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MISSION SPACE EPCOT: An Extraordinary Space Adventure!

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Step into the captivating world of Mission: SPACE at EPCOT, where space voyage and exciting adventure unite, creating a delightful experience. As you approach the iconic spaceship-inspired attraction, anticipation builds for the extraordinary journey that awaits. 

Prepare to become an astronaut and embark on a simulated space mission to Mars or an orbital space flight around Earth. Each offering its own unique intensity. With latest technology, real life motion, and exciting storytelling, Mission: SPACE offers a truly historic adventure. And it will surely leave you feeling like a seasoned space traveler. 

So, buckle up, countdown to launch, and prepare to defy gravity. Let's dive into the exciting attraction that represents the spirit of journey and discovery.

Mission: SPACE Attraction

Mission space attraction

Get ready to travel to space at Mission: SPACE, an iconic attraction at EPCOT located within the International Space Training Center. As you approach the modern facility, you'll be drawn into the allure of outer space travel. And the anticipation of an exciting adventure will increase.

Mission: SPACE offers two different missions: the “Orange Mission” and the “Green Mission,” each designed to provide unique and notable experiences.

The “Orange Mission” is the more intense and exciting option, simulating a journey to Mars. As a crew member, you'll be assigned specific roles to play during the mission in the MISSION: SPACE at EPCOT. Buckle up in your spacecraft and feel the G-forces as you blast off into space, experience simulated weightlessness, and steer through a series of challenges that arise on your interplanetary trip. The “Orange Mission” provides an genuine taste of what it's like to be an astronaut, testing your grit and courage in the face of celestial adventures.

For those seeking a milder space experience, the “Green Mission” offers a family-friendly option that celebrates the wonders of Earth. You'll still board your spacecraft during this mission, but the intensity is dialed down to provide a more relaxed and exciting journey. This is perfect for those prone to motion sickness. You'll soar above our beautiful planet, witnessing its natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes from the vantage point of space.

Which Mission You Should Choose?

Both missions utilize advanced technology and motion simulators to create a practical and impressive space travel experience. As you embark on your assignment, you'll feel the rumble of the engines, the feeling of liftoff, and the excitement of exploring the final frontier.

Located at Walt Disney World, Mission: SPACE perfectly represents the spirit of discovery and trip at the heart of EPCOT. The attraction's intricate details, attention to realism, and engaging storyline ensure an striking adventure for guests of all ages.

Whether you're an outer space enthusiast or a first-time astronaut, Mission: SPACE at EPCOT promises to take you on a charming journey. The journey transcends time and space, allowing you to glimpse the awe-inspiring wonders of the cosmos. So, embrace the cosmos call, gear up for an intergalactic adventure, and prepare to make your mark on the stars at Mission: SPACE.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Mission: SPACE Ride Experience

mission space ride experience

The Mission: SPACE ride experience at Walt Disney World takes guests on an exciting journey through space as part of the International Space Training Center. This popular ride splits into two versions: the intense version, or the orange version, and the more family-friendly green version. Both versions utilize a motion to provide a more practical space travel mission experience and simulate astronaut training at EPCOT.

For the “Orange Mission,” guests become astronauts on a daring voyage to Mars. The thrill ride imitates liftoff, weightlessness, and various space challenges, creating a genuine feeling of being on a space mission. The “Green Mission” offers a milder space adventure. Because it focuses on the wonders of Earth as guests soar above its landscapes and landmarks at EPCOT theme part.

The Mission: SPACE ride presents four separate centrifuges, each accommodating a crew of four astronauts. During the attraction, guests follow an introduction video that sets the stage for their astronaut flight training. As part of the training, each crew member is assigned a role, such as a navigator or pilot. It increases the interactive and charming nature of the experience.

As the ride commences, the centrifuge spins, generating the feeling of space travel. The motion simulator combines high-definition visual effects and sound to create a inspiring and lifelike journey through the cosmos.

Mission: SPACE is a must-visit attraction for space enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Whether you choose the intense “Orange Mission” or the family-friendly “Green Mission,” this gripping ride promises notable adventure, transporting you on an outer space voyage beyond the stars. So, strap in, and prepare for a mission of a lifetime that dives deep into the Earth's gravitational pull.

What is the difference between Orange mission and Green mission?

difference between orange mission and green mission

The Mission: SPACE attraction at Walt Disney World offers two distinct versions: the orange version and the green version, they provide guests with different strength levels and experiences.

The orange version is the more intense experience and exciting of the two. It's a simulated flight on a Mars mission, where guests become astronauts and embark on an exciting space adventure. The ride presents intense G-forces, practical motion simulators, and challenging space maneuvers, making it a more exciting experience for thrill-seekers and space enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the green version offers a more family-friendly and reachable option. This version focuses on the wonders of Earth, and allows guests to enjoy a scenic flight over the Earth's surface, diving into beautiful scenery and natural wonders. The green version is designed to be less intense, with a gentler motion experience, making it fitting for a broader range of ages and comfort levels. It is also more within reach to those prone to motion sickness.

Both versions of Mission: SPACE utilize advanced technology to create a genuine space travel experience. Each guest is assigned a specific role, such as navigator or pilot, adding an interactive element to the ride. The centrifuges used in both versions create the feeling of liftoff and space travel, enhancing the realism of the missions.

Ultimately, the choice between the “Orange Mission” and the “Green Mission” comes down to individual preferences and comfort levels. For those seeking an exciting adventure, the “Orange Mission” offers an intense and immersive space journey. On the other hand, the “Green Mission” provides a more relaxed and family-friendly experience. It allows guests to marvel at the beauty of our own planet from above. Whichever mission you choose, Mission: SPACE promises to take you on a exciting and historic outer space adventure.

Ride Vehicle: The latest spacecraft simulator

mission space ride vehicle spacecraft simulator

The Mission: SPACE ride vehicle is a latest spacecraft simulator designed to transport guests on an memorable space mission in EPCOT. Resembling a futuristic space capsule, the ride vehicle holds up to four riders. Each rider is assigned with a critical role in the simulated flight experience.

Inside the capsule, astronauts are seated in specialized individual seats, complete with control panels, adding to the authenticity of the ride. As the ride mission begins, the ride vehicle utilizes motion simulator technology combined with high-definition visuals and practical sound effects. To create the feeling of liftoff and space travel.

Throughout the thrill ride, each rider's actions impact the mission's outcome, adding an interactive and engaging element to the experience. The Mission: SPACE ride vehicle offers a true-to-life and wonderful adventure, ensuring that every astronaut aboard actively participates in the outer space voyage.


How long does the Mission: SPACE ride last?

The Mission: SPACE ride duration varies depending on the version chosen at EPCOT. The space orange mission is an intense experience simulating a mission to Mars. It usually lasts around 4 to 5 minutes. During this time, riders embark on an enticing interplanetary voyage, feeling the G-forces and challenges of space travel.

Besides, the green ride mission, providing a less intense experience, focuses on breathtaking views of the Earth's wonders. It lasts approximately 2.5 minutes.

Regardless of the version, both missions deliver an immersive and charming journey through space in EPCOT. They make each second count with high-definition visuals and interactive elements that leave guests with awe and wonder. Whether you're seeking an intense mission to Mars or a less intense family-friendly Earth orbit, Mission: SPACE promises to provide an unforgettable outer space experience.

How Many G-Forces Does Mission: SPACE Reach?

Mission: SPACE at Walt Disney World can reach up to 2.5 G-forces during the intense “Orange Mission” experience. And it further imitates a space journey to Mars. These G-forces are intended to create a real life feeling of liftoff and the challenges of space travel. Therefore, those prone to motion sickness or pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and neck problems should opt-out.

Joining the green team is usually a better idea for families, including expected mothers and those not in good health. It has reduced G-forces to ensure a more comfortable ride. The varying G-forces in each version contribute to the gripping and exciting nature of Mission: SPACE in EPCOT. This makes it a fascinating attraction whether you like intense or laid-back rides.

How do they simulate G Force on Mission: SPACE?

In Mission: SPACE at EPCOT, the simulation of G-forces is achieved using advanced motion simulator technology. During the “Orange Mission,” which imitates a space journey to Mars, riders experience up to 2.5 G-forces, replicating the intense sensation of liftoff and the challenges of space travel. The ride's centrifuge system, consisting of four separate centrifuges, creates rotational motion that creates G-forces. It gives the feeling of acceleration and deceleration during the mission.

As guests embark on the “Orange Mission,” they become astronauts on a Mars mission, crossing through various space challenges. The combination of the centrifuge system, high-definition visuals, and real life sound effects immerses riders into genuine interstellar adventure.

Mission: SPACE also promotes the “Advanced Training Lab” at EPCOT. It is an interactive post-show area where guests can engage in space-themed games and activities. Because it increases their astronaut experience further. With its latest technology and nod to real life NASA astronauts, Mission: SPACE flight deeply delves into world discovery.

Where Is Experience Mission: SPACE Located and What Are the Hours?

Mission: SPACE is located in EPCOT, one of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This iconic attraction can be found within the Future World section of the park. As you journey through Future World, the futuristic and space-themed architecture of Mission: SPACE stands out. It entices adventurers to embark on an outer space experience.

The attraction operates during regular park hours. Allowing guests to immerse themselves in the excitement of space voyage throughout the day. EPCOT usually opens in the morning and remains open until the evening. Thus, offering ample opportunities to experience the thrills of Mission: SPACE.

As with any attraction at theme parks, you should check the official Walt Disney World website or My Disney Experience app. As it provides the most up-to-date information regarding park hours and any potential schedule changes. Doing so lets you plan your visit to EPCOT. It also ensures you don't miss the opportunity to journey to Mars or explore Earth's wonders with the Mission: SPACE attraction in EPCOT.

Is Mission: SPACE Intense?

Yes, Mission: SPACE can be intense for some guests at EPCOT. The attraction presents a motion simulator replicating the sensation of liftoff and space travel. However, it may cause motion sickness in some individuals. Therefore, guests with certain health conditions, such as people prone to motion sickness, high blood pressure, neck problems, and expectant mothers, are advised to avoid the ride.

Although a less intense version of the ride is available, guests must be in good health. And they should consider their tolerance for intense motions before experiencing Mission: SPACE. As a precautionary measure, motion sickness bags are available on the ride for those feeling uncomfortable during the fierce simulation. At EPCOT, guests should always prioritize their well-being and note any health concerns before deciding to participate in the Mission: SPACE.

It is the only ride to Disney World that has motion sickness bags behind every passenger. There is also a minimum height requirement to check before boarding.

Get Ready to Embark on an Intergalactic Adventure: Ready for Lift Off at Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE at EPCOT offers an exciting space adventure for guests of all ages. With its two versions, visitors can choose the level of excitement that suits their preferences. 

As you plan your Walt Disney World adventure, check the official park hours and learn about other exciting attractions. You can explore many of the most popular attractions here.

Whether travelling to Mars or exploring Earth's wonders, Mission: SPACE at EPCOT promises to leave you with cherished memories of an wonderful experience. So, buckle up, prepare for liftoff, and embark on this intergalactic journey that captures the essence of space voyage and wonder!

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