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Epcot Rides Ranked: Attractions You Do Not Want To Miss!

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With all the changes at EPCOT, you may need a little help finding the best EPCOT rides and attractions. This guide will include a list of the best Epcot rides ranked from worst to best. You'll also find plenty of helpful information about some of the other attractions you can't miss when visiting EPCOT.

EPCOT rides ranked 2023 rides and attractions you can't miss at EPCOT

EPCOT is so unique because of its focus on culture and technology. The rides and attractions at EPCOT allow Disney World guests to experience the culture, food, and scenery from many parts of the world. Plus, the incredible technology used for these attractions makes each experience more realistic than you may expect.

So if you enjoy travel, culture, eating, and modern technology, EPCOT is definitely the Disney Park for you.


Best Disney EPCOT Rides (Ranked Worst to Best)

Some of the rides at EPCOT have been fan favorites since 1982, but many new rides have opened at EPCOT within the last few years. So, with all the changes, what are the best rides at EPCOT for 2023? Find out below!

The list below ranks the best rides at EPCOT from the worst ride to the best.

11. The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Best rides at EPCOT new EPCOT ride Nemo ride at EPCOT

Location: World Nature

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 5 minutes

This new EPCOT ride is a wonderful ride for families. There are no height restrictions, so guests of all ages can go on this underwater adventure with Nemo and his friends. You'll see projected images of the characters while real aquatic animals swim behind them.

Guests ride in slow-moving clamobiles and go beneath the ocean to experience marine biology in a new way. The best thing about the EPCOT attraction is you exit into an aquarium afterward! There's also a fun scavenger hunt, for which you'll grab your booklet as you exit the ride.

You'll see many sea creatures, including manatee turtles, sharks, and dolphins.

10. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Location: World Showcase | Mexico Pavilion

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 7 minutes

The Grand Fete Tour starring the Three Caballeros is a gentle boat ride at EPCOT. The best thing about the ride is the colorful, beautifully animated scenes. You'll also enjoy the funny antics of everyone's favorite duck.

Once the ride begins, you'll travel along the Rio Grande River to help search for Donald Duck. You can sing and listen along to songs from the original Disney film, The Three Caballeros while assisting Panchita and Jose in their hunt for Donald.

9. Living with the Land

Location: World Nature | Land Pavilion

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 15 minutes

Living with the Land is another exciting boat ride at EPCOT. It goes into the lab and greenhouses at the EPCOT Land Pavilion. You'll ride on a giant green boat to explore Disney World's Horticulture Center!

The attraction promotes good agricultural practices and emphasizes environmental awareness. The experience is even better during the Christmas season when it has an additional layer of stunning lighting and decorations.

8. Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Location: World Celebration | Imagination Pavillion

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 6 minutes

This EPCOT ride takes you on a slow-moving journey through the Imagination Center. During the ride, Figment the Dragon guides the tour of labs that test your senses, with an emphasis on imagination.

Journey into Imagination with Figment is one of the best rides at EPCOT for kids. Guests of any age and height are welcome to ride, and it's easy to fit into your schedule. The lines are generally short for this ride, so the queue moves quickly.

7. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth best EPCOT rides

Location: World Celebration

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 15 minutes

Spaceship Earth is a slow-paced dark ride at EPCOT that takes you back in time to celebrate all of humanity's best accomplishments. You'll see many defining moments of history come to life through carefully crafted sets and audio-animatronic figures.

Spaceship Earth will take you on a journey through time. You'll experience a series of events from the Stone Age to the modern age. It starts with cave-inspired paintings before introducing the printing press and then the televised moon landing.

Near the end of the ride, you'll explore the advances in modern technology and communication.

This EPCOT ride is relatively easy to find. The geodesic sphere, also known as the EPCOT ball, that houses the attraction is the centerpiece of the theme park. There are many ways that Spaceship Earth show reflections of the original EPCOT Center. However, there are fewer after the most recent renovations.

6. Soarin' Around the World

Location: World Nature | Land Pavilion

Minimum Height: 40 inches

Ride Length: 5 minutes

Soarin' Around the World is a simulation ride where you feel like you're gliding through a spectacular geographical destination. You can pull on the seat and hold your grip as you sail through the air and witness the stunning scenery featured at this attraction. If you can manage a front-row seat, you'll have the best seat in the house.

It's one of the most iconic rides at EPCOT. The attraction consists of a 360-degree IMAX cinema dome with 60 feet of projections, playing stunning footage and scents invigorating the senses.

The ride vehicles are equipped with an elevator system that will lift you up and really create the illusion that you're flying around the world. The air-conditioned windows and aromatics of the ride only help make the experience more authentic.

The air conditioning also makes it an excellent opportunity to get a break from the Florida heat during the summer months.

5. Mission: SPACE

Location: World Discovery

Minimum Height: 40 inches

Ride Length: 6 minutes

Mission: Planet: SPACE is a motion simulator ride that allows you to experience launching into space. You will be placed into teams of 4. Each member of your cadet team will be assigned a specific role- Pilot, Engineer, Commander, or Navigator.

You and your team will complete your training on the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle before launching into space to achieve your mission. You'll experience the G-force at liftoff and the relaxing hyper-slumber stage later in the experience.

There are different storylines to choose from, and each has different intensity levels. The green mission is your best option if you're prone to motion sickness or prefer to avoid intense attractions. This mission is a gentle and pleasant ride through space.

The orange mission, on the other hand, is very intense. So if you're looking for a great thrill ride at EPCOT, the Orange Mission at Mission: SPACE is a great choice.

4. Frozen Ever After

Location: Norway | World Showcase

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 5 minutes

Frozen Ever After is a musical, family-friendly boat ride through Arendelle featuring appearances from the best Frozen characters. This ride is excellent for children, adults, and anyone that loves Frozen.

It's an exciting dark ride that uses the Maelström ride system. You'll load into an antique Norse boat and explore Frozen's winter wonderland. You'll travel through Troll Valley before you get to the North Mountain, where you'll see Elsa's ice palace.

Although there is an occasional hill, it's a very tame ride. However, there is a chance you could get wet.

If you want to ride Frozen Ever After, it's best to use Genie+ or purchase a Lightning Lane pass. The lines are usually long, so you can expect a long wait otherwise.

3. Test Track

Location: World Discovery

Minimum Height: 40 inches

Ride Length: 4 minutes

Test Track is not only one of the best thrill rides at EPCOT- It's also the fastest ride at Walt Disney World. This EPCOT ride has a top speed of 65mph.

Test Track is a coaster-style ride at EPCOT where visitors can create and test cars at the Chevrolet Design Center located in the queue. Designing your car as you wait in the queue will make the wait more enjoyable than waiting in line for other EPCOT attractions.

It's also a fun challenge to determine which components your car will need to hold up against the obstacles it will face once it's on the track.

It's important to note that you won't be able to design your own car if you use other line options rather than waiting in the traditional queue.

After you design your car at the design center, you'll hit the test track in a 6-person “SIM” car to test your design against the elements.

2. Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure ride at Epcot Best rides at EPCOT Best EPCOT rides

Location: France Pavilion | World Showcase

Minimum Height: None

Ride Length: 4.5 minutes

It's a 4D simulation ride that “shrinks” guests to the size of a rat so they can help Remy and his friends escape danger! It's mostly a screen-based attraction, as most of the activity occurs on the screen. However, it uses many 4D elements, such as heat and smells, to make the ride a very immersive experience.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is one of the best EPCOT rides because it is such an immersive ride. This trackless dark ride was one of the first rides at EPCOT to use this trackless technology that now powers many other incredible rides throughout Disney Parks.

This is another ride at EPCOT that you'll want to use Genie+ to avoid a long wait.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Location: Wonders of Xandar Pavilion | World Discovery

Minimum Height: 42 inches

Ride Length: 4 minutes

The number one ride at EPCOT is Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. This ride officially opened on May 27, 2022, making it EPCOT's newest ride. Most who have visited the theme park since this new attraction opened agree that it's hands-down the best EPCOT ride.

It also holds many firsts for Walt Disney World. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the first-ever reverse-launch coaster at Walt Disney World. It's also the first ride to have rotating ride vehicles that rotate a full 360 degrees.

This enticing enclosed roller coaster offers stunning video effects and a soundtrack that features one of six randomly selected songs from the 70s and 80s. To make the experience even more unique, the song that plays will slightly affect the movement of your ride vehicle.

Waiting in a regular standby line is not an option for this ride. If you want to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, you'll need to have the My Disney Experience app so you can wait in the virtual queue.

These spots usually fill quickly, so be sure you're ready to get your spot at precisely 7 AM on the day of your visit.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind number one ride at EPCOT Best ride at EPCOT

Best EPCOT Attractions

Now that you know which EPCOT rides are the best, there are several other attractions you'll likely want to add to your list.

EPCOT attractions use incredible technology that allows you to experience things from around the world and interact with your favorite characters in unimaginable ways.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Turtle Talk with Crush is an excellent attraction at EPCOT for children. This is a 15-minute attraction located in World Nature at EPCOT. Guests can directly interact with Crush. The iconic sea turtle from Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo will gladly answer any questions you have for him.

You can ask about life under the sea, his friends from the movie, and anything else you can think of. The show isn't planned, so the experience is unique every time you visit the Turtle Talk Theater.

When adding this to your Disney World vacation plans, be sure to check EPCOT's entertainment schedule for available times. You can also check for available times with the My Disney Experience app.

Circle Vision 360° Films at World Showcase

Walt Disney World's Circle Vision 360 experiences provide guests with a highly immersive film experience. You'll view the projections on an enormous, curving screen that allows for a 360° view.

This visual setup creates the feeling that you've actually stepped into the locations you're viewing. Sometimes, you may even feel like you're moving with the picture.

Impressions de France

Impressions of France has been a popular EPCOT attraction since its grand opening in 1982. These cultural films allow you to experience the enchantment of French culture like never before.

You'll embark on a virtual journey to locations like the Cheverny Forest, Normandy, and Versailles. You can also gain insight into the inspiration behind many of Disney's classic films, such as Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

Impressions de France is located in the French Pavillion at ECPOT's World Showcase. Each showing is 18 minutes long.

Canada: Far and Wide

Much like Impressions de France, Canada: Far and Wide provides an immersive way to experience incredible locations.

Canada: Far and Wide is an updated version of the old film featured in this theater, O' Canada. The new film provides guests with a breathtaking panorama of Canada's best scenery. Fans will particularly appreciate Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levie, who are the narrators.

You can find this relaxing attraction in a small building near the back of the Canada Pavillion at EPCOT's World Showcase. Each showing is 12 minutes long.

Reflections of China

Reflections of China takes you on an immersive virtual journey through many of China's most famous locations. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai guides this tour of ancient and modern-day China. You'll experience places like the historic Nanjing Road, Huangshan Mountain, and the Yangtze River.

You can watch this film at the China Pavillion in EPCOT's World Showcase. The film will last about minutes.

The American Adventure

The American Adventure is one of the most unique shows you can see at EPCOT. It takes guests on a journey throughout American History in a captivating way. The picture is projected onto an enormous 72-foot screen and combines seamlessly into the on-stage performance.

It features over 30 audio-animatronics figures to provide appearances from many famous names of history. These special guests include Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, and many more.

As the immersive scenes transition, you'll get a first-hand look at defining moments in American history. For example, you'll witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, and even the arrival of the Mayflower.

This 30-minute show aligns well with the patriotic theme of the American Adventure Pavillion at the World Showcase.

Awesome Planet

The Awesome Planet film is an excellent companion for Living with the Land and Soarin' Around the World. The film features breathtaking graphics from around the world. In addition, special effects like water, wind, and scents make the experience even more immersive.

It emphasizes issues the planet faces, including climate change and why it's so important to care for the planet.

You'll find this EPCOT attraction hidden inside The Land Pavilion in the theater that once contained the “Creed for Life” movie starring Timon and Pumba.

Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival at the Imagination Pavilion offers visitors an excellent refuge from the heat while exploring the World Celebration area at EPCOT.

During this 18-minute festival, Disney fans can experience 3 Disney and Pixar short films in 4D. These fan-favorite films are an enormous leap up from what you'll find onDisney+.

There's also a neat exhibit right outside of the main theater. This exhibit showcases the creative processes that went into the creation of each film.

ImageWorks: “What If” Labs

Image Works: “What If” Labs is located near the Journey into Imagination with Figment ride. The attraction is an excellent choice if you visit EPCOT with small children. Otherwise, you may prefer to skip this attraction.

The facility has several hands-on activities for children, but adults are welcome to participate! The futuristic playground looks like a miniature museum and offers tons of sensory games, such as creating music with your hand or touching a special button.

This will help your little one escape heat and play more freely than they can at many other attractions at EPCOT.

Bruce's Shark World

Bruce's Shark World is another EPCOT attraction that can be skipped if you aren't visiting with children. However, it's an excellent experience for children who love Finding Nemo.

The exhibit's walkthrough areas contain interactive sites where you can learn all about sharks and how to keep them safe. You can also take an adorable photo inside Bruce's mouth to add to your vacation photos.

Best Rides and Attractions at EPCOT

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rides are in EPCOT?

There are currently 11 rides at EPCOT.

There were only 10 rides at EPCOT until Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opened earlier in 2022.

What age is EPCOT best for?

EPCOT is best for guests of all ages. Many experiences at EPCOT may be a little intense for younger children, while others may be less appealing to adults.

The theme park has several rides that are perfect for young children. There are also many EPCOT attractions that allow children to tap into their imagination while learning new things in a fun and unique way.

In contrast, older kids, teens, and adults love the thrill rides, food, and cultural experiences featured throughout the theme park.

However, if you plan your day at EPCOT well, you can easily make the day fun for the entire family.

Why does EPCOT scan your finger?

EPCOT scans your finger when you enter the theme park to prevent ticket fraud.

Disney World offers ticket discounts based on the number of days you're there. So, scanning your finger is how they make sure the ticket you provide is actually yours.

If you're uncomfortable with the fingerprint scan, you can show a valid photo ID instead.

What is the most intense ride at EPCOT?

Mission: SPACE is the most intense ride at EPCOT. This attraction offers the choice of 2 different missions with different intensity levels. Choose the Orange Mission for the most intense experience.

Alternatively, you can choose the Green Mission for a more relaxed ride. This version of the mission is less intense. This version also doesn't spin, so motion sickness isn't as likely.

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