Flight Of Passage: A Wild Adventure In Animal Kingdom

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If you're a Disney's Animal Kingdom fan, you don't want to miss Flight of Passage Avatar Ride. This ride takes you on a mind-blowing adventure through the world of Pandora. You'll get to ride on the back of a banshee and experience the lovely landscapes and creatures up close. It's frankly a technological marvel, with the ride using advanced 3D projection, motion simulation, and special effects to create an incredibly immersive experience.

Through its special effects, you will feel like flying as you soar over Pandora's mountains, forests, and oceans. It is a definite must-see attraction that you won't forget anytime soon. Whether you're a hardcore Avatar fan or just happen to pass by the ride on your travels through the Park, Avatar Flight of Passage is sure to deliver an unforgettable escape for you and your family.


Where Is Avatar Flight of Passage Ride Located?

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Are you ready to add the Flight of Passage Avatar ride to your Animal Kingdom itinerary? If you are, now is a perfect time! As previously pointed out, it is in Animal Kingdom in The World of Avatar section. After you are in the Park, head to the back of the park and look for the sky-scraping floating mountains. This marks the main entrance to Pandora! Once you can get inside, you will find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation, glowing forests, and exotic creatures.

Regarding the attraction itself, you can track it down in the heart of Pandora. You will not miss it! You will be able to spot it easily thanks to its distinctive architecture and the crowds of excited guests waiting to ride it on the outside. 

Avatar Flight Of passage: Historical Background

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It is understandable why the flight of passage is located inside Disney's Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World has been known for its top Disney Park ever since the Avatar flight became among the famous attractions of Disney.

Disney constructed the world of Avatar, also known as the new Pandora, at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Inspired by James Cameron's Avatar movie, it was established on May 27, 2017. Since then, the Flight of Passage has become one of the animal kingdom's most popular rides and attractions.

The ride is all about the 3D experience and thrill. It includes a unique ride vehicle that creates an adventurous illusion of flying on the back of a Banshee. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have ridden a flight of passage on the back of a Banshee, hanging high above the floating mountains of Pandora in the Valley of Mo'ara?

Disney initially announced Pandora in 2011, it has certainly come a long way in becoming the beautiful structure that it upholds in Animal Kingdom now. Despite the land introduced, it took four more years for the Imagineers to develop the Flight of Passage. 

Nowadays, it accompanies some of the longest lines outside of its premises. So it is best to make your way over to it during Disney’s downtime hours rather than when the bulk of the crowd is raring to get in. Concerning the rides development process, Disney developed it in collaboration with James Cameron and the team behind the movie Avatar, with it taking years of research and development to create. The end product certainly proves that the Disney Imagineers working closely with Cameron to bring the world of Pandora to life was the right path to the ride's creation. 

A Brief Guide Before Taking On the Ride

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Here's what to expect before reaching the ride. The below pointers will help you understand the whole process you must go through before getting the whole ride experience.

No Single Rider Line

First, you must know that Flight of Passage only has Lightning Lane and Standby Lane. This is the go-to lane, as you will find most day-long lines at this attraction. Early theme park entry includes Standby Lane, as it opens 30 minutes before the official opening of Disney Parks.

There is also an option of purchasing individual lightning lane tickets if the ride is necessary. The popularity of this ride in the Animal Kingdom of Disney is hard to measure. So if you have a budget to spend more, you should get this opportunity.

Child Swap For Avatar Flight Of Passage

The flight of passage benefits the guests by switching riders if anyone carries their little ones. This is a part of Disney's system to ensure while one guest enjoys the big rides, the other person waits with the little ones.

After a person gets his experience, now is the turn for the other person to experience the flight passage. Since this has been a favorite ride, nobody wants to miss out on this if carrying children is the only matter of issue.

Important Preshow

Before getting the ride, two preshows regarding the Avatar flight of passage are an important rite. As you enter the Avatar link chamber, you will encounter a scientist in training, Dr. Stephens, and college students.

The queue area also has a preshow that explains the updated technology through a video. It shows how human riders match a Banshee. Before boarding the avatar flight, they will also give you 3D glasses for the desired experience during the thrill ride.

Ride Vehicles

You can compare this ride to what we call riding a motorcycle. It feels like climbing over a bike when you are about to be seated.

You must be seated by keeping your chest forward, and you will feel as if you have been strapped in. It will make your calves and back restraints so that you are tight and safe.

Multiple vehicles are lined up beside you, but guests board their vehicles. Now, you will wear those 3D glasses provided to you in the queue. Many people, due to their body types, face issues getting comfortable in the riding seat. Therefore, a test seat is also available at the entrance before entering the line.

Accessible Information In Disney Parks

Guests with mobility challenges can transfer from ECV to wheelchairs to enter the queue. The cast members of the Avatar flight provide wheelchairs. You can shift to the ride vehicle once you reach the guests' board.

The Walt Disney Company also provides audio and video recording options for guests with disabilities.

Chances Of Motion Sickness

As the flight of passage ride is more like fast flights, quick drops, flying above heights, and fast turns, many people face motion sickness.

Many guests are prone to motion sickness and might feel sick afterward due to simulation. For a safer side, check the guidelines before you go.

During The Fast Ride

Here's everything you should expect from this lifetime experience of the flight of passage ride. You get matched to the suitable Avatar according to the genetic material in the genetic matching room, and now that you have moved toward the section to enter flight, you are all set to fly, keeping those 3D glasses on.

As the ride starts, bright lights are on with a flashing speed, and time travel motion will occur in front of you. Welcome to the land of Pandora!

You can feel the Banshee breathing while enjoying your flight of passage. You will witness the attractions of Pandora and its sights and sounds.

As your Ikran takes you from over the mountains of Pandora to watching the sunset of this land, you will also enjoy all the upside-down loops flight on your Banshee. As you fly high above the mountains, soak in all the fresh air and scents until it's a wrap back to earth.

Warning Cards For Flight Of Passage Ride

After several incidents occurred at the Avatar Flight of Passage in 2018, the Walt Disney Company started to use a card for warning before getting onto the ride.

The warning was given to make people aware of acrophobia, motion sickness, and the comfortability of seats. Later, these cards were compensated in the form of prerecorded information to communicate with the guests. The cast members ensure the riders understand the information clearly before heading towards the ride.


The Avatar ride won massive recognition all around the world. In 2017, it was ranked in the Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Award. Later, it received a positive reception from the Visual Effects Society Award 2018 for the best visual effects in a special venue project.

Flight Of Passage Queue 

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Being able to take part in a spectacular Disney ride is terrific in its own right. But when the queue before the ride is just as well-developed, it makes the time spent waiting in line that much easier. The queue for Avatar Flight of Passage is a perfect example of that. It offers guests a glimpse into the fascinating world of Pandora. As you wind your way through the queue, you will run into a plethora of visual and audio effects. They include bioluminescent plants, exotic creatures, and interactive displays that immerse you in the Na'vi culture.

Everything you glance at will stun you, but the biggest highlight of the queue is the Avatar Chamber. Here you'll see a life-size avatar suspended in a liquid tank, surrounded by pulsing energy fields. It is so realistic that it will twitch and move at times in the tank. So do not be that person who gets freaked out in front of a line of guests. Additionally,  you will pass by the laboratory, where you'll be up with your banshee before the ride. It is one of Animal Kingdom’s epic creations, as it will make you feel as if you are a part of the Avatar universe. So take your sweet time going through the queue to soak in the incredible atmosphere of Pandora before taking flight on Avatar Flight of Passage!


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This emotional and fluid excursion is more of an experience than a thrill-seeking whiplashing ride. The breathtaking visuals and invigorating moments presented from start to finish will leave you feeling like you've really flown on the back of a banshee. Below is the list of highlights of the ride so you can keep an eye out for them.

  1. The Flight itself— The stunning landscape that engrosses you on your ride perfectly depicts what it looks like in the movie. From the soaring mountains to the depths of the ocean, the ride's motion simulation technology creates a superb realistic experience. It will make you feel every swoop and turn. 
  2. 3D display— There aren’t too many 3D rides around the Parks. So when you get a chance to ride one, it reminds you every time how special they are. The ride's 3D projection technology is some of the best in the world. It creates incredibly detailed and lifelike environments that make you feel like you're really in the world of Avatar. Bonus if you have children, as every kid loves anything involving 3D.
  3. Banshee Link Process— After you pass the queue, you will be connected to a banshee. The connection process is not some random event, as you will feel its heartbeat beneath your feet. It creates a sense of connection and immersion between the two of you.

The Bottom Line

The idea of James Cameron for the movie Avatar has transformed a whole life in Walt Disney. The Avatar Flight of Passage has become a life-changing experience for the guests who take on this ride.

Being one of the most popular rides, many tour groups have started their expeditions to this place. Like the attraction Star Tours used to have, Avatar flight is now in more demand. More guests have begun visiting this for an adventurous experience.

Pandora conservation initiative is also working on protecting the natural environment of Pandora. The main target is to restore its habitat. Alpha Centauri Expeditions has started providing tours to human civilizations from Earth to Pandora to increase attraction towards the ride.

Now is the time to explore more about the Avatar flight and the world of Pandora. It is an experience not to be missed. The experience is incredible for those who love adventures. Even if you are not a movie person, it is worth flying over the back of a Banshee.

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