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Disney World’s Haunted Mansion: En Route On A Frightening Voyage

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In one of the unforgotten places in Disney World, we have the Haunted Mansion. Of all of the rides in the park, this will for sure be at the top of your list after finding your way through the ending. With entertaining and spooky twists and turns throughout, it is guaranteed to create. Disney World’s Haunted Mansion is there waiting for you.

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never-ending memories for you and your loved one. It is good to note ahead of time though, that although it is a scarier ride, it is not a complete horror house with gore all around, so you will not have to worry about covering your little ones' eyes at any part of the ride. At the end of the day, it is Disney World, they don’t want to have children balling their eyes out once the ride is over. 

Location + History

The Haunted Mansion can be quite easily located at Magic Kingdom Park in Liberty Square. It is not hard to miss as it is a massive building with eerie music partnering it as you approach the ride. Upon arrival, there is a perforated tomb, a musical crypt, and a Ghost Host that will meet you in the Stretching Room. Along with your experience, he will narrate each twist and turn that is involved in the seven-minute ride.

This iconically was built in 1965 in Disneyland but it took four years for them to figure out what they wanted to put inside the mansion, so it ended up officially being opened to the public in 1969. After it received so much popularity from its guests, Disney World built its mansion and opened it up for use in 1971. Since then, it has been a main attraction for families year in and year out. Be the next guest to take part in the haunted estate, as you see supernatural effects, ghosts, and ghouls along the way. 

After all the running around, you will definitely be looking for a resort for kids.

What To Not Miss Before The Ride

With the anticipation building up as you slowly walk in line toward the entrance of the Haunted Mansion, it is completely understandable to miss a few of the easter eggs that Disney World has placed around the area. Here are a few of the attractions you may miss, so keep your eyes open wide to catch them.

  1. The Tombstones
  2. Interactive Queue 
  3. An Eye on You


Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

The Tombstones

Right before heading into the Stretching Room, there are several tombstones to the left of you next to the Mansion. They are sure to make you laugh before you spook out by the ghostly feeling inside the Mansion. You may be wondering after reading the actual tombstone names if those were real people. They certainly are, with many of the names on the tombstone coming from the likes of the Imagineers who helped put together the attraction in the first place.

Although lines can be tiring at times as we all want to get to as many attractions as possible, this ride makes waiting in line a delight. Similar to the tombstones, the next mythical piece you want to direct your eyes to is the Interactive Queue just outside of the entrance to Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. There, you will see a musical grave piece that talks to you if you press on any of the musical notes on the crypt. Each note brings an unearthly voice to it, so do not be freaked out by this addition (many people have been jump scared after not expecting a creepy voice from each note so this is why I’d like to mention this).

Moving onto the last tidbit I’d like for you to look for before you make your way towards the creaky house is the graveyard again. One particular tombstone, Madame Leota, will look just like the other tombstones until you look at her for too long and she jumps into action. Later, you will see her again in the seance room of the Mansion in a shocking way. 

Main Attractions Along The Ride

  1. Dancing Ghosts
  2. Haunted Mansion Bride
  3. Hitchhiking Ghosts 
  4. Pet Cemetery

As previously stated above, the ride encompasses about seven minutes throughout its beginning and end. It starts off a bit spooky, but as you move along the conveyor belt in your Doom Buggies, the different characters and segments seem to become more amusing than scary. This makes it a perfect ride for all ages, even though some children do seem to freak out by the end. As you finish the ride, be sure to glance to the right.

This is where the Pet Cemetery is located. One of the newest gravestone additions is Mr. Toad, with many theories going around as to why he was there. The most common idea is that they put him there after Disney World closed Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which was then transitioned into another the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. If this is true, how nice of them to give a tribute to the fallen Mr. Toad… hopefully it will be back one day. 


Final Verdict

The amount of time and effort that the Imagineers put into this ride is quite astounding. From the second you walk up to the massive mansion, you will aback by the small intricacies that they have induced into the area to give you a true feeling of uncanniness. The Haunted Mansion has become a staple for many families around the world that visit the Parks, including mine, as there is something new that you will notice every single time you take part in the expedition throughout the house.

For this reason, it is a 10/10 recommendation, as you will surely consider your time well spent after heading out of the back of the mansion at the end of the ride. Plus, if you are looking for a way to enhance your experience at the Parks, download the Play Disney Parks app to earn various amounts of achievements for accessing some of the main attractions around the resorts, as well as the Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. 

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