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Disney World Closing Times: Tips For Maximizing Your Visit

Running around any of Disney’s several Parks can be an exhausting venture. Trying to get in that last ride or an opportunity to see one more character, but being abruptly turned away due to the Park’s closing time can dampen the most magical of spirits. This is why I have compiled important information for you and your family to keep with you during your travels, so you can be on time for every single piece of the action! By getting a handle on each of Disney Park's closing times, you will be prepared and organized to get everything done in the allotted time given by each Park. Disney World Closing Times will help you prioritize your day.

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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom closes its doors sooner than any of the other three major Disney Parks. During the week, they will generally close at 7 p.m., so be sure to get to the Park as early as you can when you are planning a day to come to Animal Kingdom, so you aren’t saddened by shut out by the Park’s closing time while you are trying to fit in one last event. On the weekends,  they thankfully stay open for an hour longer, officially closing their doors at 8 p.m. As always, park hours can vary depending on the dates you are attending Disney World, so be sure to check ahead of time. A good rule of thumb to go by is that during peak hours/weekends, they will most likely be open for 1-2 hours longer than during the week or off-season.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios tends to keep it simple with their closing times. They usually will close their doors at 9 p.m., weekdays and weekends included. This should allow you plenty of time to go on every ride you wish to and also grab a bite to eat while you are making your rounds around the Park. Although these are the Park hours as of now, the consensus is to check Disney World’s main website up to two months in advance to get any updated closing hours. If you are planning on completing your stay during an uber-busy time at the Parks, you may be lucky enough to get an extra hour in at Hollywood Studios, as the busier the parks are, the higher the likelihood that Disney World will extend their hours upon the high attendance at their corresponding Parks.

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EPCOT mostly follows Hollywood Studios' closing times, as they also tend to stay consistent in closing their doors at 9 p.m. throughout the week and weekend. It is home to year-round festivals and events, so the fact that they close late will be to your benefit when you are inside the grounds. If you have been to Disney World in the past, you may have noticed that EPCOT used to open in two separate parts, with the Future World and World Showcase differing from each other by two hours.

Nowadays, they have made it simpler and have decided to join the two sections and have them open and close around the same time. This limits the headaches that can go on when deciding which part to go to and leave first when at EPCOT. Although they like to keep things consistent, a few occasions in which they will extend their closing time until 10 p.m. is during Food and Wine events and throughout the busy holiday seasons.

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Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom follows its name in the perfect way possible, as it is the most magical place of them all. Out of all of the four major parks, Magic Kingdom brings in the most guests throughout the year. To accommodate this, Disney World keeps its doors open longer than the other areas of Disney. During the week, they tend to stay open until 10 p.m., but on weekends, they will even extend the closing time an extra hour to 11 p.m. If you are taking in the magic during the holidays, you may be lucky enough to stay until midnight. Barring the exception of the few nights a year when Magic Kingdom has one of Mickey Mouse’s Halloween and Christmas Parties, you will find yourself taking in all of the action through the late hours while in Magic Kingdom.

After Hours

If you are a night owl like I am, you will want to experience the best Disney World has to offer: their exclusive After Hours events. During these special occasions, you can extend the magic into the night at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios by staying in the Parks for up to three hours past the normal closing time.

This allows you to get a different look at Disney World, with fewer crowds under the dark skies. Busy crowds are a part of Disney World Closing Times, and the majority of the time it is great to embrace them as everyone is having an amazing time, but who wouldn’t also want to relax on some occasions as well, Disney World’s After Hours are a perfect time to do that. If you wish to take part in this unique event, it will come with a cost of 129$ per child or 159$ per adult plus tax.

That said, the enchanting experience that you will be a part of will be sure to make the time and money worth it. Plus, you get free food and drinks to keep you fueled during your trips around the Parks, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out extra cash while on your adventures. As part of the Disney Best rides for toddlers at Disney World is waiting for you.

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Final Thoughts

No one wants to go out of such a magical place on short notice. This is why getting a grasp of all of Disney World’s closing times before you head into the Parks is vital to allow you to plan your day out appropriately. The great thing about Disney World is that there is a timeframe for everyone. If you like to do things in the morning, you will find that here. On the flip side, if you like to venture out into the night skies, Magic Kingdom and its After Hours event is the place for you. 

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