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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Entrance

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Walt Disney World Theme Park is a place where children want their dreams to come true. Apart from the main entrance to Walt Disney World, there are certain secret entrances as well. These secret entrances include the Disney Magic Kingdom entrance.

The theme park management added these secret entrances to enhance the overall entertainment for the guests who paid handsomely for their tickets.

Since the fantasy land always draws large crowds, it's no surprise that the entire park requires a secret entrance to the Disney magic kingdom for added fun. Watch as we dive into the details of finding the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom entrance.

Secret Entrances to Disney World Theme Park

While being one of the attraction points for most people, the guests at Walk Disney World Park are not even aware of the secret that the Cinderella castle holds within its confinements. Below we have given the two secret entrances to the Dinsney World Theme Park.

EPCOT Entrance

EPCOT is one of the two secret entrances to the Walt Disney World Theme Park. However, it is not so much of a secret due to it being overexposed ever since the Skyliner Gondola System came into being.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

The Disney Magic Kingdom gate qualifies as a proper secret entrance since it hides behind the Contemporary Resort. Unlike the EPCOT entrance, it sits on the main street.

How to find the Disney Magic Kingdom Entrance

You will come across the Disney Magic Kingdom park entrance (Orlando, Florida)when heading through the walkway from the Contemporary Resort. Simply ride a Bus or a UBER to visit the Contemporary and proceed to walk across the main St.

Furthermore, make your way through the security line where several guests are waiting, and head towards the front of the park (at the turnstiles).

Magic Kingdom | Entrance | BGM Loop - YouTube

This is perhaps the best way to enter the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom due to the lack of people waiting in line at the Transit and Ticket Centre. The best way to avoid the ticket line is to come early at different times for an early entry when the park opens.

If you are a beginner who wants to be a guest at the Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, Florida), then the best tip for you is to check the price list of your transportation. This will allow you to prevent waiting in line for your ride.

How to Gain Early Entry to the Kingdom Park Entrance

All About the Early Theme Park Entry Benefit at Disney World

Gaining an early entry to the Disney Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Florida) also requires a bit of hustle especially when the park opens. You must arrive early, force your way to the ride side of the main street, and approach the EE tap-in. This time for the tap-in starts at 45 minutes before EE on 8:30 am days and 30 before EE on 7:30 am days. Main Street is open to all guests who enter.

Can you walk around the Disney Magic Kingdom for free?

When you are heading to the family vacation spot of Walt Disney World Theme Park for (Orlando, Florida) entertainment, do note that whether it be Disney Magic Kingdom theme, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, or Typhoon Lagoon (artificial lake), everything has a cost to it which is marked as an entrance fee.

But you can head into Disney Springs and visit each of the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels (Orlando, Florida) and roam around and take pictures or videos for free since exploration is not limited.

How much does it cost to get into the Disney Magic Kingdom?

Each entrance to the fantasyland of Walt Disney World theme park (Orlando, Florida) varies in price For example, Animal Kingdom prices differ from Magic Kingdom costs. The numbers depend upon the line at the ticket center. While secret entrances like EPCOT charge guests with anything between $114 and $179.

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The cost of the fantasyland Disney Magic Kingdom theme (Orlando, Florida), on the other hand, ranges between $124 and $189. The most expensive tickets to all are at Disney's Hollywood Studios with a whopping cost between $124 and $179, making Disney's Hollywood Studios one of the most expensive areas to gain access to the entrance of the Walt Disney World theme park (Orlando, Florida).

Is Magic Kingdom worth a full day in Orlando, Florida?

The Magic Kingdom Park (Main Street USA) entrance is one of the major attractions in Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida). The park has a lot to offer that cannot managed in a single-day search. Therefore to discover more, it is preferable to take more than an entire day and spend at least two days at this park and enjoy your vacation properly.

You can buy the Genie+ service and a Lightning Lane to close the gap to a full day at the Small World which is worth the money for the entrance at the most famous vacation spot Orlando.

Which day is best to go to the Magic Kingdom Entrance?

This Could Be Disney World's Most Important Week Ever | The Motley Fool

Regardless of what the predictions are, is it very difficult to come up with the idea of which day is the best to go to Magic Kingdom theme? These theme parks are usually ideal to visit during the middle of the weekdays as the attendance is pretty low during these hours.

The best days to go to the Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Florida) theme are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, respectively. Monday and Friday are the first and last day of the working days therefore, the crowd is a hit or miss.

The majority of the guests rest and enjoy their vacation while waiting for tomorrow as Saturday and Sunday are perhaps the busiest days of them. This is because kids have their weekends and want to visit these parks with their families and enjoy the art of imagination.

What does Experience App do?

When exploring the fantasyland (Orlando, Florida), you don't need to gain access to all the attractions. instead, some attractions open or close at a different time than other parks. If you find certain attractions quite important, you must keep an eye on their hours of operation.

The best way to make sure that you are keeping track of the operation hours is by visiting the Disney Experience App. Attractions that are known to open or close late will all be managed through the Disney Park Pass reservation system Reduced Contact

Does Disney World do fireworks every night?

Usually, the nighttime fantasyland in Orlando, Florida, is filled with joy and excitement as long as the weather doesn't spoil the fun. The nighttime of Disney World, especially the lake-side, the Magic Kingdom park, and EPCOT take place at night. But these timings are changeable according to the season. Therefore, you must look for the best time that suits your schedule and the timeline of the park as well.

How do you transport at Disney using Monorail?

The resort and transportation services are all provided as a complementary gesture by Disney Transportation (Disney Monorail). The Disney Monorail Transportation offers details in rides to different parts of Fantasyland, especially to locations such as the Magic Kingdom theme park and EPCOT. In the end, you will leave the resort with a smile on your face with the services provided to you. This is a guarantee that you'll come back soon.

Is there anything Star Wars at Disney World?

As you make your way through the entrance of the World of Disney, you will get a chance to enter a land to live your own Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which shifts you to the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu village, which is a remote trading planet used as the last stop before Wild Space. Here you can live a moment in space and relive your childhood memories with the likes of Princess Lela, Yoda, and not to mention the Dark Vader.

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