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Disney World Character Meet And Greet: Magical Encounters

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With Disney World Character Meet & Greets, you will never miss an opportunity to meet your
favorite characters along your way around the Parks. Even if you are in a rush to beat the crowds
to an attraction, do not pass up on these characters as you’d be missing out on an exclusive part
of your Disney vacation. Hanging out with Disney characters won’t only be fun, but you may
also experience a once-in-a-lifetime memory that will make your visit much richer and more


Disney World Character Meet & Greets

Where To Find Characters

Since Disney is a massive park, there are a few different ways to meet Disney characters; meet &
greet character dining, and through scattered pop-ups and character appearances. Since there are a variety of options, the easiest way to find character meet and greets is through the theme park app, My Disney Experience. This will help you become a character hunter and track down all the latest information on where and when they will be greeting visitors and how long it will take to
see them.

You can even be ahead of the game and make reservations to meet certain characters
during your trip. Although, if you’re wanting an unplugged experience and want to spend the day
embracing the memories you are making, you can locate a Times Guide or ask a fellow cast
member to help you spot them. Moving on, you can’t beat dinner with an extra guest! By using
Disney character dining, it is one of the inviting ways to meet beloved characters. In addition to
meet and greets and character dinings, you will also be able to spot them at random pop-ups and
character appearances where you can meet some of the rarest characters there are.

Disney World Character Meet And Greet

The best part about the whole event is that almost every Disney character can be spotted somewhere in the Parks, which means that you don’t ever have to miss a chance to meet one. Encounter the likes of Cinderella's evil stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, at the Gazebo in Liberty Square while Cinderella and some of the other Disney princesses lounge around the Princess Fairytale Hall. When you’re exploring Animal Kingdom, be sure to keep your eyes out for character flotillas, where you can find Russell hanging out in the water! Next, Hollywood Studios is the best place o spot your favorite snowman, Olaf, right at the Celebrity Spotlight. And what would meeting Olaf is without also seeing Elsa and Anna?

The trio can be spotted at EPCOT right near the Norway Pavilion. Lastly, if you happen to miss characters throughout your adventure, don’t worry because you can catch them at any Disney Hotel while you dine.

Types Of Characters

At Disney World Character Meet & Greets While characters are abundant, you need to be sure you can differentiate what types of characters there are. Throughout Disney, you’ll run into “fur” characters as well as “face” characters with both bringing you a marvelous memory nonetheless. However, a “fur” character is known asDisney’s animal characters like Mickey Mouse, Woody, and Chewbacca. Aside from animalcharacters, “fur” characters can also be animated human characters consisting of the Queen of Hearts and Carl.

Quiz For Disney Princesses - Jasmine

On the other hand, “face” characters put on elaborate costumes, wigs, and a full
face of makeup to illustrate some of Disney’s human characters. These characters may include
all Disney princesses and princes to Captain Jack Sparrow with all of them having the ability to
have conversations with you about everything under the sun.

When To Meet Characters

Trying to find or meet the prolific characters that Disney has to offer may become a challenge,
that’s why the theme park apps and Times Guide are available to make your life a bit easier.
Some characters will be appearing on and off throughout the day, while others will only be
available for a small window of the day.

If there are special characters you want to see, be sure to research when and how often your favorites usually greet their visitors. Additionally, plan to arrive early to any character meet and greets so you can avoid any long lines from forming. Be sure to keep in mind that many character pop-ups may not show on the map, so keep on the lookout while you’re exploring the many theme parks.

Disney World Character Meet And Greet

In saying this, the best time to meet characters, especially the ones that greet guests all day is in the late afternoon into the evening, since the lines will be shorter, which means more interaction times for you and your family. Take into consideration that characters can’t stay out forever, Tiana needs to make her beignets and Donald Duck does love a good meal with his friends.

Disney World Character Meet And Greet: How To Interact With Them

Often you see guests scrambling through their books to find the next open slot or get a hug, snap
a photo, and leave. In my opinion, this is not the way to interact with the characters and that’s
why the character greetings are often lost. It’s much more than just an autograph in a book as the
characters love interacting with their visitors and sharing all kinds of stories with them. You and
your children can gain a plethora of information through the encounters with the characters if

you take it all in rather than use it as a signature race. When it comes to the fur characters,
interacting with them may be difficult but they’ll communicate with you even though they can’t
be vocal back. In addition to interactions, you can also compliment characters, they love that!

Say something sweet about Pocahontas’s hair or Mary Poppins’s umbrella, they will adore you if
you do so! Compliments certainly can go a long way, but if that is not your thing, you can ask
them a question that involves their character's life story, which can lead to further interaction
time and the most remarkable moment with your favorite character. One tip I have to say is if
you bump into Gaston, tell him he doesn’t look as strong as you expected. If you do, you’re
guaranteed to get a dramatic response out of him!

Character meet and greets can be challenging since they’re so many to see, but it is a challenge
that you are sure to overcome with a little planning ahead of time. Do not let the fact that there
are so many on your list that your children want to meet prevent you from seeing each of them!
Disney characters are what make Disney what it is today and meeting them will make your
ultimate Disney trip magical as ever. When you can, always remember, it is not necessarily about
the signatures or photos, it’s about the memories you make with any character you come across
because each one tells its own unique story.

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