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Disney Stroller Policy Explained: Insider Tips For Your Family Trip

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Walt Disney World Stroller Policy

Disney World has outstanding attractions for all of us to enjoy, but it is extremely important for families to understand Disney World stroller policies. Except for the masses, it doesn't make much difference to the magic of this magical destination. While Disney offers excellent travel options to and from the attractions, it is worth considering how much time you will spend on your feet. You can walk or sit for a lot of time. Most parents who have children know about stroller usage. Strollers are an excellent way for children to rest their exhausted legs while napping.


Disney Stroller Rules – Don't Forget to Check Your Walt Disney World Stroller Size Before You Visit

Disney parks have strict regulations on strollers. Unlike in many years, large stroller sizes are allowed in parks, but now the largest is 33″ (79 cm) wide and 52″ or shorter (132 cm).

Disney Stroller Rules – Don't Forget to Add a Personalized Tag to Your Stroller

Despite the relatively low crowd on Park Days, Disney strollers are often congested and crowded – particularly during high-crowd days. Moreover, you might find that Disney cast members may use strollers to move the stroller if they want to. For a simple search, make a cute tag with your name. It would help if you didn't have to do everything fancy though you may want to try something else, and the destination must be recognizable to you and your trip. I had a colored paper with the guest's name pinned to it.

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Disney Stroller Rules – 6 Rules Not to Avoid

I remember stories where people walked through Walt Disney parks (especially Magic Kingdom) and saw large strollers that were Cinderella pumpkin carriages, and sometimes a Disney princess had a wonderful day. In 2019, there was a policy for Disney strollers to provide security and space protection.

Tips for Strollers at Disney

Parents who have never experienced a stroller can use these helpful Disney tips. Let us help make a Disney holiday an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Disney Stroller Rental

Renting a stroller would also suit those who do not own one. Disney World costs one stroller $15 a day or $15 / day for a total stay of 3 days. Double stroller costs $35 per day or $27 per day, depending on duration. Disneyland charges $8/day per stroller and $36/day if two strollers are in use. Disney Resort requires $100 in cash to secure the account. Each Disney World park offers stroller rentals near the entrance. It's necessary to bring your stroller to the park.

Disney parks also offer strollers in the parks and in the Disney Springs. Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom are typically at rental locations in the center of the park. Head to Sundries and book the rental of the Disney stroller at Disney Springs. The shop is directly opposite the Walt Disney World bus stop. Strollers for children under 50 pounds cost $15 per day. A twin stroller, designed for children under 105 pounds, costs $35 daily.

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Save Your Receipt for Disney Stroller Rentals

For a child who walks half the time, renting Disney strollers might be the right choice for them. You can buy your strollers when you have them and take them out when you haven't. Disney strollers are available at various parks and are available at selected locations. Bring along a stroller receipt. You can save the receipt and return another stroller when the kids finish riding.

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Renting in-park

Renting strollers at many Disney parks and Disney Springs is possible. It's a good alternative and could be less efficient. And the stroller was to be thrown back to the end.

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Renting 3rd Party

If your stroller is unsuitable for use in the park or any other location, you can rent one from a third-party company. Disney prefers Scooterbug, but Buena Vista Rents is another famous rental company. These strollers are typically brought free of charge to the hotel so that you won't wait in queues in the park, and you will be liable for a folding ride on Disney's bus services. Scooter Bug provides Disney Springs with pick-up or drop-off locations.

Renting Strollers from Non-Disney Businesses

Another option exists: renting strollers from other non-Disney stores in nearby cities. The stroller rental companies offer excellent choices. There are some unique pricing structures as many different stroller options are separate from the Disney choice. The rental is usually more efficient (cheaper) versus renting from Disney Direct. But there's also a downside.

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Are double strollers allowed at Walt Disney World?

For Disney double strollers, the same maximum height also applies. Having a stroller the same size as the stroller at Disney World would be nice. Make a change to save the inconvenience by measuring to ensure you can follow Disney stroller requirements. Check your current size before purchasing one for the first time, and allow yourself time for a replacement.

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Double Stroller Tips

When a toddler needs a two-stroller or a single stroller, it may require additional considerations. Not every stroller must meet airline requirements requiring the airline to check for free. Not all airlines can accommodate all stroller sizes. A double stroller may prove a problem when traveling through Disney Park. It's very tough for someone walking through or going to the stores.

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Bring your Own stroller to Walt Disney World

You have the possibility of taking your own stroller with you to Disney World. Let's examine Disney's new rules for strollers before considering the pros and cons. The obvious pro to bringing your own stroller is that you will have a stroller you and your child are comfortable with using. Furthermore, you will not have to pay a daily rate for a stroller, which may not even be available daily. 

On the flip side, you must transport the stroller if you plan on bringing your stroller, which can be difficult and expensive. Strollers could break, so you could be out of a stroller when you return from your vacation if you bring your stroller. 

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Walt Disney World Stroller Rules – Don't Park Your Disney Stroller in the Wrong Place – It Will Probably Get Moved

It would be best if you packed everything during your Disney vacation days. Parking your stroller at a spot you can use in your car will save you time. Disney cast members may move their stroller to the designated park for the car if they want to get a seat and then find the vehicle. Aside from these, some stroller parks are unlikely to be close to a ride or attraction, such as the parking lot at Haunted Mansion on the opposite side of the queue.

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Stroller Parking

During the week, thousands of strollers run through the park, and thousands more walkers pass. Some areas of Disney prohibit stroller parking, so it won't be easy to park your stroller during your day. Cast Members often move strollers to make room for their audience so that they may lose their seats. How do I solve this problem? Give your stroller some identity! You can add decorations, a nameplate, or a balloon to the handle. You may use light fixtures too.

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Stroller Replacement

Once the stroller is used, it must stay in this theme park, meaning families cannot return them to the resort. If you plan to visit multiple parks in one day, show the receipt to the park to get another stroller. Those strollers must be returned to their original location when returning to the park.


 It is crucial for families planning a family vacation to have a thorough understanding of the stroller policies at Disney World before visiting. Disney uses strict rules and guidelines for strollers to provide families with set limitations on what they can bring and not bring into the parks. Families must examine the pros and cons of brining their stroller to determine what is best for them. 

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