areas:

Resort Refillable Mug


Most of the Disney world resorts have this service for its guests to have most things within their reach. But all resorts don't have this facility.

The resorts where you can find stations to refill your mug are:

      • All-Star Movies Resort

      • All-Star Music Resort

      • All-Star Sports Resort

      • Animal Kingdom Villas

      • Art of Animation Resort

      • Bay Lake Tower

      • Beach Club Resort

      • Boardwalk Inn

      • Caribbean Beach Resort

      • Contemporary Resort

      • Coronado Springs Resort

      • Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

      • Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

      • Old Key West

      • Polynesian Resort

      • Pop Century Resort

      • Port Orleans Resort

      • Riviera Resort

      • Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

      • Yacht Club Resort

    Make sure you buy a refillable mug once you find a resort that provides this service.

    Refillable Mugs At Water Parks


    The refillable resort mugs that Disney offers can only be used in the resorts. For water parks, you would have to buy other mugs that would only work in that specific water park.

    You cannot refill your water park mug at any resort, and the same goes for the resort refillable mugs. Following are the two water parks with their very own rapid fill program:

        • Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

        • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

      Advantages Of Refillable Mugs


      There are several upsides to buying a refillable mug. The most important one is that you can keep it as a souvenir from your Disney trip.

      Some more advantages are as follows:

      Saves Money

      Most of your money is spent on food and drinks on any vacation. With this magical cup, Disney allows its guests to save some on drinks.

      What's more, is that this refillable mug can be refilled from any resort in Walt Disney World, so you can never be thirsty when on a resort hop.

      So if you ever feel thirsty at night, you can simply head toward the nearest refill center to get your drink without any hassle.

      Disney World Trip Reminder

      Whichever Disney franchise fan you are, the magical land has something to offer everyone. You will obviously buy the cup of your favorite Disney franchise.

      These designs are Disney's way of calling you back to its World. While having a normal tea or coffee on your regular day, these designs will have you smiling for no reason.

      Limited Mug Designs

      Each year Disney introduces different designs of these rapid-fill mugs, so the one you bought a year ago may look completely different from your friends who just bought one this year.

      Disney has some mugs according to the season of the year or sometimes according to the holiday approaching.

      While Halloween mugs have a spooky design, Christmas mugs are designed to show snowfall and a joyful Santa Claus.

      Disadvantages Of Disney Refillable Mugs


      Just like every coin has two sides, these refillable mugs also have some cons. The biggest disadvantage to this cup is its usage.

      If your stay ends before the 14-day cup limit, the money you paid for it goes to waste. You need to utilize your refillable mug for 2 complete weeks to benefit from it fully.

      Some more disadvantages of these mugs are as follows:

      Far Away Refill Stations

      If you get a room in a big resort like Old Key West, it is possible that you are nowhere near a refill cup station. At these times, a refillable mug seems like a waste of money.

      So keep an eye out for a nearby refilling station when you book a room in any of the resorts at Disneyland. Only then can you make full use of the refillable mug.

      Another way to tackle this problem is to keep your mug with you all day and get a refill after exploring a park and before returning to your room.

      Not Usable Everywhere

      Disney refillable mugs sound too good to be true, and yes, they are! While these mugs provide you the ease of getting unlimited free refills in resorts, they can't be used anywhere else on Disney property except for resorts.

      If your refillable mug runs out of your favorite beverage at a Disney park, you would have to buy that from the nearest shop, as there are no refill stations available in the park.

      Not Completely Leak-Proof

      As pretty as these mugs look, the less functional they are. These mugs do get you free refills, but keeping those refills inside is the real challenge.

      The mugs Disney offers are not completely leak-proof. As long as you keep them right side up, your beverage is safe, but if it is kept horizontally, the liquid will start to pour out of the container.

      So keep the mug in your hands at all times. If you put it in a bag or your purse, there's a high chance it will leak out.

      Themed Refillable Mugs


      Disney has a different refillable mug for a fan of each Disney franchise. It has cups with themes ranging from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to all the Disney princesses. The most common theme they have is Star Wars.

      Other themes also include Disney's first-ever characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

      Star Wars Mug

      Disney refillable mugs adorned with Star Wars characters quench thirst across the galaxy. Star Wars fans love owning things related to this franchise, and a Disney refillable mug is just one of those things.

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