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Renting A Car At Disney: Make Travel As Easy As Possible

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Disney World’s plethora of transportation options is amazing. For the most part, they are free and will get you where you need to be, but at times it can be an inconvenience if the option you were hoping to take is not ready in time or is too crowded for your liking. Through the process of renting a car at disney, you and your family never have to worry about any of that as you will be able to maneuver your way around the luxurious resorts in style on your own time. Be sure to read ahead for all of the important information that comes with renting a car in The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure at Epcot

Airport Flexibility 

Nothing is more tiring than heading on an airplane at 6 a.m., arriving in Florida, and having to stress about when a taxi, Uber, or shuttle service can come to pick you up. A few years ago before Disney World discontinued Disney’s Magical Express shuttle service that would bring you straight from the Orlando International Airport straight to your hotel of choice, renting a car wasn’t as necessary in this circumstance. Flip forward to today, renting a car allows you an easier option to travel to other airports near the resorts so that you aren’t flying into the most crowded one where tons of families will be looking for the same ride as you to get to their hotels in time for check-in. Simply call and rent a car ahead of time at your preferred location so that it will be ready to go as soon as you land!

disney world monorail map

Who Should Rent A Car

I would recommend renting a car to the majority of families that are vacationing in Disney World, but more specifically to families with several children. If you have not been able to visit Disney’s Parks yet with your little ones, brace for the midday crashes that will occur after sprinting around the Parks for hours on end right after the gates open. Once these occurrences do happen in the middle of the day, it is best to have your car to be able to escape back to your hotel as fast as possible. Plus, if you are completely drained, you will be able to fall asleep as soon as you get in your seat comfortably.

Additionally, bringing several children to Disney World means bringing a lot of extra stuff that a couple of two wouldn’t have to worry about. Being able to pack and unpack all of your belongings into your car when you are ready to call it a day is such a nice perk to have if you rent a car. Rather than waiting on a bus to come to pick you up to then having to force everything you have into the cramped seats on your way to your next destination, renting a car allows you to have your own space any time you want. It may not seem like the enormous deal I am making it out to be, but if you have dealt with your children before, you will know best how great it is to have your car in any situation you may be in!

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Saves Time

I have gone to Disney World and taken their free transportation services throughout and I have gone and rented my own car to compare the differences. After stacking the options up against one another, I can certainly tell you that it will save you a ton of time to rent a car. Yes, a monorail or bus can come to pick you up for no cost, but at times it can take longer than you are hoping it to. After a long day, this can cause you to feel annoyed and grouchy in a place where you are supposed to be your happiest.

By all means, this is not me bashing the transportation that Disney has to offer at all, as it is a great service in its way for many occasions, but my preferred option by far is to rent a car. You do not have to check your phone countless amount of times to see when the next service is coming or you do not have to pay extra money every time to schedule an Uber to come to pick you up… through the simple process of renting a car, you can decide where you want to go and when you want to do it on your own time. 

Disney Monorail

Instant Access To All Of Disney’s Resort Options

Disney World has thousands of options on hand that may attract you at any time of the day. One of the bigger downsides of traveling through the free transportation services over renting a car though is the fact that you may have taken several rides before you arrive at your final destination. This means more time stressing over when the next Skyliner is coming and less time enjoying the scenes of the Parks. On the flip side, if you can rent a car ahead of time, your day revolves around you… not someone else. No one wants to be late to their dinner reservation in one of Disney Spring’s vast amount of appetizing eateries; now you don’t have to be as you can schedule ahead of time how long it will take you to get your family there in your rental car. 

Final Verdict

If you stay on the property, you do not need to rent a car. You can use the bus, ferry, skyliner, and monorail for transportation. You can also use a Lyft ride if necessary.

That being said, renting a car at Disney will help provide endless opportunities. It just gets that much easier when you can get from place to place on your own time. The purpose of vacation is to disconnect from the real world, and Disney World provides the perfect opportunity for that. However, missing a bus ride can abruptly interrupt your plans and make you arrive late to your next event. Prevent this from happening to your family by renting a car ahead of time so your stay is as seamless as possible.

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