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Epcot Lost And Found: A Magical Journey Of Rediscovery

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Disney World, without a doubt, is the most magical place on earth, and to keep the Disney magic alive, it has several EPCOT lost and found locations on-site. If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, you know that it can be very overwhelming for a parent or guardian to try to keep up with items that get lost or misplaced.

You are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you lose something that can be devastating. A child can lose a favorite stuffed animal, or a parent can lose their credit card. They can't be optimistic that they will ever see these items again. As a result, they can be frantic in their efforts to find them.

Lost And Found Locations

Each park in Disney World has one lost and found location, and you can find that easily by going through the park map located inside the parks.

If unable to locate lost items, you ask any nearest cast member, as lost and found cast members collect lost items and deliver them to the following places:

Magic Kingdom Lost And Found


If you have lost something at Magic Kingdom, don't worry! The park has a Lost and Found located at City Hall on Main Street, USA.

To claim your lost item, go to City Hall and speak to a Cast Member. They will be able to help you search for your lost item and, if it has been found, return it to you.

If you have lost something at Magic Kingdom and cannot visit City Hall in person, you can call the park's Lost and Found hotline at (407) 824-4245.

A Cast Member will be able to help you search for your lost item and, if it has been found, arrange for it to be shipped to you.

Animal Kingdom Lost And Found

The lost and found for Disney's Animal Kingdom is located in the park office near the entrance. It is located between the Guest Relations and Expedition Storage Lockers.

If you have lost something in the park, you can go to the office and ask for help. The office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and they can help you look for lost items.

Epcot Lost And Found


Since Walt Disney World lost and found are all over the Disney property, the guests can easily find an item lost in no time at EPCOT lost and found. You can also call Guest Services in the theme park lost and found to see if they have your lost item.

If you lose something while visiting EPCOT, you can check the lost and found in the Future World East at the Guest Services office. The EPCOT lost and found is located near the park's main entrance to the left, just beyond Spaceship Earth.

Hollywood Studios Lost And Found

The lost and found for Disney's Hollywood Studios is at the Guest Relations office. The lost items are sent to the guest relations office at the front of each park until the end of the day.

The next day, the items are cataloged and sent to the central lost and found located at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

To get to the guest office in Hollywood Studios, take the left path when entering the park and follow it to the back. The office is located just before the path exits the park.

Lost And Found In Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World resort guests should check their location's lost and found before filing a missing item report. There's a high chance that your valuable items might show up in the hotel rooms.

You should contact the Lobby Concierge as the hotels have their own lost and found procedures. If you have an item missing, contact Disney officials nearby to help you with the procedure.

The cast members at Disney's lost and found can help you track lost items quickly, even if they are your children's toys.

Disney Springs Lost And Found

Disney World's lost and found can be found in guest relations at Disney parks. But Disney Springs is located in downtown Disney and has a different procedure than other Disney theme parks.

The cast members transport guests' items lost in theme parks or Disney's magical express to guest services, where they can collect them. The lost and found for Disney Springs is located near the bus stop at the Welcome Center in Town Center.

To get there, take a left at the fork in the path when you first enter Town Center. The lost and found is located in a small hut on the left side of the path.

ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex


The ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex is home to various sports and entertainment venues and features a lost and found area.

The lost and found is located in the main lobby of the complex. It has a team of customer service representatives staffs. Head to the Box Office of the sports complex to find your valuable items.

If you have lost an item at the complex, you can stop by the lost and found to see if it has been turned in. The lost and found is open during regular business hours and is a great resource for guests who have items lost during their visit.

Lost Items In Disney's Magical Express

Losing an item while riding Disney's Magical Express is nothing to be worried about. You should first call Disney's Lost and Found hotline at (866) 599-0951. A team member will then help you search for your lost item.

You can file a report and provide a description of the lost item if you cannot find it. You will then be given a case number, and the team will continue to search for your item.

If the Magical Express members find it, they will contact you to give instructions on retrieving it.

Lost And Found Items Procedure


World Disney World (WDW lost and found) items procedure is simple, and guests can easily locate their valuable items from theme parks. If you misplaced your item at the attraction, you might want to ask the cast members present on-site. There's a high possibility that your item may still be where you left it.

If you realize later that you have misplaced your high-value items, such as a cell phone or anything having a lesser value, you must fill out an online form.

Walt Disney World Resort uses Chargerback to help track lost and found items. Once you've submitted the form, you'll receive an email notification with your lost item claim number.

Disney's team will continue to look for your item and provide you with an email update within 48 hours. Disney will contact you if they have found the item or need further information.

How Long Does Disney Hold Items For?

After you fill the form out, keep the claim number with you, as Disney will ask for it once they find your lost item. Disney world lost and found may require your home address to ship the product to you when found.

Once found, Disney will hold highly valuable items for 90 days. These items could be cell phones, wallets, credit cards, prescription glasses, and cameras.

Disney will hold less valuable items like sunglasses, toys, clothes, or hats for 30 days. Once found, the guest is responsible for contacting Disney and organizing to reunite with your lost item.

Special Items Lost


In some special scenarios, you don't need to panic when you realize your item is not where it should be. Following are a few special cases that you should know about:


If you park your stroller outside of an attraction and it's not there when you return, a cast member might have taken it to an aisle to keep the walkways clear. No need to panic; just ask a member to guide you to the strollers parking area.


If you realize that your MagicBand is missing, deactivate it from the nearest guest relations as soon as possible. That way, no one can use your account information from the band upon finding it.

Tips To Stay Out Of Trouble


Identifying Marks: You can identify marks on your items for cast members to easily find your missing item.

Taking Pictures: Take pictures of your items to easily show Disney officials what your missing product looks like.

Label Your Belongings: You can put up a contact number or something that helps others easily find you on your belongings (such as Andy's name under Woody's foot in the toy story) to get your belongings back quickly.

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