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Best Disney World Pool: Making A Splash On Your Next Vacation

Visiting Walt Disney World in the Florida heat can make any guest feel the need to cool off. Each Walt Disney World resort offers its resort pool when staying on one of the 34 Disney properties. Each pool is unique in its own way, and if you plan on spending a lot of time at the pool, it may be essential to compare the different pools at Disney World. Some of these pools are so amazing that they may make you want a few pool days to relax on your trip.

The list outlined below was selected based on a few significant pieces of criteria:

  1. The pool is located at a Walt Disney World resort in Bay Lake, Lake Buena Vista, and outside of Orlando, Florida.
  2. The pool has a great theme, which makes them feel like an extension of the parks. Furthermore, they will have additional amenities like hot tubs, play areas, dining, and drinks.
  3. The resorts themselves are priced to start under $500 per night.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

The Lost City of Cibola Pool is ranked number one on this list, with a fantastic Southwest-themed resort surrounding it. Three villages and the Gran Destiny Tower make up Coronado Springs. The pool remembers the Lost City of Cibola, an ancient Maya ruin with a 50-foot pyramid.

The pool boasts a 123-foot-long water slide, which features a jaguar spirit animal. Furthermore, it has the largest hot tub in all of Walt Disney World, which could fit up to 22 people. It also has a children's pool to come with the main pool area, but it is less thematically immersive than the main pool.

In addition to the pool, the Dig Site offers a sand volleyball court, ping pong, corn hole games, and even a Mayan-themed playground. The Cabanas are the best option for you if you want the closest rooms to the pool area. The Ranchos, Casitas, and the Gran Destino Tower are the furthest rooms from the main pool. These areas have smaller pools but a different theme than the main pool.

Coronado Springs resorts are typically priced at $178 during the slow times of the year to $290 during peak season. The resort is one of the largest Disney Resorts, which could make for a long walk after a long day at the parks or pool.

Disney's Art of Animation

Disney's Art of Animation Resort is one of the value resorts, and is priced as low as $179 during the low crowds season and up to $267 during the peak season. This resort offers three pools, but the Big Blue Pool is the main pool. The Big Blue Pool is based on Pixar's “Finding Nemo.”

The main pool is a zero-entry pool with over 308,527 gallons, making it the largest at Walt Disney World. If your kid is into “Finding Nemo,” they will love the large statues of the characters surrounding the pool and resort.

Right next to the Big Blue Pool is the Schoolyard Sprayground, which is a great kids' playground. They will still need their swimsuits, as they come with pop-up jets and splashing water. Squirt's Righteous Reef is nearby if you wish to avoid the water at a playground.

Aside from the Big Blue Pool, Art of Animation also has the Cozy Cone Pool, inspired by Pixar's “Cars.” The pool itself is regular, but their cone cabanas surround the pool providing some shade outside of the pool. These cabanas is how the pool (Cozy Cone pool) gets its name. If your little ones loves “Cars”, then the Cozy Cone pool is a great option for you!

The resort also offers the Flippin' Fins Pool, inspired by Disney's “The Little Mermaid. Surrounded by Disney characters and the infamous “Under the Sea Orchestra,” this is an excellent pool for younger children.

Ol' Man Island at Disney's Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

Disney's Port Orleans Resort is a moderate-level resort, pricing from $179 on the low to $267 on the higher end. This resort offers five pools, a water park, and a catch-and-release fishing spot.

Ol' Man Island is more than just a pool; it's an impressive 3.5-acre water wonder. The extravaganza is based on an abandoned sawmill and has a few waterfalls, wooden bridges, and a 95-foot-long war slide. It also has a hot tub and a kiddie pool for the younger kids.

Port Orleans resort is large, so if you are far from the main pool, there are five other pools. These pools are significantly smaller than the main pool but usually are closer to your room.

Disney's Port Orleans – French Quarter

Port Orleans is split into two significant resorts: Riverside and French Quarter. French Quarter is priced higher at $224 on the low end and $295 on the high end. A classic New Orleans visit inspires the French Quarter. While Riverside has the impressive Ol' Man Island, French Quarter also has a remarkable resort pool.

The Doubloon Lagoon pool continues the fantastic Mardi Gras theme throughout the pool. It has two main features: the giant King Neptune statue and the alligator band.

In addition to the statues, it also boasts an impressive serpent water slide. The body is turned into a bridge, and the tongue is designed into the slide. The pool also has a water play area, a comfortable hot tub, and a splash zone perfect for little kids.

Fuentes Del Morro – Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney's Caribbean beach resort is another moderate-level resort priced anywhere between $228 to $360 per night. This resort is extensive, with beautiful beaches and 200 acres of land. The Fuentes del Morro pool is reminiscent of a Spanish colonial fortress.

The kids are sure to love this pool, with a fantastic pirate theme to the pool. The Fuentes del Morro pool offers a zero-entry pool with two excellent water slides. One of the water slides is geared toward older kids, being an impressive 102 feet long, and the other is more for younger kids.

The pool offers two different water slides and is highly interactive throughout with water cannons. These cannons are ready to go quickly, so you will only know if you will get wet.

Most of the pool is for guests over 48″ tall, but it also has a shipwreck play area for kids under height restrictions. The play area offers slides, a cool crow's nest, and even water buckets for the kids to dump water on each other.

Best Disney World PoolUzima Pool – Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the top resorts, also known as a deluxe resort. To enjoy their beautiful pool, you must pay between $294 to $405 each night. There are two significant pools at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Uzima Springs Pool and Samawati Springs pool.

The impressive pool at this resort is the Uzima Springs pool, which is roughly 11,000 square feet. This pool offers a zero-entry pool and a unique 67-foot water slide. It also provides two separate hot tubs, one in the bamboo grove and the other next to the animal viewing area!

The other pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (Samawati Springs Pool) is located at Kidani Village and is roughly half the size of the Uzima Pool. However, while it lacks in size, it does have an impressive 128-foot-long water slide, so it is not exactly a kiddie pool. On the other hand, it also has a great splash zone for toddlers to enjoy.

The Riviera Pool – Disney's Riviera Resort

The Riviera is one of the top Disney World resorts, meaning you will have to pay a high premium to enjoy this pool. The resort offers two Mediterranean-styled pools: the Riviera Pool and the Beau Soleil Pool.

The Riviera is perfect as a friendly family option, as a zero-entry pool. This pool also offers a water slide that wraps around a tower.

The Beau Soleil Pool is the perfect place to relax. The water play area is known as the S'il Vous play area, based on public fountains in Italy. It also includes characters from “Fantasia,” which is excellent for the little ones!

Copper Creek Springs – Disney's Wilderness Lodge

The Wilderness Lodge is another luxurious, deluxe resort with a minimum of $375 up to $582. The Copper Creek Springs pool is a heated pool located right between the two major resort sections. This even comes with a vast Fire Rock Geyser that goes off during the day.

In addition to the geyser, there is a great play area with small water slides and activities for the kids to enjoy. This is one of the more relaxing Disney World resort pools.

Stormalong Bay – Disney's Beach and Yacht Club Resort

Stormalong Bay is technically a pool at two resorts, Disney's Beach resort, and Disney's Yacht Club resort. There are three major sections: a lazy river, a sand-bottomed pool, and a completely separate swimming pool. 

There are many different activities for guests of all ages to enjoy. Guests will first notice the great shipwreck that comes with a 230-foot water slide. Next, the lazy river allows guests to float peacefully along the river, which is a great way to relax. Finally, there are also three whirlpool tubs with an elevated tanning deck throughout the resort. 

Lava Pool – Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village Resort is one of the top resorts at Walt Disney World. The Lava Pool is between the main lobby and the beautiful beaches. The Lava Pool is great for kids as it features a zero-entry pool. It also has a large volcano, a waterfall, and a tremendous 142-foot-long water slide. It also features a splash area for kids, a white sand beach with hammocks, beach chairs, and a volleyball court right next to the Lava Pool. If you are staying at the Polynesian Village Resort, you have to check out the Lava Pool.

best disney world poolConclusion


There are so many different Disney World resort pools; it may be overwhelming if this is how you decide where to stay during your trip to Disney World. All of the Disney World pools offer their unique theme, along with varying levels of interactive activities. When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, it is always best research and find the Disney World best pool.

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