Disney World Dining Plans: Allow Your Vacation To Become Easy And Flexible

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Everyone loves to eat delicious food while on vacation and this is no different in Walt Disney World’s Resorts. But what if I told you that you could pay for a meal plan ahead of time so you didn’t have to worry about spending a penny while enjoying vacation and on the lookout for your next meal? With one of the several Disney World’s Dining Plans that Disney World has to offer, this realization can come true! Whether it be a quick-service plan, general plan, or deluxe plan, there is an option for every family out there. 

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Before diving into and purchasing a meal plan for your trip, it is best to know the four main dining plans that are offered so you can choose what is right for you. Although they are unavailable at the moment, Disney plans to have them back sooner rather than later, so there is no need to worry that your trip will be without a plan. The four dining plans go as follows:

  1. Quick Serve Disney Dining Plan
  2. Standard Disney Dining Plan
  3. Disney Dining Plan Plus
  4. Deluxe Disney Dining Plan


As I previously mentioned, since the dining plans are unavailable at the moment, the exact price range for each of the plans may not be completely accurate compared to what the prices will be when the plan is rereleased. Unfortunately, you can expect the prices to be a bit higher in fact, as with everything in Disney World’s Dining Plans. With the rate of inflation on the rise, Disney prices have followed suit. Below are the previous rates, per night, for each plan. 

  1. Quick Service Plan= 55$ per adult and 26$ per child
  2. Standard Plan= 78$ per adult and 31$ per child
  3. Plus Plan= 95$ per adult and 35$ per child
  4. Deluxe Plan= 119$ per adult and 48$ per child

Please note the prices listed above were for regular season Disney World trips. Be prepared to shell out a few extra dollars per night if you are staying during peak season. 

Quick Service Plan

This is the lowest of the four dining plan options. Depending on what resort or hotel you are staying at, they will often offer this meal plan for free if you book with them in advance. With this plan, you’ll receive two counter-service meals and two snacks or non-alcoholic beverages per night, along with a souvenir refillable drink mug as a gift for choosing this plan. Furthermore, beverages are included with every meal. so you will not have to pay extra during each meal to get a drink.

If you are over the age of 21, you can substitute your two non-alcoholic beverages for beer, wine, or cocktails upon verification. The refillable mug that you receive is not just any good ole’ mug as well. It can be used to refill with any beverage at any self-service beverage island at the various Quick-Service locations while in the Disney Hotels. 9 Tips on How to ride Remy's ratatouille Adventure

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan is the most common plan to get while in Disney World. It offers the ideal amount of food + drinks for someone not trying to go overboard. This plan is typically an added perk if you are staying at the Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts for free. This fact may help while choosing which destination to book as this tier would be a flawless choice for you.

Overall, the Standard Plan is similar to that of the Quick Service Plan, but instead of getting two counter-service meals per night, you will receive one counter-service meal per night along with one sit-down meal per night. This option is more flexible if you are in a rush, since you can grab a quick-service meal. You’ll also have the option of sitting down to a nice meal, even pampering yourself a bit! Disney offers a wide array of restaurants located within the Parks to choose from, ultimately allowing you to savor each moment.

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Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is quite alike to the Standard Plan, with one significant tweak to it. Instead of being limited to using only one sit-down meal per day, as seen in the Standard Plan, with the Plus Plan you can attend two-sit down meals per day. Another valuable perk to this plan is that if you can not use both sit-down meal options in one day, you can exchange them for a counter-service meal(s) instead. This plan is exemplary if you are hoping for flexibility with your chosen Dining Plan.

Deluxe Plan

If you are looking for the complete culinary package in Disney World and want to get the best that they have to offer, you will be delighted by the Deluxe Plan. This all-inclusive meal package, along with the snacks and refillable mug offered in the previous three packages. Youwill receive the option of either three counter-service or table-service meals at the wide range of restaurants within Disney World. This allows for a wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be paid for ahead of time. You will not have to worry about a thing, meal-wise, on your trips around the resort. Your family's stomachs will be the happiest with this option for sure.

Final Thoughts

Along with all that you receive in each meal package, it is also extremely easy to see how many meals you have left per day by tracking them on your phone. This way along with the option to order food on the go if you do not have time to wait when you arrive at the restaurant.

I have found that buying a Disney World’s Dining Plans, whether it be the Quick Service Plan or Deluxe Plan, allows you to enjoy your illustrious vacation more without having to worry about paying for every single meal out of pocket when you arrive. Additionally, in the long run, it does save you a good bit of cash after you calculate how expensive all of the meals, snacks, and drinks would have been had you purchased them on-site. With one less thing to worry about, and cost-effective at that, meal plans are absolutely the way to go.

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