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M&M Store Disney Springs: Where Is The M&M Store Located?

If you love M&M's and Disney, you'll want to stop by the M&M Store at Disney Springs. This store is a fun place full of unforgettable experiences. The store features plenty of colorful fun and a wall loaded with countless M&M flavors.

If you'd rather, you can create your own M&M designs or shop the merchandise to find a special piece of the experience to take home. Either way, the M&M store offers something all M&M fans can enjoy during your next Disney Springs visit.

Does Disney have an M&M Store?

Disney does have an M&M store. The new store opened on January 30, 2021.

This Disney store was initially set to open in November 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the construction of the building. Luckily, the store's opening was only delayed by a few short months.

If you want to add a little colorful fun to your Disney itinerary, visiting the M&M store is the ultimate way.

If you're looking for M&M store locations You can find the M&M store on the West Side of Disney Springs, on Lake Buena Vista Drive. Its location is near several other popular Disney Spring Stores, including the Coca-Cola Store and DisneyStyle.

M&M Store Disney Springs

The Ultimate M&M's Experience

The M&M's store at Disney Springs provides the ultimate M&M's brand experience. The store has everything you could imagine, from a vast assortment of flavors to whimsical merchandise.

To enhance the experience, you're surrounded by the smell of milk chocolate as soon as you enter the building. Additionally, you'll run into several unique photo ops during your visit.

The M&M's store at Disney Springs Marketplace area of Downtown Disney of  is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a whimsical and indulgent experience. With its wide array of flavors, delightful merchandise, and captivating photo opportunities, it offers an enchanting journey that will satisfy both your taste buds and your sense of wonder.

No trip to the M&M's store is complete without snapping a photo with one of the life-size characters featured in the store. There are also many unique decorative elements that you’ll likely want to snap a photo of. 


A Wall of Chocolate

If you're looking to get your candy fix, the first thing you'll notice when you enter the store is its signature chocolate wall. On this wall, you should have no problem finding your favorite flavors.

This kaleidoscopic wall neatly sorts the large selection of M&M's in long tubes that line the wall. In addition, the candy is sorted by color, which makes it extremely simple to choose your favorite flavors. Among these flavors, you'll find peanut M&M's, dark chocolate mint, coffee nut, and many more.

You can purchase prepackaged, stackable containers of M&M's or fill your own container with any flavors you wish. You can also create an arrangement of specific colors to go with a holiday, theme, or just a collection of your favorite colors.

Among the many tubes of M&M's on this wall, you can find Mickey Mix and Minnie Mix. These mixes are colorfully themed to reflect Mickey and Minnie.

Disney Springs M&;M Store's Signature Chocolate Wall

Create Your Own M&M's

If you want something even more personal than creating your own flavor or color combination, you use the kiosk in the center of the store to create your own custom M&M's.

These custom M&M's serve as an excellent souvenir or unique gift. You can add your own text or a Disney-inspired image.

Alternatively, you can add your photo to the M&M’a. You can have a photo taken at the store to create the ultimate way to remember the experience or upload a picture from your phone to create the perfect gift.

When uploading your photo, it's best to stick with an image without a busy background. It's also near impossible to use a group photo with more than two faces present.

Once you've created the design for your M&M's, you can choose the packaging for them. There are several packaging options, including Stack'M or heart-shaped gift boxes. You can also package your M&M's in an “occasion bottle,” which looks like a wine bottle.

After completing the process, the kiosk will print a ticket that you'll take to the staff at the counter. Unfortunately, when the store is busy, you may run into a long wait for custom M&M’s. 

If you visit during a busy time, it's best to create your design before exploring the store.

Disney Springs M&M Store Merchandise

Shop the Merchandise

The Disney Springs M&M store offers a vast selection of unique M&M merchandise. When looking at the merchandise in the store, you can't help but notice the evidence of Disney's deal with Mars Wrigley.

The store features an extensive amount of exclusive co-branded Disney and M&M merchandise. From Mickey Mouse M&M's to merchandise featuring the M&M characters wearing Mickey ears, the merchandise section of the store is full of lovely surprises.

One of the most popular items is the M&M's that come in classic Disney packaging. Near the entrance, you can find M&M's packaged in Mickey and Minnie-shaped plastic containers.

You'll also find a vast selection of co-branded toys, accessories, and much more. You can even find things like baking gear, blankets, housewares, and mugs.

However, the store also has merchandise that is only M&M merchandise. In addition, you can purchase apparel and even M&M plush toys.

How Much Are the M&M's at Disney Springs

The price of the M&M's at Disney Springs varies depending on the packaging and customization. For example, if you choose to fill a container from the dispensers on the wall, the M&M's will cost $15.98 per pound.

Custom M&M's start at approximately $20 but can go up to around $45. The most significant factor in the price you'll pay for custom M&M's is the packing you choose for your M&M’s.

The price for some of the prepackaged M&M items may price above $40. Items in this price range are generally gift sets for special occasions.

M&;M Store Disney Springs

Take a 3D Tour

If you're planning your Disney trip and want a better look into the experience, you can take a 3D tour of the store on the M&M's website. The virtual tour provides a very realistic look at the inside of the Disney Springs store.

The tour will be at the top of the page when you click this link. You'll click to begin the tour, where you can use your arrow keys to walk through the store. You can also click and drag your mouse to rotate.

For a simpler experience, you can click the play button in the bottom left corner, allowing you to see the store without the need to navigate. 

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