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How To Keep Cool At Disney World: Figuratively & Literally

Located in the sunshine state, Disney World is a great place to visit if you're looking to soak in the sun's rays. While Florida's warm, balmy climate attracts many escaping colder weather, it's important to be prepared for all kinds of weather. That's why we're sharing tips to keep cool at the Disney World.

Figuratively Keeping Your Cool

Take Breaks

When planning your Disney vacation, opening and closing the theme parks daily can be tempting. While it might feel like you're getting more bang for your buck, over-scheduling your itinerary is one of the easiest ways to ruin your trip.

Many families leave the park at the end of the day sweaty, frustrated, and exhausted after opening and closing the theme parks. By scheduling breaks and planning accordingly, you can save yourself and your family from bad memories and guarantee more good ones.

Remember that walking miles in the humid heat of Orlando, Florida, can and will wear you down. Make sure you've scheduled plenty of breaks to sit in the shade or nap in an air-conditioned hotel room.

Spas and Health Clubs

Many of Disney World's hotels have spas and health clubs that allow you to relax on an elevated level. Scheduling a massage or pedicure is one of the best ways to unwind in the chaos of Orlando, Florida.

If you are someone who tries to get a daily workout in and feels out of sorts without one, consider utilizing your hotel's gym or health club to feel in control of your vacation rather than the other way around.

Childcare Options

If you're looking for a night out without the children, Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Hotel has “Camp Dolphin.” At Camp Dolphin, you can drop your children off to be watched by a professional and socialize with other kids while you enjoy a night out.

Since Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin is located near The Boardwalk, restaurants, bars, and entertainment options are a stone's throw away from where your child is being watched.

Fine Dining

Scarfing down hot dogs, fries, and churros while in line for a ride at a theme park can wear you down mentally and physically. If you're seeking a relaxing experience, make a reservation at a sit-down restaurant at a hotel or Disney Springs.

Disney World has done a wonderful job bringing in chefs worldwide to craft menus for restaurants on property. It'd be a shame if you didn't take them up on the opportunity.

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Literally Keeping Your Cool

Pack Your Swimsuit

From water rides to water parks, Disney provides plenty of opportunities to splash about. A bathing suit with you will help you soak up all the aquatic opportunities.

Consider wearing a swimsuit under your clothes to the parks when the temperatures rise. This way, you can be ready for Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids, and other water rides across the theme parks.

Water Parks

Did you know that Disney World has two world-class water parks? Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are designed to provide a unique experience for those who prefer aquatic life.

Worried about the little ones? Both parks have play areas for children of all ages and trained lifeguards at the ready to keep your family safe and your mind at ease.

Water Rides

If you find yourself at a Disney park in the Summertime, be prepared to hop on a water ride to cool off. From Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom to Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, there are plenty of ways to keep your cool while at the parks.

If you are in line for a water ride and don't want to get soaked… make sure you keep a poncho with you to put on before the water rides!

Resort Pools

Disney World's resort pools are a relaxing, fun, and safe way to keep cool. Whether you're sitting poolside or making use of some resort's water slides, Disney World's hotel pools can be a free and fun way to keep chill.

Want an upgrade to guarantee even more relaxation? Some resorts offer cabanas to spend your day by the pool in your private area and stay safe from the powerful UV rays.

Staying Safe In The Heat


Sunscreen is a must anywhere you are, but especially at the Walt Disney World Resort located in sunny Orlando, Florida. No matter how much or little you are covering, whatever is exposed to the sun should be protected with SPF, no matter the temperature. Make sure that you are reapplying yourself and your family regularly – especially if you'll be taking up some of the aquatic options which can wash the protective serum away.

If you get a sunburn while exploring the Disney parks, have aloe vera on hand. If you find yourself without, visit a first aid stand within the Walt Disney resort. You must take care of the sunburn to avoid illness.


We all know that staying hydrated is important, but remember that walking around a Disney theme park is a workout. It's important to keep a water bottle on hand at all times. Furthermore, hydrating throughout the day keeps your energy levels up and your body temperature cool. You can purchase a water bottle at most food locations when you run out of water. If you prefer to save money, we have good news for you. If you have a water bottle to refill, you can ask for free ice water at most food locations!

Stay Cool

A trip to Walt Disney World should be fun; however, being prepared to take the heat is key to enjoying your vacation when the temperatures rise. While you shouldn't let the warmer weather deter you from having a great vacation, ensure that you keep the items and tips on this list close on how to keep cool at Disney World.

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