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Magic Kingdom Roller Coasters: 2023 Guide

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Let's talk roller coasters at Magic Kingdom! We all love them—especially the ones at the one and only Walt Disney World. As far as Disney parks go, Magic Kingdom is known to house some tamer rides. Magic Kingdom is also home to five of the nine coasters throughout Disney World, including Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and The Barnstormer. Let's explore these unique Magic Kingdom roller coasters as we briefly list the best ones at Magic Kingdom by providing a quick overview of each attraction, land by land. 

The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer roller coaster opened on October 1, 1996, and was originally themed as a Goofy's barnyard but has since changed to be an airplane-themed coaster. I love This Magic Kingdom Roller Coaster ride because it brings back fond memories of riding with my dad when I was a kid. This is usually the first roller coaster kids can go on at Walt Disney World, and this is a must-do if you're going to Magic Kingdom with a younger kid. 

About Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is a tamer roller coaster with one of the best rides for children over 35 inches. When getting on this Magic Kingdom ride, you take flight over a storybook circus. While twisting and swooping through the barnyard before safely landing at the grand finale. Located in Fantasyland and has a short average wait time of 20 minutes. A great choice when looking for a ride you can enjoy with your little ones!

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Splash Mountain 

Disney Theme Parks are known for exciting, themed rides that give you more than just a fun ride. Splash Mountain (nothing like space mountain) is unarguably the most intense ride in the Magic Kingdom! You can tell by the name that this is a water ride. First, there's the build-up — you float through the water. Then you observe an animatronic story about Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear. Entertaining you along the way are over 100 audio-animatronic figures. 

About Splash Mountain

The cheery music and scenery seem suspicious and extra eerie since you know what's to come! Then hang on to your hats—this delightful musical cruise ends in an exciting 5-story splashdown into a thorny Briar Patch! This Magic Kingdom roller coaster includes 950,000 gallons of water, 3 dips, and a 5-story drop at 45 mph. Splash Mountain is a ride that will give you the best 10 minutes of your life! 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This is one of those roller coasters that emphasizes the qualities of Disney World. It make you feel like you've stepped into the happiest place on earth. It's also a phenomenal ride! The seven dwarfs mine train is a cracking, fast-paced, runaway roller coaster. It is a complete must when looking for things to do in Magic Kingdom. It is, however, quite a bumpy ride (it is an escaped train, after all!). There are also elements where the train goes through dark tunnels, which may put some people off. Kids can ride this, and it's available for Genie+ (which we recommend doing), which is worth the bumps. What's here is fantastic, but it's such a short ride and one that always requires a very long wait.

About Seven Swarfs Mine Train

You will begin your ascent to the top of the summit, where you will be greeted with an incredible view of Fantasyland. But this tranquility is fleeting because you begin a wild ride down into the mine shaft as you swoop through hairpin turns. Hold on tight because this is a bumpy ride! You soon encounter a merry band of Seven Dwarfs, singing and whistling as they labor. Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's off to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train you go on this family-friendly roller coaster ride. The train speeds along rickety old tracks, catapults you through tunnels, swoops around turns and drops into canyons. All the while, you will narrowly miss falling boulders and escape exploding dynamite. Overall, the theming is fantastic, and this attraction shines at night. The dwarf's mine train height requirements are 38 inches, and the top speed of seven dwarfs mine trains is 34 miles per hour. This is a high-priority Magic Kingdom attraction if there ever was one.

Space Mountain 

This heart-pounding roller coaster takes place indoors AND in the dark… INTENSE! Most adrenaline junkies would say this is one of the best Magic Kingdom rides. The ride would be pitch black if not for the neon comets, stars, meteors, and other space scenes. Space Mountain first opened in Tomorrowland on January 15, 1975. The construction of Space Mountain was a big deal. So much so that in 1975 original Mercury Seven astronauts Scott Carpenter and Gordon Cooper and Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin all decided to attend the opening of the roller coaster. The Space Mountain queue is primarily indoors. Between the space vibes and the music, this line has great distractions, so you don't realize how long you have been waiting. 

About Space Mountain

It's quite a lengthy queue, which shouldn't be surprising since it is a popular attraction. This thrilling ride goes super fast, so like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, there's a lot you need to take in at once! It is also one of the biggest coasters in Magic Kingdom, and if you've never experienced a huge roller coaster, it is an absolute must. Space Mountain is slightly more exhilarating than other coasters in the park, and because of this, only children over 44 inches will be able to blast off in a rocket to explore the depths of outer space. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a wonderfully themed roller-coaster in Disney World with turns and dips through caverns, mountains, avalanches, and floods reminiscent of the Old West. The speeding train takes you for sharp turns and drops you in dark caverns. It's safe to say this ride has more than just a few small drops. The premise of this roller coaster is that you're a miner during the era of the American Gold Rush, and the mining train has seemingly taken off by itself through all of the mining.

About Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The question area takes you into the headquarters of the big thunder mining company, which has now been converted into an interactive queue since 2012. The ride is located near the far end of Frontierland past Splash Mountain. Speeds can make their way up to 30 mph, so the force as you round sharp corners jerks you from side to side. There are no heart-stopping drops on this ride (unlike Splash Mountain), but a few good dips will keep you on your toes. Height requirements for Big Thunder Mountain railroad are 40 inches. 


While chugging down the railroad, you will see 20 audio-animatronics throughout the attraction. This includes chickens, donkeys, possums, a goat, a long john-clad resident spinning through the flood in a bathtub, and a rainmaker whose name is Professor Cumulus Isobar. Authentic antique mining equipment can be found around the 2.7-acre attraction. These pieces were purchased at various auctions throughout the Southwest and included:

  • A double-stamp ore crusher.

  • An ore-hauling wagon.

  • An old ball mill was used to extract gold from ore.

The attraction covers over two acres and rises almost 200 feet above sea level. Monument Valley, Arizona, inspired it. The attraction was closed for refurbishing starting February of 2022 up until November 2022. So you should feel safe knowing Big Thunder Mountain is up to safety and current technology standards. 

9 of the Best Magic Kingdom attractions 

So we talked about all the fast, stomach-dropping roller coasters in the Magic Kingdom, but what about the smooth sailing attractions? Magic kingdom has over 30 rides and attractions in total, but we will save you some time and give you the best top 9 rides that are the most interactive with great reviews and will keep you out of the Magic Kingdom crowds. Let's dive deep into Peter pan's flight, Under the Sea, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Its a small world, Jungle Cruise, Mad tea party, Tomorrowland transit authority people mover, and the carousel of progress.

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Peter Pan's Flight 

Get ready for a spectacular flight of adventure and storybook delight on Peter pans flight attraction in fantasy land. You start by taking a swift tour through the Darlings' home while waiting for your journey with Peter Pan. Be sure to check out all the Darling children's bedroom details. When it's your time to fly, you'll board a colorful pirate ship that sails you right through the bedroom of the Darling children, out the window, and over the shining lights of nighttime London as Peter Pan shouts, “And off we go!” Vibrant colors light up the darkness and tell the charming story of the Boy Who Never Grew Up. 

In this Walt Disney World original Peter Pan's Flight Attraction, you'll soar over the famous sights of Big Ben, London Bridge, and more. You can even see the headlights of automobiles shining below. As music from Disney's classic 1953 film, “Peter Pan,” plays, your magical flight continues to Never Land Island. Sights like the Lost Boys camp, Mermaid Lagoon, and Skull Rock will be seen as you hover over Neverland. This adventurous attraction also has no height requirements, so all tiny humans are welcome!

Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid

Another Fantasyland story ride, Under the Sea, is a family-friendly ride that everyone will enjoy. Open to everyone and anyone, no matter how short or old, bob slowly along in a seashell as you explore the underwater world that you know and love from the Little Mermaid. The ride starts as an adventure inside Prince Eric's castle. 

Your clamshell cart will rise from the Sea, taking you through historical moments from the Disney classic film. See your favorite fishy friends in this incredibly immersive ride where the genius animation makes it look like you are underwater! There are so many lights and animations that young children will be especially enthralled as there is always something for them to take in. Under the Sea typically has a short wait and is easy to get on Genie+. 

The Haunted Mansion

Liberty Square has little to offer, but the Haunted Mansion is worth a trip when looking for the best rides at Magic Kingdom. An absolute classic, Haunted Mansion is suitable for all ages and sizes, so it's a real treat for the whole family! It has some of the eeriest and most impressive special effects throughout the park. You'll board a “Doom Buggy” and ride past several spooky scenes — most of which involve floating, transparent, freaky ghosts. Even the waiting area is eerie! 

You start by entering the queue through a carriage house with the mansion looming in the distance. Imagineers created an interactive queue for the Haunted Mansion of crypts tied to the attraction's lore and serving as a tribute to the attraction's original Imagineers. There are also fun puzzles and mysteries to keep the kiddos entertained. 

Pirates Of the Caribbean 

This ride is incredibly fun for all ages and heights and is one of the best Magic Kingdom rides. Pirates of the Caribbean is immersive, with things happening all around you, sounds and sights of pirate life filling your every sense – you even might feel a little ocean spray when you go down some of the drops. Pirates of the Caribbean is also a long ride and often has short queues, which is the best of both worlds! The best part of this ride is the Magic Kingdom version of it keeps its small kids friendly.

The ride takes you along a treacherous voyage through ransacked seaport towns, past the haunted Dead Man's Cove, and amidst booming cannons between a Caribbean fort and a 12-gun ship. Pirates recite their “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me” anthem as they pass by drunken buccaneers and fiery locales. See if you can spot Captain Jack Sparrow, made famous by Johnny Depp and the Hollywood film franchise. There are a couple of small drops in there (you may get a little wet), but for the most part, it's a typical boat ride through the dark, taking you past different scenes of the successful movie. Usually, we visit this ride as part of our rope drop strategy, and it's pretty easy to get a good Genie+ slot, too. 

It's A Small World

This happy, upbeat ride will leave you with a lasting memory. Just one time on this ride, and the song will be stuck with you and your kids for life. It starts you off in a small boat that carries you on tour around the world. With dancing and singing dolls showcasing the cultures and dress of all the nations represented. One of Disney's oldest and most original entertainment offerings, Small World first released its classic theme song and uncontrollable cuteness to the public at the New York Fair in 1964. With more than 300 audio animatronics, you will get an incredible cultural experience. 

This is a classic slow and smooth ride with no big drops or surprises. Some animatronic dolls have a lot of movement, and others only move their arms and legs. The attention to detail is phenomenal for such a small, fun ride. Did you know that every costume is made from materials from the countries they represent? It's an absolute must, but be warned, you will get the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day! This ride also does provide accessibility for those who need it. Another accommodation is that this ride has no height requirements. 

Jungle Cruise 

Jungle Cruise isn't that scary, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat! The ride has you board a steamboat and go on a “river cruise.” You'll sail past some waterfalls and come across a variety of freakishly realistic animatronic wildlife. It's an iconic ride that takes guests on a river adventure past a series of animatronic animals and unique scene scapes—considered one of the most classic rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom. It is an outdoor boat ride through jungle scenes worldwide, complete with a skipper with a clever sense of humor. While it's a “hit or miss,” it is a hit 95% of the time. 

While all Disney rides have their cult followings, Jungle Cruise has a fandom and following that dates back to the opening of Disney World and which has expanded far beyond the ride itself. Some of the best Disney bars, restaurants, hotels, and rides worldwide share a connection to it. The ride is a 10-minute boat tour of scenic riverways across Africa, Asia, and South America. On the ride, you'll encounter several dangerous beasts and laugh at the dry wit of the skipper. 

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party is making our Magic Kingdom ride list one that always seems to be a hit with kids. However, if you've ridden this before — at any age — you know how intense it can be. Guests sit in a teacup on a large platform. The platform rotates, and guests can control (mostly) the rotation of their teacups. Not only do the giant teacups automatically swirl around each other, but you can also spin your teacup by using the handle in the middle of the teacup. 

Those with average stomachs should be able to survive a minimal amount of rotating, it only takes one ranger's spin. Did you know that when this ride started, Walt Disney wanted the ride to be more serious and less humorous? The wild and fun inspire this ride and quirky Alice in Wonderland film. Even though this ride is not one of the roller coasters at Magic Kingdom, it is still just as thrilling! 

Tomorrow Transit Authority Peoplemover

You will not find this ride different from many of the best Magic Kingdom rides lists. However, that's a mistake. This unassuming ride in Tomorrowland is wonderfully relaxing for the whole family to take a minute and enjoy being together. If you need a break from the thrill rides, then Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover may be the ride you are looking for. It's a slow, elevated ride through Tomorrowland in a four-person, open-air cart. Imagine a fleet of small trams on a conveyor belt that never stops moving. The attraction takes you on a narrated 10-minute voyage through Tomorrowland. 

This calm ride is the perfect attraction to ride anytime except during inclement weather. However, parents need to know that this is an easy attraction for worn-out children to fall asleep while riding. If anyone needs a short break, this is an attraction to keep in mind. An ideal ride after getting off of space mountain!

The Carousel Of Progress

This is unarguably the most original classic Disney attraction in Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney oversaw this audio-animatronic creation to ensure he conveyed the predictions of how technology will change the average American home throughout the 20th century. It's not a ride but a show inside a revolving, seemingly classic theater. You sit comfortably while watching vignettes from five different periods. Starting with the 1900s and then moving ahead 20 years per scene. The carousel of progress is one that the adults will love but so will the kids!

There are so many fun Magic Kingdom Roller Coasters for all ages!

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