EPCOT Seas Adventures: Exploring The Depths With DiveQuest

Disney World is the place to be if you are looking to have the time of your life. If you are trying to enhance your adventures on your vacation to the Parks, be sure to head over to EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest to take a deep look at some of the marine life and coral inside the saltwater aquarium. You will certainly not regret this stunning 2-hour experience. It brings you closer than ever before to some of your favorite underwater creatures. 


Ticket Price at EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest

epcot seas adventures scuba diving

It costs 219$ + tax per person to take part in the 2-hour DiveQuest. It is not one of the cheapest tickets you will spend on your quests around the Parks, but it will surely be a bang for your buck by the time you finish! 

Make sure to call beforehand to lock in a slot in advance. This will always give you the best opportunity to choose what dates/times you want to be there. Before any of this, though, you mustn't book an appointment without being entirely sure that you are SCUBA-certified. If you are not, you are not eligible for the EPCOT seas adventures – DiveQuest's scuba session and they will not let you in upon arrival.

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EPCOT Seas Adventures: What to Expect

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DiveQuest, located in the center of Epcot, is the destination for you if you're looking for an experience unlike any other. It's the ideal location for a memorable “Field Trip.” The Caribbean Coral Reef has spectacular views, to put it mildly.

In this 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium, you may swim alongside more than 2,000 marine animals. The group includes sea turtles, reef fish, stingrays, and sharks. Even better, a portion of the aquarium faces the Coral Reef restaurant. It allows diners to observe divers and fish equally from the privacy of their own tables. With Epcot admission, family members and friends may witness your dive through the pavilion's 56 enormous windows. Moreover, you can even buy a memento video of your EPCOT seas adventures.

The actual dive portion of Epcot Seas Adventures – DiveQuest takes about 40 minutes and lasts for three hours. You will also have a tour of the enormous backstage facility that filters and cares for this giant artificial ocean.

Animals To Look Out For

sea turtle

During your 40-minute plunge into the massive 5.7 million-gallon saltwater aquarium that EPCOT has to offer, you will be surrounded by a plethora of your best-loved animals you have always wanted to see up close. You will be swimming with various fish, stingrays, sea turtles, and even sharks. The best part about EPCOT seas adventures DiveQuest is that you are in calm water the whole time with no currents. Thus, you will be able to get the most amazing close shots of them as they pass on by you and your accompanied scuba divers. 

If you are a mighty coral fan, you will benefit from seeing all the different species of coral on your dive as well. You will feel completely immersed in a whole new world. You will be swimming with over 2,000 sea creatures in one of the biggest man-made water environments in the world!

How To Book EPCOT Seas Adventures Appointment

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You will want to book a session well in advance for numerous reasons! One is that spots fill up awfully fast when new time frames open. Secondly, if you dig deep enough, you can sometimes catch flash deals. These deals offer discounts and special packages to guests who pay ahead of time.

When it comes to booking your time, you can head over to the My Disney Experience App. You will be able to keep track of all of your vacation data there in one place. Even if you are on the fence about whether or not you want to take part in this tremendous opportunity, you must still download the app to have all of your Disney World reservations and important information in one safe place.

Can Your Family See You?

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Contrary to the diving with the dolphin experience in Disney World, when you are scuba diving, your family and friends will get to see you and take pictures while you maneuver your way around the water. The pavilion has 56 gigantic windows that make it clear as day to see all of the creatures and scuba divers inside the water during your dive. This allows for some epic pictures to be posted on social media afterward! In regards to going backstage with you, they will not be able to see you during that period.

Requirements At EPCOT Seas Adventures

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Disney offers the following detailed recommendations for EPCOT Seas Adventures DiveQuest's SCUBA certification, requirements, and gear: 

  • Guests must be ten or older, and participation requires proof of SCUBA certification. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult paying the admission fee.
  • Equipment for diving is available. Disney says that while bringing your own diving gear is not allowed, you are allowed to bring a dive mask.
  • You must wear a bathing suit. Towels, shampoo, and hair dryers are available in the locker facilities with free lockable lockers. Moreover, Disney provides shorty wetsuits in men's sizes XS to 5X and women's sizes XS to 5X.
  • Except for watches, no other jewelry is allowed in the aquarium.
  • Guests must transfer from their motorized scooter or electric convenience vehicle (ECV) to a wheelchair that is available and then transfer from the wheelchair into the water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bring your phone/camera backstage with you?

Disney does not allow guests to bring phones/cameras backstage with them in EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest. However, your family can take as many pictures as they want while you are scuba diving for the whole 40-minute period.

Do you have to bring your own diving equipment?

Many of the people who are going to be booking appointments for the 2-hour time slot are going to have been scuba diving before, as you have to be SCUBA-certified in order to participate. This does not mean you have to bring your own gear though. They will provide everything needed for the EPCOT Seas Adventure DiveQuest. You can bring your own dive mask if you prefer yours over other options if you’d like.

Disney provides all the equipment and asks that divers not bring their own because the tank is a highly regulated and filtered environment. Disney takes contamination very seriously and takes various safeguards to avoid illnesses and diseases, including restricting the use of any outside gear.

How old do you have to be to take part?

With a valid SCUBA certification, you must be at least ten years old to book a session with the scuba team. If you are from the ages of 10-15, you must be accompanied by an adult to get in.

Where should my family go to see me during my dive in EPCOT seas adventures?

As mentioned above, 56 windows in the pavilion provide people a chance to observe your dive. So, you might wish to have a family member or friend nearby. Disney do not permit friends or relatives on this visit behind the scenes. However, they can see your dive through any of The Seas with Nemo & Friends' 56 enormous plastic windows! Friends and family can watch your dive best from The Seas with Nemo & Friends' upstairs viewport in the tunnel for about 40 minutes after your tour starts. Visitors who want to see divers must purchase a park admission ticket.

What if I do not have scuba certification?

You can still take a trip even if you lack a SCUBA certification or would rather stay on land. Visitors may interact with bottlenose dolphins at The Seas to learn about their intricate undersea behavior and speak with the specialists who work with them every day, thanks to the reintroduction of EPCOT Seas Adventures – Dolphins in Depth.

Final Thoughts

EPCOT Seas Adventures DiveQuest Scuba Diving is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for all ages. It offers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a diverse array of marine life, from majestic sea turtles to graceful stingrays and even awe-inspiring sharks, all within the breathtaking backdrop of a 5.7 million-gallon saltwater aquarium. While the ticket price may seem steep, the memories and encounters you'll treasure make it worth every penny.

Booking in advance is essential to secure your spot and discover special deals. The accessibility for family and friends to witness your underwater adventure through the pavilion's massive windows is a bonus, allowing for remarkable photo opportunities. EPCOT Seas Adventures DiveQuest Scuba Diving is a must-do experience that transcends the price, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Don't hesitate to use the My Disney Experience App to book your slot and embark on this remarkable aquatic journey.

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