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Best Disney Springs Restaurants For Kids: Menus And More!

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The magic of Disney World is easily noticed. From their unique rides to their theme parks and the way they whisk you into the magic of the craft, there’s no better place to spend a vacation, a shopping day, or an opportunity to eat out. With so many dining options, what are the best Disney springs restaurants for kids?

One of the main attractions at Walt Disney World is Disney Springs. This shopping mall in Orlando, Florida, has captivated young kids and adults since its inception. Downtown Disney vacation is one of the best ways to enjoy summer, and there are countless ways to have fun here.

While it would take a whole novel to explain all the exciting things to do here, the food trucks and restaurants in Disney Springs are certainly one of the highlights – especially when people like the celebrity chef Rick Bayless are in the house at Town Center.

However, bad things can happen when kids are involved with shopping at Disney Springs. It can be an endless stream of complaining, losing the little ones, and begging to buy something that’s too far out of one’s price range.

Eating out, however, can make that ordeal well worth it if the restaurants are good.

So, that begs the question. Are the restaurants in Disney Springs for kids? And if so, what is on the menu?

Disney Springs Restaurants for Kids? You’re In Luck!

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry. There are plenty of Disney Springs restaurants your little ones can enjoy.

In Disney Springs, a child is considered someone ages 3-9. So if you’re an adult trying to get a meal from the kid’s menu, you’ll have to pay an extra fee!

This fact makes most Disney Springs restaurants more geared toward kids than most regular dining options.

Most restaurants at the resort require advance dining reservations. Still, there are many quick-service restaurants and plenty of options.

But while you may now know that there are places at Walt Disney World resort for your kids to feast, you might be wondering what places there are. This article will compile all the best Disney Springs Restaurants for you and your kids to enjoy.

So grab your kid’s menu, and let’s start with one of the best Disney Springs restaurants: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’! It’s one of the best examples of counter service at this beloved theme park.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Kid-Friendly Fried Chicken Sandwiches?

One of the most attractive restaurants at Walt Disney World is Disney Dining Company’s Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, which, as the name suggests, sports a variety of simple yet superb southern recipes.

Many critics have remarked that the menu at this Disney Springs quick-service restaurant will satisfy anyone, making it perfect for picky eaters! This place is also one of the centers of fried chicken meals in Disney Springs.

The kid’s menu at this restaurant, one of the best Disney Springs restaurants, contains a large assortment of chicken ribs and burgers. The fried chicken sandwich is one of the main attractions, and there’s also a large number of desserts that kids will undoubtedly enjoy.

Hours of Service

This Disney Springs restaurant is open from 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m., serving a southern brunch menu and lunch and dinner.

The Marketplace

Grab your dole whip because plenty of food trucks contain portable goodies! Although there are too many to discuss in one blog post, one that might pique your interest is the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain. Here you’ll find sweet shakes, sundaes, and coffee drinks made with Ghiradelli chocolate. Dole whip nachos are sure to be a good option for your kiddos, so try this place out if you go to Disney Springs.

Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar

A Kid-Friendly Bar?

An underground bar may seem inappropriate for kids at first glance. And indeed, the restaurant is famous for having an extensive catalog of whiskey and rum delicacies.

However, there’s plenty of delicious food and drinks here, many of which are kid-friendly.

Enzo’s often serves mensa engloba, traditional Italian food. Some examples are linguine and clam, roasting poultry, grilled steak, and meatballs with pasta. They also have many tasty desserts for kids to enjoy.

Dining Recommendations

Critics recommend you get a reservation before going here. Still, it’s a fast process with the Disney Dining Plan. The establishment is also known for being a high-quality table service restaurant, but it’s certainly not the only restaurant.

The Boathouse

A Disney Springs Restaurant on a Boat?

Although most restaurants have things kids can eat, only some are as accommodating and kid-friendly as the Boathouse. The stylish restaurant is set on a large pond and serves terrific food such as tasty steaks, popcorn shrimp, and fresh fish.

Kids can watch Dreamboats sail through the water, and what’s more, you can travel with a rider for an additional fee and take a few minutes for a boating trip!

Hours of Service

This restaurant is open from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11:59 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. So be sure to plan for your kids’ chance at that delicious seafood!

D-Luxe Burger

All-American Kid-Friendly Food

If there’s any place in Disney Springs that screams American, it’s D-Luxe Burger, from the layout to the extensive menu. Wood buildings with iron and leather as the furnishing materials add a nostalgic, rustic charm to the experience. Critics have described this place as a relaxing place to recuperate before continuing your Disney Springs journey. Then, of course, there’s also the Chicken Guy, famous for being the show’s mascot.

But that’s not all there is to this stunning place. The food also sends a message about this place’s quality and atmosphere. On the kid’s menu are gourmet burgers, crunchy fries, hot diggity dogs, gelato shakes, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, Blast Fast-Fire’d Pizza, and so on. Oh, and that’s not to mention things like the garlic ranch served with each meal!

D-Luxe Burger is unique and an excellent option for kids because someone can customize the kid’s menu for anyone, including those who eat gluten-free. Plus, who doesn’t want grilled cheese?

Moreover, it’s designed with different diets and allergies in mind. Their accommodations make it one of the best restaurants for adults and children, and Wood-fired pizzas sound amazing!

The Polite Pig

If you like smoked meat, check out the Polite Pig, located northeast of Town Center, just outside the Lime Garage. It’s a barbecue outpost with a vast selection of food for young mouths, such as grilled cheese, steak, sliced smoked turkey breast, mac-n-cheese, and chicken tenders. The food at this place is highly praised by critics, and wait times are reasonably short. So if you like sweet potato tots, this place is for you!

Morimoto Asia

Kid-Friendly Asian Food

Another restaurant specifically designed with kids in mind is Morimoto Asia. Although Asian food may seem like an acquired taste for young ones, Morimoto’s is accessible to everyone looking to try something new.

Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia was a fun choice because they anticipated that kids would be coming. The beautiful interior and friendly customer service mean they’ll feel welcome, and so will you.

Morimoto Asia even sets kids up with their own kid’s menu, tables, chairs, and food. It’s another table service restaurant that has earned its reputation as one of the best.

Some highlights from the menu are in order. Of course, Shirayuri cocktails are one of the main attractions for adults. But, even ignoring the tasty food, boba tea makes the whole thing worth it for kids.

For those wanting to avoid sitting at a table service restaurant, there are plenty of Morimoto Asia food trucks and street food, which serve delicious, portable goodies for the whole family. The food trucks certainly fall under the “quick service restaurants” banner.

Frontera Cocina

The Frontera Cocina is a restaurant specializing in Mexican specialties made by none other than celebrity chef Rick Bayless. Try out classic Mexican tacos, appetizers, and desserts. The kid-friendly menu boasts lovely non-alcoholic drinks, but for the adults, there’s always the option for a drink if you’re into that too.

Raglan Road Irish Pub

A Taste of Ireland

Like Enzo’s, an Irish pub may not seem like the best Disney Springs restaurant for kids, but appearances can be deceiving. This place is more than family-friendly!

Adults can indulge in an alcoholic beverage, and children can enjoy delicious pub food, including fish and chips and a host of traditional Irish food.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this restaurant interesting – live entertainment and live music! Irish dancing and music take place from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day, and they’re open on weekends if you’re looking for a lovely brunch!

This place is one of Disney Springs’ most popular restaurants. But, if you want to make the rounds for an authentic Dublin experience, Cookes in Dublin next door is one of the best restaurants for you and your family.

Rainforest Cafe

The Rhythm of the Rainforest

The rainforest cafe at Disney Springs is unique because it gives you an authentic rainforest experience! In the atmosphere of this café, you’ll hear lightning every twenty minutes, bringing to life the animals prowling in the jungle surrounding your table.

Rain Forest Cafe Fish Tank Entrance
Rain Forest Cafe Fish Tank Entrance

But don’t think it’s all scary, either – there’s a lot to love about the rainforest cafe besides its atmosphere. The talker trees at the front of the shop will send you their greetings, and you can even buy souvenirs while waiting for a delicious meal.

It may not be a good choice for young kids if they’re scared of loud noises. But, although it’s not the best place to go for a relaxing date like Town Center, it’s a memorable experience that your kids will talk about for years to come.


The T-Rex is a ferocious beast, which is probably what your children will be if they eat here! Owned by the same people who made the Rainforest Cafe, this attraction boasts Palolithic theming and juicy burgers. You’d think you were eating a dinosaur steak.

tyrannosaurus rex

The T-Rex also makes a name for itself by employing a fun attraction for young archeologists: digging up buried bones while they wait for dinner! So now your aspiring scientists can get their hands dirty and get themselves hungry by looking for buried treasure and exploring themed rooms based on the primordial biomes.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Lazy Days

The resorts may seem like an odd addition to the list, but in reality, the resorts and hotels on Disney property host some of the best food. Almost as famous as Mickey Mouse himself is the menu – both the adults’ menu and kids’ menu – at these establishments.

magic kingdom photo spots

While it may seem mundane, consisting of chicken nuggets, french fries, burgers, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese, critics praise it for its quality. They’re every day yet memorable meals that kids will find enjoyable.

The only downside to the food at Disney resort hotels is that hot dogs, burgers, and chicken nuggets aren’t exactly appealing to any vegetarian families, which severely limits options.

Still, for most families, eating in the hotel is an excellent option when you want to stay in bed to go somewhere like Town Center.

Planet Hollywood Observatory

Looking Back on Disney Springs’ History

Ever want to try a cinema, dining, and movie memorabilia location all at once? If so, Planet Hollywood is the place for you and your family.

Planet Hollywood

At Planet Hollywood, three floors of Disney movie memorabilia open into a large cinema, which plays music videos and sings all our beloved favorites to your children.

But that’s not the only thing – YMCA breaks for appetizers and yummy meals are a must! Although, like the resort and hotel food, the menu is simple, that’s one of its main appeals compared to other Disney dining. So indulge in Big Bite Burgers and Signature Sandwiches made by the celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

The children’s menu has big-dipped milkshakes and lots of appetizers. People have commented that the food is nothing special. Still, the experience of going through Planet Hollywood’s other attractions more than makes up for a lackluster menu. Plus, there are many other things to try at other restaurants, like Holiday Turkey.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Kid’s Menu of Sushi and Burgers

By now, you can tell that Disney Springs has burgers, Italian food, and seafood specialties for you and your children. But did you know that Disney Springs also has sushi?

Yes, that’s right – Splitsville Luxury Lanes has a line of delicious sushi, not to mention a slew of all-American dishes to go with this classic Japanese treat. Their attractions even feature a bowling alley for you and the whole family to enjoy.

The children’s menu features their favorite burgers, made unique by the option to add an egg mimosa to the mix. It’s a mouth-watering place of deliciousness for both you and your kids.

As if this wasn’t awesome enough, this restaurant caters to people with dietary restrictions and allergies, so there’s no need for you or your kids to worry about anything related to that. Their goal is to make everyone feel welcome and safe, and that’s commendable!

This place should be on your list if you’re going to Disney Springs restaurants.

House of Blues Restaurant and Bar

Southern Spices

This restaurant and bar setup offers perhaps the finest Cajun finger food out there, but that’s not the only thing worth celebrating – the atmosphere is delightful.

The walls resemble Southern music phenomena and feature provoking African-American art, which adds a relaxing ambiance to the environment. It’s a place to catch some R&R, but is the food good?

That would be a resounding “yes!” Weekend Cajun brunches are open to all, and the kid’s menu offers many diet accommodations. Burritos, hash grits, and affordable prices? Yes, please!

But there’s more that makes the House of Blues Restaurant stunning. The live entertainment is grand, and live music is played all week, especially during weekend brunch.

Additionally, for all the adults, there’s a happy hour running from 1 – 6 p.m. some days if you’re looking for some sweet alcoholic beverages.

Are Disney Springs Restaurants Kid-Friendly?

It’s time to answer the final question to this puzzle: Are Disney Springs Restaurants kid-friendly?

Based on the restaurants in Disney Springs analyzed, it’s a definite “yes.” Parents will find peace of mind taking their children on a shopping trip, entertainment attraction, or food fest here.

Even in places with an option for a bar, there are plenty of opportunities for children with all sorts of needs, including dietary ones, pickiness, and particular tastes.

If you’re looking for a place that will give your children lots of deliciousness for a party, or you’re at one of the resort hotels, grab a hot dog or another all-American food and enjoy your stay at Disney Springs.

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