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Disney World Daycare: Keeping Your Kids Safe And Entertained

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A journey with the family to Walt Disney World is downright magical. However, some individuals constantly wish for an extra set of hands at Disney to assist them in caring for their children so that they can travel without stress. In order to provide you with the best possible experience at Disney World, the company also offers various Daycare services. These services include in-room childcare, hotel kids clubs, and nannies for the theme parks. Even though Disney World Daycare has seen significant change throughout the years, many different daycare alternatives are still available.


disney daycare and babysitting

During a Disney family vacation, couples have a right to spend time alone without their children. Whether it's a special meal for two at one of Disney's many exquisite restaurants or chilling at a bar, nightclub, or lounge, shop in Disney Springs or cruise the Boardwalk. Disney's childcare options are available for any occasion. Hence, couples can avail of Disney World Daycare services for their children and have the magical experience of their lives.

Additionally, the daycare services available at Disney include in-room services as well as children’s activity centers. One of Disney’s best in-room services, Kid's Nite Out, is your best alternative. This option lets you have a private babysitter directly in your Disney World resort hotel room. Your child's caretaker will involve them in games, crafts, reading, and other activities. Children from six months to twelve can use the service. 

Moreover, the other children's activity centers include Camp Dolphin, Lilo’s Playhouse, and Simba’s Clubhouse. However, these activity centers have undergone significant changes since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many daycare centers shut down and restricted the parents of young children to choose from only a few options available.


list of daycare facilities

Disney World provides both in-room daycare facilities and children’s activity centers. The rates for both services are affordable. Additionally, Walt Disney World operates children's activity centers. However, in-room daycare babysitters are not operated by Disney.

In-room Daycare Facility

Disney does not provide any in-room daycare or childcare facility itself. However, it does recommend the services of Kid’s Nite Out – a local childcare agency.

Kid’s Nite Out

kids nite out

One of the most convenient Disney World Daycare services is Kid’s Nite Out. This service provides a babysitter who comes directly to your room with everything they could need to keep the children entertained for the evening. They will come with age-appropriate board games, toys, books, and Disney movies, and they will even complete arts and crafts. Kids Nite Out is a Disney World childcare provider and the most famous daycare service, especially for in-room babysitting. 

How Does Kid's Nite Out Daycare Work?

You can call Kid’s Nite Out directly at 800-696-8105 to make a reservation or use the website's contact form. You may schedule a sitter any time up until three months before your trip. However, you must schedule it at least two to three weeks in advance. Here, every single babysitter undergoes a background check and is CPR trained. Many of them have experience working in childcare and education. When you call, the operator will inquire about some fundamental details. They'll learn all of your contact and resort details, the names and ages of your kids, the day and time you'll require a babysitter and the details of your payment card.

After checking into your resort, you may also contact Kids Nite Out back and give them your resort room number. Your Disney World daycare babysitter will be wearing a Kids Nite Out polo shirt, along with a name tag and badge, when they show up. They should arrive a little early so you can review their documentation, talk about any allergies and medical issues, and go over any routines or vital details they'll need to be aware of regarding your kids.

Additionally, the sitter will show up with age-appropriate toys and games for your children. The babysitter will have your phone information so that you may call or text them while you are gone. When you are ready, you may depart for a delightful evening at Disney World.

After recording the duration and cost of your night out, your sitter will provide you with a receipt. If your babysitter did a terrific job, you can also give them a tip. Just keep in mind that tips should only be paid in cash or via check. You cannot add a tip with a credit card.

Cost Of Kid’s Nite Out

cost of disney nite out

The cost for the Kid’s Nite Out daycare facility at Disney World includes:

  • $25 per hour for one child
  • $28 per hour for two children
  • $31 per hour for three children
  • $34 per hour for four children
  • $37 per hour for five or more children

Remember that the sitter must be available for at least four hours. The periods you anticipate being away must be provided, but you will be charged for the entire time you are away. For instance, if you arrange a sitter and think your time away would be from 5 pm to 10 pm, but you get back to your hotel at 9:30. You will be paid for 4.5 hours. Even if you return after 8 o'clock, you will still be charged the minimum 4-hour fee. Your credit card will be charged for 5.5 hours if you return at 10:30 p.m.

Kid’s Nite Out Additional Services

Kid’s Nite Out also provides some additional services that come with their own prices and policies. They are:

  • Elder or Companion Care
  • Pet Care
  • Special Needs Child Care
  • Mother’s/Father’s Helper at area attractions
  • Themed Convention Care (11-1500 kids)
  • Wedding Kids’ Parties
  • Kid Camps (at select Universal Hotels)

Children’s Activity Center

children's activity center

Disney has closed two of its children’s activity centers, Simba’s Clubhouse at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Lilo’s Playhouse at Polynesian Village Resort. However, it does provide the option to choose Camp Dolphin’s daycare services at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. 

Camp Dolphin At The Walt Disney World Swan And Dolphin Resort

camp dolphin at the walt disney world swan and dolphin resort

Another option at Disney is Camp Dolphin. On the first floor of the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, is this play area for children. You don't need to worry about your kids if you leave them at Camp Dolphin and go out to enjoy the day with your partner. Your kids will enjoy participating in games, crafts, coloring pages, and other activities.

Moreover, there are prizes and souvenirs to win, and the activity center even has a special supper and dessert program. The activities are new every night. Most children enjoy it! Camp Dolphin only employs expert daycare employees and caring counselors at Disney World. They will look after your children and keep them safe while you, as their parents, have a relaxing and exciting evening alone.

Parents may pick between a whole night of childcare or just a few hours at the event. Whatever option you select, it comes with food, whether it be a full meal, a snack, or both. Additionally, much like in-room babysitting, Disney World's Camp Dolphin Kid’s Club offers a wide range of interactive games and activities to keep your kids occupied all night long. It includes Nintendo GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and other video game systems. 

Camp Dolphin is sadly not for the youngest Disney visitors as children must be between the ages of 5 and 12 and fully potty-trained in order to join, as they do not permit pull-ups. Keep in mind that the kids' camp at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel is only accessible when making a reservation for an in-room Disney World babysitter.

Cost Of Camp Dolphin Daycare Services

Camp Dolphin is the most convenient and affordable Disney World daycare option available. The rates for this camp include:

  • Camp Dolphin All Inclusive (4 PM to 11 PM) – $85 for the first child, $65 for each additional child
  • Camp Dolphin Early Evening (4 PM to 8 PM) – $65 per child
  • Camp Dolphin Late Evening (8 PM to 11 PM) – $50 per child 

Theme Park Nanny

theme park nanny

People often do not want to go for Daycare services; they want some extra help while navigating through theme parks when in Disney. For this reason, they may require the assistance of a Nanny. Disney theme park nannies accompany families in the theme parks.

These hired fairies are just as knowledgeable about theme parks as they are about raising children. Employ your Disney World nanny to help with child care, pushing strollers, maintaining organization, and even giving guidance. You may use them as your own personal Mary Poppins to help you stay on schedule or ask for their assistance when needed.  

Kid's Nite Out, a service supported by Disney, provides in-park help through their Mother's/Father's Helper program. Theme Park Nannies and Once Upon a Nanny are two more firms that have a comparable service, though.


In conclusion, a trip to Walt Disney World can be as thrilling for parents with infants and toddlers as it is for any single adult. With Disney World Daycare services, couples can enjoy a romantic night out or mealtime without their kids. They can rest assured of the safety and entertainment of their kids. Before COVID-19, Disney World provided a wide range of childcare services. However, some of these services are no longer available. But there still are some other Daycare services that are way more convenient and reasonable. They include Kid’s Nite Out, Camp Dolphin, and Theme Park Nanny. All these services are designed to keep your children occupied so that parents can enjoy their evening out.

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