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How To Get From Epcot To Magic Kingdom

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Different Forms of Transportation at Disney World

Walt Disney World offers many forms of transportation while on Disney World property. This makes navigating the different theme parks and Disney World resorts much more accessible throughout your Disney World trip. There are ultimately four modes of transportation: the Monorail System, Disney buses, the infamous Ferry, and the personal Disney vehicles specially ordered by a guest. When trying to find the best ways to get to Epcot, guests often consult the Epcot Resorts map for guidance. When staying at Disney World, guests will realize that certain methods are more efficient depending on where they wish to travel.

Disney World Skyliner

Which is the most efficient transportation system from EPCOT to the Magic Kingdom or vice versa?

The Magic Kingdom Monorail is probably best for travel, but frequent Disney guests claim they are bus passengers. The monorail system is an excellent option if you want to see a few resorts along the ride or even for quicker access to transportation. Disney buses run on a schedule, but traffic could alter the timing for when the bus could arrive.

What is the best way to get from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

I enjoy the Monorail and ferry system, but taking a bus and dropping you off at the entrance is worth it.

By Walt Disney World Monorail Service

Monorails are a Disney travel option and a quick way around Disney theme parks. And the price of it will be meager too! Three monorail routes are currently available for Disneyworld: Express Monorail and Resort Monorail. To get EPCOT to Magic Kingdom, you must take the EPCOT Monorail Line. Exits EPCOT at FutureWorld Showcase near Spaceship Earth. Board the monorail station EPCOT to the Disneyland Transportation Centre.

service bus

How long is the monorail ride from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

If you are moving lines, you should wait around 25 minutes. However, this will vary depending on the crowding. If there were fewer people on a Magic Kingdom ferry, we would go. Unless the monorails looked more packed, we went this route. It's nice to take the Ferry to park, and people tell us it's faster at the parking area though it is pretty annoying having cows trying to go there. There are long lines for monorails, although they're better organized.

Park Hopping From Epcot to Magic Kingdom

The best pleasure of extended stays in Walt Disney World is the opportunity to travel from hotel to hotel and hotel to hotel. Walt Disney World transport makes all parks and resort trips unique. From EPCOT to Hollywood Studios, various choices range from the Disney Skyliner to the boat trip. You can jump aboard a Skyliner at Epcot and travel to Hollywood Studios comfortably. However, Skyliner cannot travel from Epcot directly into Magic Kingdom. Skyliner has no connections with Magic Kingdom.


Families With Young Children

One of the many reasons families may choose to go with the monorail system is because they do not have to collapse their stroller. When taking the bus, families must collapse the stroller to ride the bus. The Monorail offers the opportunity to keep all the stuff in the stroller right where it is – even the (hopefully) sleeping baby for nap time!

By Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat

Option 2 may take longer, but it is well worth the wait. Disney Water Transport. The Magic Kingdom operates water taxis that transport and transfer passengers to or from the Transport and Ticket Center. This is a fantastic experience watching Cinderella Castle come up in sight during your sailing across the lake, Disney songs playing on the ferryboat, and excited passengers eager for its arrival. It's quite a short ride, and the boat runs every 15-30 minutes.

sunshine flyer orlando

What's the fastest way to get from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

The easiest way of getting to Magic Kingdom is usually by Monorail. The road has two routes: one between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom and the other between Magic Kingdom Hotel.

Is there transportation between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT connect through monorails. Guests may also use the Ferry when traveling from Epcot to Magic Kingdom. Disney Hollywood and Disneyland are linked by bus. Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park directly connects to all three theme parks via bus.

Does the Monorail go directly from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

The EPCOT and Express Monorail start at the TTC and provide express roundtrip services to EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. Hotel Monorail and Express Monorail are available 30 minutes before Magic Kingdom Park opens and end one hour after Magic Kingdom closes.


magic kingdom vs epcot : How long is the train from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

The timings depending on which Monorail you're taking, can vary. For an all-round trip, this can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

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If you are preparing for your Disney World vacation, it is essential to understand the most efficient modes of transportation throughout your trip. The most prominent transport forms on the property are the Monorail system, the Disney buses, and the Skyliner. All options offer several advantages and disadvantages; it depends on the individual what works best for them. 

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