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Disney World Monorail Map: Navigate The Magic Like A Pro!

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Why are people mad at Disney - EpcotTake control of your Disney World adventure with the Disney World Monorail Map. Explore all 4 parks like a pro, without the stress and frustration. When visiting Walt Disney World has many different options when getting from place to place. The most famous form of public transportation is the Monorail system. Aside from the Monorail system, guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort may use the Disney Bus transportation for free. Furthermore, guests may use the new Skyliner bungalows to visit resorts and Disney parks.

How Does the Monorail Work?

The Monorail has been in operation since 1971. The Monorail initially opened with two routes on the Disney property. Fast forward to today, the monorail system covers 15 miles and is used by 50 million guests annually. Each Monorail can hold 360 passengers per train, with 40 in each car.

The Monorail runs on eight 113-hp motors powered by a 600-volt electrical system. A busbar powers the electrical system. The busbar is mounted on a concrete beam that the Monorail runs on. 

When should you take the Disney Resort Monorail?

There are many different reasons guests take the Disney Resort monorail. One apparent reason to take it is if they are staying at one of the resorts on the monorail loop. If they are traveling to and from Epcot or Magic Kingdom, this would be the fastest form of transportation. Furthermore, this is an excellent option if you are park hopping from Magic Kingdom to Epcot or vice versa. Please note you will need a connector monorail system to do so. 

Aside from guests staying at deluxe resorts, many guests use the Monorail at Disney World to attend dining reservations. There are many top dining options at the various deluxe resorts. For example, Disney’s Polynesian Village resort has two main restaurants: ‘O’hana and the infamous Trader Joe’s. Disney’s Contemporary resort holds three major dining options: Steakhouse 71, California Grill, and Chef Mickeys. Finally, the Grand Floridian resort offers Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s, the Enchanted Rose, Gasparilla Island Grill, and Narcoossee’s. Guests typically use the Monorail when one of the parks to attend their dining reservations at these deluxe resorts. 

What is the Cost of the Disney Monorail?

Much like Disney’s other forms of public transport, the Monorail is free. The monorail system’s gates are outside the theme parks and Disney resort hotels. Since they are outside the entry points, guests do not need a ticket to ride the Monorail. This is one of the few things at Disney World that is entirely free to do!


Where are the Walt Disney World Resort Monorail Stations and Stops?

The monorail system comprises three major lines: Epcot Line, Express Line, and the Resort Line. All three lines run on a continuous loop.

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The Epcot Loop

The Epcot loop runs continuously from Epcot to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TCC). Getting off the Monorail at Epcot will put you at the front of the theme park. The front of the park is the entry where the World Showcase is the furthest from you. The transportation and Ticket Center is located at the Magic Kingdom parking lot. 

One of the most famous Monorail rides is the Epcot loop, which offers excellent views. The Epcot monorail track will loop around the original Future World and Spaceship Earth attraction. When the monorail loops inside Epcot, guests may look at two different views. On the interior, you will have a great look at Spaceship Earth or views of the grounds. The exterior views will look at Mission: Space, Test Track, and a grand view of the World Showcase. 

Disney World Express Monorail

The Express Monorail takes guests from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom. The TTC is where guests driving to Magic Kingdom will park. There are fees to park your car, but not to ride the Monorail itself. The Express Monorail will drop guests off to the left of the point of entry for Magic Kingdom park. The Express monorail is extremely quick as it only transports between Magic Kingdom and the TCC. 

While the Monorail runs efficiently, it can become highly packed after the evening fireworks. The line to leave the parks will be extremely long, so it may be best to wait about twenty to 25 minutes before leaving. Some guests board the Resort monorail to avoid the crowds, as the TCC is the second stop. 

Magic Kingdom Resort Loop

The Resort loop runs continuously while stopping at five different stops. The loop runs in a circle, with Magic Kingdom as its starting point. When leaving Magic kingdom, it will stop at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, continue to the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, followed by the Polynesian Village Resort, and continue to the transportation and ticket center culminating in the Magic Kingdom stop.

The Grand Floridian Resort stop is located just outside the doors of the hotel’s second floor. This is the loading and unloading area for this stop. To enter the Monorail station here, you must go through security first. 

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Disney’s Polynesian Resort Monorail stop is located on the second floor of the resort hotel. For reference, this is just off the lobby of the resort. Again, guests jumping on the Monorail here must go through security. 

Finally, the Contemporary Resort is the first stop when leaving the theme park, but furthest from Magic Kingdom when going to the resort. Since it is such a long ride, many guests walk to Magic Kingdom instead of waiting. The Resort loop is another famous Monorail loop as the train runs through the Contemporary Resort. 

Transport Options at the Ticket and Transportation Center

Guests use The Ticket and Transportation Center for many different things at Disney World. Guests primarily use this area as the parking lot for Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, this is the closest form of parking for guests at Magic Kingdom. Due to the distance, Disney offers trams to carry guests to the Monorail system. Guests who want to avoid the Monorail may also use the Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat.

Furthermore, the monorail system uses the TCC as a connector point. Guests may use this as a pit stop to get off the Monorail or switch which Monorail loop they are riding. 

When Does the Monorail Run?

For those looking to rope drop Epcot or Magic Kingdom, the Monorail starts its runs roughly 30 minutes before the earliest park opens. The Monorail system will stop completing runs an hour after the final park closes. The Monorail is highly efficient as they run every 10-15 minutes. Thanks to this efficiency, it is typically faster than taking a Disney transportation bus. 

The Monorail stops running differently depending on the loop. The Resort and Express Monorail stops one hour after Magic Kingdom park closes. The Epcot monorail stops running two hours after Epcot closes. These hours of operation take the extended hours into account, including the seasonal party hours. 

Rules for Riding the Monorail at Disney World

Guests must follow a few rules when riding the Monorail system. Guests are not allowed to carry Glass bottles or containers on the Monorail. Passengers can bring food and drink with them, but no alcohol. Not eating or drinking is recommended as the Monorail is moving to avoid any messes.

All Disney Transport prohibits all smoking products, and the Monorail is no exception. Furthermore, passengers should refrain from shouting and engaging in public displays of affection when on the Monorail. Families traveling with strollers do not have to fold them, which is a significant convenience for families. However, guests may fold their stroller if the Monorail has a lot of passengers to make more room. 

One of the most important rules to follow refers to the doors. Passengers can stand while riding but must remain in the car’s center. Passengers must refrain from leaning on the doors as it is a significant safety issue. The pressure caused by leaning on the doors could cause them to open as it is in motion. If you feel the Monorail is packed, wait for the next Monorail!

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What are the Disney Hotels on Monorail 2023?

There are three hotels located on the Monorail system. Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. These three resorts have one ultimate commonality: they are all deluxe-level resorts. This is a significant convenience for guests staying at these resorts as it offers quick transport to two major theme parks. However, all Disney guests may use the Monorail entirely for free. 

Is it hard to ride the Monorail? 

You will have no problem navigating the monorail system if you understand where you are going. Understanding the Resort loop goes to Magic Kingdom, the TCC, and the three deluxe resorts. The Epcot monorail travels between the TCC and Epcot. Finally, the Express monorail travels between TCC and Magic Kingdom. Understanding how to navigate the Monorail efficiently helps guests to travel around quickly. Thankfully Disney has made it simple to navigate due to the signage at each Monorail stop. 

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Disney’s Monorail is an excellent form of transportation for guests. It is great for guests at deluxe resorts looking to travel to Epcot or Magic Kingdom quickly. Other guests use the Monorail to visit the deluxe resort to make their dining reservation at one of the excellent dining options. Finally, some people enjoy riding the Monorail on a hot summer day as it is a free activity and they can stay out of the sun for a while. Whatever the reason for riding, the Monorail is an excellent form of transportation at Disney World. All in all, riding the monorail at disney world is a must-do for all guests!

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