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Gluten Free Disney World Dining: A Delicious And Magical Experience

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Finding different gluten-free Disney World dining options can help you fully enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World. This magical place has everything to accommodate guests with any need. No matter what your needs are, Disney World got you covered! Usually, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance have trouble finding the correct gluten-free dining option.

A dining experience catered to your requirements at Walt Disney is both delicious and magical. With various table-service and quick-service restaurants, guests can enjoy various meals, from entrees to snacks and desserts. Let's look at some great gluten-free Disney World options to make your vacationing experience worth the while.

Tips For Eating At Gluten-Free Disney World

gluten free disney world

Eating gluten-free at Disney World can be challenging, but with a little preparation, it's possible to enjoy various delicious and safe meals. Here are some tips to help you navigate the dining options at Walt Disney World:

Check The Menus Before You Go

gluten free menu

Before you arrive at Disney World, do some research to familiarize yourself with the dining options available at the parks and resorts.

Most restaurants have menus online, and you can also find information about special dietary restrictions on the Disney App. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to find and allow you to make plans ahead of time.

When you arrive, look at each restaurant's menu boards and ingredient lists to get a better idea of what is available.

Some best gluten-free restaurants may have gluten-free options, while others may require a special request. In either case, it's a good idea to double-check with the server to make sure you understand the options and any potential risks.


Talk To The Chef

disney world dining

If you have any questions or concerns about the ingredients in a dish, don't hesitate to talk to the chef. Disney World takes food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously, and they also train their chefs to help guests find safe options. Ask to speak with a chef or manager, and they will be happy to assist you.

You can also request a special meal when making dining reservations or ask for accommodations when ordering at a quick-service restaurant.

If you have specific dietary needs, it's always best to call ahead and make arrangements so that the kitchen can accommodate you.

Ask For Off-Menu Items

gluten free meal

If you can't find anything on the menu that meets your dietary needs, you can ask for off-menu items. Be bold and ask your server for options; let them know about your dietary restrictions.

Many restaurants at Disney World have ingredients on hand to accommodate gluten-free dishes, and kitchen staff may be able to prepare gluten-free ones that aren't listed on the menu.

You can also ask for versions of popular dishes, such as gluten-free pasta or pizza. Some restaurants may also provide gf bread or buns for burgers and sandwiches. Another option is to ask for sides or naturally gluten-free appetizers, such as fruits, vegetables, or salads.

When in doubt, it's always best to check with the restaurant beforehand and make a reservation if necessary. This way, the kitchen staff can be prepared to accommodate your dietary needs and ensure that you have a satisfying meal during your visit to Disney World.

Remember, Disney World trains its staff to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions and will do their best to ensure you have a magical dining experience.

Gluten Free Disney World Table Service Restaurants

gluten free table service

Disney World is a popular destination for families, with many different dining options. People know it for its wide range of dining options and for accommodating guests with a gluten allergy or special dietary needs.

Finding suitable sit-down restaurant options can be challenging for those with gluten sensitivities. However, Disney offers many gluten-free items at their table-service restaurants.

Skipper Canteen At Magic Kingdom Park

gluten free at disney world

Skipper Canteen is a jungle-themed restaurant located in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. The table service menu offers a variety of gluten-free Asian, African, and South American-inspired dishes.

Some gluten-free snacks include the Tandoori Chicken, the Jungle Jambalaya, and vegetarian Entrees such as Falafel.

The chefs at Skipper Canteen are well-versed in preparing gluten-free food and can accommodate special dietary requests.

Tony's Town Square at Magic Kingdom

food allergies

Tony's Town Square is an Italian restaurant located on Main Street, U.S.A, at Magic Kingdom. This table-service restaurant offers classic Italian dishes and many gluten-free meal options.

Some gluten-free meal options include the Margherita Pizza, Chicken Piccata, and Grilled Pork Chop.

The restaurant can also accommodate special dietary requests, and the chefs are knowledgeable about preparing these dishes.

Tiffins At Disney's Animal Kingdom

gluten free-food

Tiffins is a signature dining restaurant located at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free and dairy-free international cuisines.

Some options include Pan-Seared Snapper, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, and Vegetarian Curried Vegetables.

The chefs at Tiffins are well-versed in preparing dishes of these sorts and can accommodate special dietary requests.

Coral Reef Restaurant At EPCOT

gluten free dishes

Coral Reef Restaurant is a seafood restaurant in The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion at EPCOT. The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free seafood dishes. They offer a Shrimp Cocktail and Smoked Wild Mushroom Cioppino as their appetizer.

Some other options include the Grilled Mahi Mahi, the Grilled Shrimp Skewer, and the Grilled Tuna Steak.

The chefs at Coral Reef Restaurant are knowledgeable about food allergies and can accommodate special dietary requests.

Garden Grill At EPCOT

gluten free restaurant

Garden Grill is a family-style restaurant located in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT. The restaurant offers a variety of seasonal and sustainable farm-to-table dishes, with many gluten-free options available.

Some options include the Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Crispy Fried Chicken, Jasmine Rice Crust, and Seasonal Vegetable Plate.

The chefs at Garden Grill are experienced in preparing these dishes and can accommodate special dietary requests.

The Plaza Restaurant At Magic Kingdom

gluten free restaurants

The Plaza Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant located on Main Street, U.S.A, at Magic Kingdom. The restaurant offers classic American cuisine, with many gluten-free options available.

Some options include the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Grilled Steak Sandwich, and the Chef Salad.

The chefs at The Plaza Restaurant are extra careful to avoid cross-contamination of your meal.

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano At Disney's Hollywood Studios

gluten free disney world

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano is an Italian restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The restaurant offers classic gluten-free Italian dishes.

Some great gluten-free options include the Grilled Chicken Scaloppine, the Grilled Rib-Eye Steak, and the Grilled Vegetables.

The chefs at Mama Melrose's are experienced in preparing allergy-friendly dishes and can accommodate special dietary requests.

In conclusion, Disney World offers a wide range of allergy-friendly options at their table-service restaurants, making it possible for those with dietary restrictions to eat gluten-free and satisfying meals.

The chefs at these gluten-free restaurants are knowledgeable and experienced in preparing allergy-friendly dishes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all guests.

Gluten-Free Disney World Quick-Service Restaurants

walt disney world resort

The Walt Disney World is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places to visit once in a lifetime. This popular destination for families has so many dining options available.

Guests in need of an allergy-friendly menu can easily eat gluten-free food. Below is a list of some quick-service gluten-free at Disney locations:

Regal Eagle

allergy friendly

Regal Eagle is a quick-service restaurant in The American Adventure Pavilion at EPCOT. The restaurant offers classic American cuisine with many allergy-friendly and dairy-free options.

This Disney restaurant provides the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cheese with the Grilled Steak Sandwich, and the Chef Salad.

The Regal Eagle chefs know that some guests want to eat gluten-free meals and can accommodate their requests.

Docking Bay 7 At Disney's Hollywood Studios

hollywood studios

Docking Bay 7 is one of the quick-service locations in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The restaurant offers a variety of intergalactic cuisine, with many allergy-friendly options available.

Their allergen menu includes Smoked Kaadu Ribs, Batuuan Beef and Crispy Topato Stir-Fry, the Fried Endorian Tip-Yip, and Braised Shaak Roast.

The chefs at Docking Bay 7 are experienced in preparing these dishes and give you the benefit of dining gluten-free.

Satuli Canteen At Magic Kingdom

disney parks

Satuli Canteen is one of the quick-service locations in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free exotic dishes.

Some options include the Satu'li Bowl, the Cheeseburger Steamed Pod, and also the Veggie Bowl. The chefs at Satuli Canteen take special care of guests with special requests.

Not only are these meals are gluten-free at Disney World, but the chef also makes them with special care to the guests' requirements.

Pinocchio's Village Haus At Magic Kingdom Park

disney property

Pinocchio's Village Haus is a quick-service restaurant located in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. The restaurant offers classic Italian dishes, with many allergy-friendly options available.

Some allergy-friendly options include the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Caesar Salad, and the Pasta Salad.

The chefs at Pinocchio's Village Haus make it their priority to accommodate guests with special dietary requests.

Sunshine Seasons At EPCOT

theme park

Sunshine Seasons is one of EPCOT's quick-service restaurants in The Land Pavilion. The restaurant offers a variety of international cuisine and allergy-friendly menus.

Some options include the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Grilled Steak Sandwich, and the Chef Salad.

The chefs at Sunshine Seasons are experienced and professional enough to avoid cross-contamination of your special dietary requests.

Flame Tree Barbecue At Disney's Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom

Flame Tree Barbecue is a food court on Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom and is arguably the best quick-service location on Disney property. The restaurant offers classic American barbecue, with allergy-friendly menus available.

Some options include the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Smoked Turkey Legs Sandwich, and the Coleslaw.

The Flame Tree Barbecue chefs can cook gluten-free options for you if you give them advance notice.

Eat Gluten-Free At Disney Springs

disney springs

Disney Springs is a Walt Disney World shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. For those following a gluten-free diet, plenty of options are available for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Here are four restaurants at Disney Springs that offer gluten-free options for guests with special dietary needs.

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC

gluten free meal

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC is a gluten-free, vegan, and kosher bakery located at Disney Springs. The bakery offers a variety of sweet treats, including donuts, cupcakes, and cookies, all of which are gluten-free.

The bakery uses only the finest ingredients to create gluten-free treats, including almond flour and coconut sugar.

Whether you're in the mood for a sweet breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack, Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Raglan Road

gluten free restaurant

Raglan Road is an Irish pub and restaurant located at Disney Springs. The restaurant not only offers traditional Irish cuisine but also plenty of gluten-free meals.

Some gluten-free dishes include Fish & Chips, Beef & Guinness Stew, and also Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.

The chefs at Raglan Road are knowledgeable about these unique options and can accommodate their guests requests.

The Edison

gluten free disney world

The Edison is a steampunk-inspired restaurant and bar located at Disney Springs. What's more, the restaurant offers a variety of American cuisine, with plenty of gluten-free choices.

Some gluten-free menu items include the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Caesar Salad, and also the Seared Salmon.

The chefs at The Edison have steampunk-inspired dishes and are experienced and professional enough to give you the best experience.

The Boathouse

nomad lounge

The Boathouse is a seafood restaurant located at Disney Springs. The restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes. What's more, it's a seafood feast at The Boathouse for you to be a part of.

Some of their dishes include the Grilled Lobster Tail, the Seared Scallops, and also the Grilled Shrimp Skewer.

The chefs at The Boathouse are knowledgeable about gluten-free needs, and guests can expect to find plenty of options to cater to their special dietary needs.

Gluten-Free Disney World Snacks and Desserts

disney character snacks

For those following a gluten-free diet, finding delicious snacks and gluten-free desserts can sometimes be a challenge. However, Walt Disney offers a gluten-free option for guests with special dietary needs.

Dole Whip At Aloha Isle

dole whip

Dole Whip is a popular snack at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom. This delicious treat is made from pineapple juice, and what's more, it's naturally gluten-free. If you ever visit this magical place, don't forget to taste the Dole whip!

Guests can enjoy Dole Whip in a cup or a cone and also add a swirl of vanilla ice cream for a little extra sweetness. Dole Whip is a refreshing and light snack that is perfect for a hot day in the park.

Turkey Legs At EPCOT

disney world resort

Turkey legs are a popular snack at EPCOT and are also gluten-free. Furthermore, these jumbo-sized turkey legs are slow-roasted to perfection and are a filling and satisfying snack for any time of day. Lastly, they can be enjoyed with green beans, french fries, or chicken nuggets.

These complimentary chicken nuggets are equally best in taste. Combined with this wonderful dish, they give you a feeling of being complete. Lastly, trying these dishes is a must-have experience for anyone visiting Disney World.

Gluten-Free Disney World Resort Churros

walt disney food court

Churros are a popular snack at Walt Disney World and can be found at various food carts and also snack stands throughout the parks. While traditional churros are not gluten-free, gluten-free churros are available for those with special dietary needs.

These churros are made from a gluten-free batter and are just as delicious as their traditional counterpart. In addition, guests can enjoy their churros or vanilla ice cream covered in a delicious chocolate wave.

Gluten-Free Disney World – Whole Fruit And Vegetable Snacks

gluten free snacks

Whole fruit and vegetable snacks are available throughout the parks for those seeking healthier snacks. Apples, bananas, grapes, and also carrot sticks are just a few options for guests seeking a gluten-free snack.

These snacks are not only gluten-free but also healthy for those looking to maintain a balanced diet while at the parks.

Gluten-Free Disney World – Snacks With Character Meals

gluten free disney meal

Character meals at Walt Disney World offer various snack options for guests with special dietary needs.

Guests can enjoy a variety of gluten-free snacks such as fruits and vegetables, churros, and gluten-free desserts during their character meal.

For example, a character meal is a simple Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate shaped like Mickey. However, various options allow guests to indulge in a delicious snack or dessert without worrying about gluten.

Whether you are looking for a healthy snack or a sweet treat, Disney has options to cater to your special dietary needs, making your dining experience both delicious and magical.

If you have any doubts regarding the nature of a certain item, ask a Cast Member for assistance. They will be pleased to assist you.

Gluten-Free Disney World Food FAQs

Are there gluten-free Disney World options?

It's possible to get gluten-free food at Disneyworld, though some of it may vary according to which restaurant you eat at. Disney offers a wide assortment of Hamburger buns, pizza, and breakfast rolls.

Are there gluten-free Disney World churros?

Yes, it is possible to buy churro from Disney, which is gluten-free! However, there's nothing in a precise place. Visit Nomad Lounge and Cocktail Bars at Animal Kingdom. You'll need a table, and I prefer walking to the park.

Are there gluten-free Disney World french fries?

The fries are gluten-free and made in an individual frying pan. These are excellent dishes if you want to try a gluten-free snack.

Is there gluten-free Disney World popcorn?

Popcorn, a favorite part-time snack, is freshly baked at Disney World's parks. The equally important thing is that it is gluten-free, dairy-free, and even vegan.

How do I identify allergens in my menu?

Lists of the products are clearly labeled as allergens; furthermore, the name should be indicated. You can easily identify the ingredients so they stand out, avoiding any mishap.

Often font style or background colors help in doing so. Ingredients: Flour (wheat), sugar, egg yolk, milk, and salt. Reagents: sodium bicarbonate, sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, and acetate.

Does Disney sell allergy medicine?

Depending on where you stay, you can buy some basic pain relief products and cold and allergy remedies from a retail store. No one likes being sick during vacations, so if you need an appointment with the doctor, there's a nearby emergency department.

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