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Galaxy’s Edge Food: Exploring The Out-Of-This-World Cuisine

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What year did galaxy edge come out?

The Stars Galaxy’s Edge was launched at Disneyland Park in California on June 28, 2018, and in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida, on June 27, 2019. Along with the infamous rides like space mountain, there are also a number of great food options as well.


Is Galaxy's Edge based on Tatooine?

The infamous planets of Tatooine and Endor set the theme at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Planet Batuu At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge – Prepare to travel to Batuu, an outpost at Galaxy's edge—Discover Planet Batuu by navigating through a thriving trading center full of swarms of droids.

How to Make Dining Reservations for Galaxy's Edge

For people looking for food in a Star Wars galaxy edge, it is generally free of the necessity to make dining reservations because it doesn't have tables or restaurants. The only restaurant on Galaxy Edge in Walt Disney World that requires reservations is Ogas Cantina – Restaurant – These are helpful because there are a lot of difficult reservations there. To make a reservation at Ogas Cantina, the process is the same for any other dining reservation on Walt Disney World property through the Disney My Experience application.

disney characters

Oga's Cantina

Oga's Cantina is a perfect in-park table-service restaurant, meaning you must have a ticket to Hollywood Studios to experience this restaurant. However, since it is not guaranteed to have park entry, guests should make this reservation after they have secured the park tickets, even if they have a park hopper. 

All meals are $15 to $35.99 per adult. This expansive menu is full of exotic meals perfect for guests of all ages. In addition to the food, guests may enjoy fantastic musical entertainment from a droid DJ R-3X and a former Starspeeder 3000 pilot. 

Blue Bantha – Oga's Cantina

Why do people prefer blue banthas instead of regular Blue Milk? What are cookies? The buttery sugar cookies topped with blue banthha compensate for the milk's pleasant oomph taste. This drink has a sweet, chewy toffee texture, making it an excellent Galaxy Edge snack.

Docking Bay 7 food and Cargo

This restaurant is in the working hangar bay, with various dishes across the Galaxy. Quick services are perfect for guests looking for a quick bite to eat as it is the quick service in Galaxy's Edge. The lunch and dinner menus are priced at $14.99 and under per adult. 

As far as when the restaurant is open, much like many other quick services in Disney World, they are available from 11:00 am until 9:30 pm. The menu is “American,” geared more towards a barbecue-style choice of foods. In addition, they offer the ability to order on the go or at the register. On-the-go ordering is perfect for families looking to have food quickly to return to their own Star Wars adventure. 

Does Galaxy's Edge Have Alcohol?

In Disneyland and Hollywood Studios, both Star Wars Galaxy's Edge has alcoholic beverages but not all the same choices and not in every place. In Disney Hollywood Studios, Galaxy Edge can buy alcohol at the quick service stop or the sit-down restaurant. Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland only carries alcohol inside Oga's restaurant. The remaining restaurant only serves nonalcoholic beverages.

Milk Stand

Family farm Bubo Wamba has local favorites: both the blue and green milk have become infamous in Disney World. So grab yourself a drink and relax. Note that this beverage has no milk and is actually just steamed smoothie.

Green Milk of Galaxy Edge is not one of our favorite drinks. However, it is a win for tourists and is a must. Tequila accentuates lemon taste more, thereby diminishing the floral flavor. You can try Star Wars milk here. You could order the family package to get the blue and green milk if you wish to have both. 

Green Milk – Milk Stand

It may not come as a surprise to hear that green milk is on the must-try Galaxy Edge drinks. This is a plant-based mixture of coconut and rice milk. Along with these mixtures, green milk contains citrus and tropical characteristics. In addition, the Green Milk alcohol has Bacardi Rum.

Blue Milk – Milk Stand

The Blue Milk is exceptionally similar to Green Milk, with more fruity characteristics. Each drink is $8.49 for the nonalcoholic version and $16.00 for the alcohol. The alcohol for the Blue Milk drink is Corazon Blanco Tequila.

Which milk is better at Galaxy's edge?

The total Oga Cantina reviews give you a good Star Wars – Galaxy – Edge bar & lounge overview. Blue Bantha's presentation is superior to Milkstand versions, whose smoother consistency is even better.


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Food and Beverage

There are many different new restaurants to enjoy in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. A few top options at this location would be Oga canteen, a Local Black – Spire Outpost watering hole. Oga Cantina offers a variety of adult beverage options, including mocktails and other beverages. The restaurant has limited snacks, but Batuu Bits provides a mixture of sweet and spicy bites, and Happabre Sampler carries cooked and roasted meats, cheese, and pork. While the place is a waterhole, the tadpoles have many options, such as the blue banana with no alcohol, like cookies, or a milky blue banana, as shown above.

Ronto Wrap – Ronto Roasters

No matter what beverage you like or what alien snack is in Star Wars land, one of your favorites will likely be a Ronto wrap from Ronto Roasters. It's stuffed with a hot sausage wrapped on a moist pork loin, served with coléslaw sauce with peppercorns, and covered in pita wraps. Ronto Wraps rates as one of the best meals in Star Wars: The Galaxy Edge!

Felucian Garden Spread – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

It is rare to see meat-based vegetarians as a food item on any menu. However, the Felucian Gardens spread is an exception, and “meatballs” have such delicious flavors that I thought they were genuinely meat. It's a great meal choice for the Galaxy Edge, and you can try it whether you are vegetarian or vegan.

How much does it cost to eat at Galaxy's edge?

Lunch & dinners: The price for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is 13-29.50 for a table with three people. Children s food ranges between $8.50 and $10.99.

Characters of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World

One of the best features of this part of Disney World is meeting many colorful characters and otherworldly creatures that hide from each other. Besides Chew Bacca and Ren, there are a few people that you'll probably recognize, and you'll find Kylo Ren and Reyes in the photo too! Many characters are at the speeder garage opposite the Droid Depot while Kylo Ren interrogates guests on a TIE echelon near a Milk Stand.

Live Your Own Star Wars Adventure 

For more immersive experiences, guests can convert a smartphone into their datapad through the play Disney parks app. You can also access hidden park areas–such as interacting with Droids, scanning for info, or translating into a foreign language. When you return from a park, your profile may remain unchanged. Then it can get you to work harder, earn more credit and fall deep into Black Spire lore.

Black Spire Outpost has many local merchants carrying various wares, from clothing to strange artifacts. It's also home to official First Order and Resistance supply stores – just don't be caught sniffing around in both!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Attractions

Star Wars Galaxy: Edge attractions include rides. The “Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run” piloting role has changed my life. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance is similar to Remy's ride in Epcot but has a Star Wars theme. 

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The Hulking Star Destroyer attempts to take your forces and their forces from a Hulking Star Destroyer. Surrounded by Storm Troopers, you must dodge explosions, avoid an ATAT giant and prepare to face Kylo Ren in the final fight. Star Wars Rises of Resistance began on November 5, 2018.


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is an immersive new land in Disney World's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland, California. Apart from the fantastic attractions in this land, the different food options will have your stomach full before leaving. There are both sit-down and quick-service options, some excellent snacks, and the infamous green or blue milk stand. 

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