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Frozen Ever After: The Coolest Ride At Disney World

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Frozen Ever After follows the story from “Frozen.” Frozen Ever After is known as one of the latest and best “dark rides” at Walt Disney World. This means that the ride follows a track layout through illuminated scenes of the movie.

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Where is Frozen Ever After located?

Frozen Ever After is situated in Norway's pavilion at the World Exhibition show (“country”) in Walt Disney World. In the park, Norway's third place will be the World Show.

Frozen Ever After Ride Experience

Frozen Ever After offers six-minute dark boat rides featuring Frozen characters and songs through the frozen willow forest. Therefore, it follows the plot of the first movie. It is a relatively slow-paced ride similar to Under the Sea in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, and does have a reverse section during the ride as well. If you liked Frozen, you would enjoy it.

The ride is supposed to take guests on a magical trip through the Kingdom of Arendelle. Guests arrive just in time for the Winter in Summer celebration in Arendelle. During this celebration, Queen Else will use her powers to make it snow during the hottest part of the year to create a Summer snow day. Sven the reindeer, Anna Elsa, and Olaf appear throughout this exquisite ride.  

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frozen ever after

How scary is Frozen Ever After?

The Frozen ride includes a few waterfalls and a short passage where the boat goes backward along a steep mountain. Thankfully the ride is a song-filled journey, is ultimately a slow-moving boat ride with a few short waterfalls. Aside from a few darker portions of the ride, it really is not that scary. Just remember, the short downhill plunges could get guests wet!

It is a dark ride, so if any part of your party is nervous in the dark, they should be prepared. However, the animated animatronics and other special effects keep the attraction lit well enough not to be scary for little ones.

Wait Times

Along with Test Track, Soarin', and Remy's ratatouille adventure, Frozen Ever After is typically a ride that guests will head to first while visiting Epcot in Walt Disney World. Because of this, Frozen Ever After is usually a ride guests rope drop to avoid the wait times. The ride breaks down often, so asking a cast member if it is open to enjoying this ride experience may be helpful. 

Frozen Ever After offers a Lightning Lane option for purchase within the individual attraction selection. The ride is trendy so the wait times could be longer throughout the day. If you wish to avoid the long standby lines or the lightning lane access, use a rope drop for when the World Showcase opens! A rider switch option is available at this attraction; speak to the cast member working at the front of the ride.

EPCOT is an acronym for the Disney theme park's full name, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow


Since this is a slow-moving ride, guests of all ages and sizes can enjoy the ride. This being said, children younger than seven years old are required to ride this ride with someone at least fourteen or older. Additionally, guests must transfer from their wheelchairs or electric vehicles to enjoy the ride. Finally, handheld captioning is available if necessary, much like many other rides in Walt Disney World. 

What ride did Frozen Ever After replace?

Frozen Ever After came to Walt Disney World after it had replaced Maelstrom. On November 5, 2014, Maelstrom closed its doors on its last day. The movie opened in February 2016.

Do you get wet in Frozen Ever After?

This musical journey takes you through slow-moving boats descending short waterways in front and back. Due to the quick plunges downhill, don't be surprised during your first time if you get wet. 

Dining by Frozen Ever After

There are a few dining options in the Norway Pavilion within the World Showcase, most notably the Akershus Royal Banquet and the Kringle Bakeri og Kate. 

Akershus Royal Banquet

The Princess Storybook Dining (Akershus) is available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each dining option showcases many Disney Princesses: Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Pocahontas, Mary Poppins, and Mulan. 

Kringle Bakeri og Kafe

This is an excellent option for a pastry shop in Norway and is available throughout the day. 


If you are visiting the World Showcase in Walt Disney World, be sure to ride one of the most popular rides for Disney fans. Based on the animated film Frozen, guests can take a boat ride through Arrendale and even the Wandering oaken's trading post. To avoid excessive wait times, guests must hit this ride early, like Test Track, Remy's ratatouille adventure, or Star Wars rides. 

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