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Magic Kingdom Utilidors: Beyond the Castle Walls

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Most of us have been to Disney World and taken for granted everything that is needed to make the most magical place run smoothly around the clock. While in the Parks, you are so entranced with every single small detail that it is effectively unfeasible to even think of something like, how did one character get from one side of the park to another? Nevertheless, if you are one of those people that questions scenes work of Walt Disney World, more specifically Magic Kingdom Utilidors Underground Tunnels, then be sure to get your name on the list to take a 5-hour tour of the underground tunnels that makes Magic Kingdom what it is today!

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Magic Kingdom Underground Utilidor Tunnels

Where are the Tunnels Located

I have a secret for you, that is not a secret, but a realization for you to take in. All of that time you spent trekking up and down Magic Kingdom throughout the day, you probably didn’t realize that you were walking in an underground city beneath the floor below you. This is where the tunnels are. The clever Disney Imagineers and engineers were able to build a whole city below you to be able to keep all of the behind-the-scenes work away from the public eye. This does not mean they are doing anything wrong down there, they just did not want people to have to combat moving parts throughout the Parks while they enjoyed their stay in the Happiest Place on Earth. 

How it Came About

Although there are conflicting reports about the exact time and reason the tunnels were built, rumor has it that Walt Disney once walked by a cowboy in Tomorrowland on his way toward his role in Frontierland, and he thought that it looked completely out of place. He questioned why a cowboy dressed in a bandana and cowboy boots was in a place that resembled nothing of what he was wearing.

He did not want any of the guests to thrown off guard and utterly distracted by what they were seeing as well, even if in reality he was just making his way to his proper station. To combat this, he found a way to transport the workers to their designated stations around the Park while not seen by the public in the process. This is when the Magic Kingdom Utilidors were the renowned answer to all of his problems, and what is still the answer to his problems today that he faced over sixty years ago. 

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What Goes On in the Tunnels

Once you realize how much goes on in Magic Kingdom Utilidors, you can quickly come up with hundreds of things that would go on underground below it. This is where the Cast Member Services put your affairs in order. Whether it be banking services, transportation, locker rooms, or administration services, everything under the sun goes on with the CMS under Magic Kingdom. Another riveting activity that goes down in the Utilidors is the Digital Animation Control System. This group is the nucleus of several of the events that go on around the Parks throughout the day.

They make sure the audio is working on each of the characters, when the stage doors open and close/elevate and lower, and adjust the lighting throughout the massive Park through one system that controls over 70,000 functions, amongst many other assignments. Finally, yet importantly, have you ever thought about how much trash do they collect daily inside the Parks? I certainly did not… until I took a tour around the Utilidors and realized the tons and tons of junk that we create. Thankfully, Disney World has implemented an Automatic Vaccum Collection System that sends waste at over 60 MPH from one side of the park to another within seconds to keep everything under control. These are just a few of the key fixes that the underground tunnels have allowed for guests to not be preoccupied with while they vacation in Disney World. 

What Do You See In Your 5-Hour Tour?

As you unlock the fascinating history of Magic Kingdom, you will go on a lengthy tour that allows you to get to know the hidden ins and outs of the Park. The tour has changed a bit since I was there last, but according to the Disney Website, during your tour, you will discover little-known facts, trivia, and other exhilarating tidbits about Magic Kingdom while going on your tour of the famous Utilidors. After you leave, you will feel as if you have all of the facts to the ground that you may have been interested in knowing before you attend the event. Plus, during your tour of the tunnels, they will supply you with an exquisite lunch that will have you savoring the tour even more, as well as a unique piece of memorabilia to be able to remember your backstage tour forever. 

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Important Information to Know

  1. It costs 114$ plus tax per person
  2. It is an extremely exclusive part of Magic Kingdom, so you can not bring any phones or cameras with you while on the tour
  3. Reservations in advance are highly recommend as spots fill up fast
  4. You must be 16 years of age or older to take part in the tour
  5. Arrive at least 15 minutes before at Town Square Theater


Who wouldn’t want to go backstage and see where all of the characters dressed and see how everything transported back and forth? I know I certainly would love to take part in that, and you should too! Disney World can be hectic and leave you feeling tired out by the end of the day. Nevertheless, do not skip over this special opportunity to take a deep dive into the 390,000 square feet of space that is the underground Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

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