Different Ways To Get On Rides In Disney World: Ride Like A Pro

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When it comes to visiting the magical kingdom of Disney World, one of the most exhausting yet exciting aspects is finding different ways to get on rides. Navigating the crowds and long lines can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies and ways that can help you make the most of your Disney World adventure. This comprehensive guide will explore different methods to ensure your Disney experience is filled with enchantment.

5 Ways To Get On Rides In Disney World 

different ways to get on rides at disney world

You’ve been dreaming of your Disney trip for months. The whole family has made lists of the rides that are a must. You’ve mapped out your day in each Park to ensure you hit them individually. Splash Mountain, Soarin’, Tower of Terror…here we come! When filled with excitement and anticipation, the last thing you want is to be brought back down to reality by something as annoying as lines. But it can be an easy and pleasant experience. By implementing some of the different ways to get on rides in Disney World, you can avoid lines and make the most of your time in the Parks.

1. The Ins And Outs Of Genie+ In Disney World

disney world mickey mouse

Genie+ is a paid service offered by Disney Parks (replacing the former FastPass program). It allows you and your crew to book attraction/ride reservations from your mobile device using the app. Also, it will enable you to skip the traditional standby lines and enjoy more of the park. Now get to know NEW DISNEY WORLD RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS TO LOOK FORWARD TO

Mobile Reservation

You can book reservations from your mobile device. And make it convenient and easy to plan your entire day at the park. Simply download the My Disney Experience app, and you're on your way!

Flexible Booking

You and your family can make reservations throughout the day and change or cancel them anytime. This perk is exceptional as the flexibility allows you to enjoy vacation yet not feel overwhelmed by keeping to a strict schedule.

Additional Individual Attraction Selections

You also can purchase additional individual attraction selections for even more convenience and flexibility. This is perfect for those special Disney World rides you have to experience!


Genie+ is a paid service, with pricing varying depending on the Park and time of year. However, prices generally vary from $15 to $29 per person daily.

Overall, Genie+ offers a convenient and flexible way for the family to enjoy their day at Disney Parks, with reduced wait times and the ability to book reservations from their phone. Admittedly, some extra services may not be a fit for everyone.

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2. Lightning Lanes To Get On Rides In Disney

disney lightning lane

Lightning Lane is another paid service offered by Disney Parks. This one allows you to access a separate, shorter line at select attractions and rides. Also, it is part of the Disney Genie+ service described above. 

No Prior Reservations Required

Unlike Genie+, you can purchase access to Lightning Lane on a per-ride basis, with no prior reservations required. With so many options to choose from, Disney, in general, can be quite overwhelming. It’s nice to have an option that you can take as needed.

Fast Access

With Lightning Lane, you and the family can bypass the regular standby line and enjoy faster access to your favorite rides and attractions at Disney World.



The cost of Lightning Lane varies depending on the attraction and the time of day. Prices can range from around $7 to $20 per ride or more. It's an excellent option if it’s the middle of summer in that hot Florida sun!

Limited Availability

Lightning Lane access is subject to availability and can sell out quickly, especially for popular attractions. Make sure to check out my list below for tips on how to avoid busier times at the Park. 

Thus, Lightning Lane offers a convenient way to reduce wait times to access your favorite rides at Disney World. Just keep in mind it is a premium service and can be costly, especially if you’re looking to use it for multiple attractions throughout the day.

3. Early Arrival For “Rope Drop” at Disney

rope drop at disney world

For those who want to make the most of their Disney day, arriving early for the park’s opening, known as “Rope Drop,” can be a game-changer. Getting to the park before it officially opens allows you to enjoy shorter lines for popular attractions. It can make your morning truly magical.

Although rope drop is merely standby at the start of the day, it is important to realize that rope drop is far more effective than merely entering the park and choosing a line. If you arrive at the park early enough on a given day, you can walk directly onto your first ride with little to no wait. And if you have the proper technique in place after the first ride, you'll be ahead of the public for multiple rides at Disney World afterward.

4. Rider Switch: Best Way To Get On Rides For Families

disney rider switch service

Disney offers a Rider Switch program for families with young children who may not meet height requirements for certain attractions. Here’s how it works:

  • The entire family approaches the attraction. Then, the Cast Member provides a Rider Swap pass to one adult who will wait with the child who doesn’t meet the height requirement.
  • The remaining adult(s) and older children ride the attraction using the Rider Swap pass. It allows them to access the ride through the FastPass+ line or the regular standby line.
  • Afterward, the adult who initially waited with the child can use the Rider Swap pass to enjoy the attraction without waiting in line again.

5. Single Rider Lines In Disney World

single rider entrance at disney world

If you plan to visit Disney World solo or don’t mind riding separately from your group, the Single Rider line is a game-changer. It is available at select attractions at Walt Disney World. Here's how single-rider lines work:

Understand The Concept

Disney has designed Single-rider lines for individual riders or those willing to split up from their group. While you may not experience the ride together, it's an excellent way to bypass long waits.

Identify Eligible Rides

Not all rides at Disney World offer single-rider lines, but some of the most popular ones do. These may include attractions like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios, Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run at Hollywood Studios, Test Track at Epcot, and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.

Join The Single Rider Line

Simply look for the “Single Rider” sign near the attraction's entrance and join the line. You'll be assigned to fill empty seats as they become available.

Hence, single-rider lines are an excellent option for solo travelers or those willing to ride separately for shorter wait times.

Best Times To Avoid Long Lines With Simple Planning

long lines at disney world

Disney World can get extremely crowded, especially during certain times of the year, making long wait times for rides and attractions very common and super frustrating. Although taking advantage of services such as Genie+ will no doubt zip you through the rides, there are also ways to get on rides in Disney World without paying any extra money. By using some strategies that can help you and your family avoid the longest lines. You will not only make the most of your time but leave with even bigger smiles! Here are some of the best times to avoid long ride lines and other simple strategies:

Early Morning Arrival To Get On Rides In Disney World

Arriving at the park when it opens is one of the best ways to avoid long ride lines. Many guests tend to arrive later in the morning, so getting to the park early can allow you and your family to ride popular attractions with minimal wait times.

During Parades And Shows

When parades and shows are taking place, many guests tend to gather in those areas, leaving the ride lines less crowded. If you don't want to watch a particular show or parade, it can be an excellent time to hit the rides.

During Meal Times

Park-goers are inclined to take a break from the rides during meal times so that lines can be shorter during these periods as well. Scheduling your meals during off-peak hours can help you avoid the longest ride lines. Dinner at 9, anyone?

Late Evening

Towards the end of the day, many guests will start leaving the park, which can make ride lines shorter. If you don’t have very small children (who quite often need to stick to stricter schedules and earlier bedtimes) and you're willing to stay later in the evening, you may be able to enjoy popular rides and attractions with shorter wait times at Disney World.

Avoid Peak Season

The busiest time of the year at Disney World is almost always the summer, school holidays, and major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving (no school = Mickey Mouse!) If possible, try to visit the parks during the off-season. There are different Ways To Get On Rides In Disney World to avoid the largest crowds and longest lines.


In conclusion, a trip to Disney World is a magical experience that should be filled with excitement, wonder, and unforgettable memories, not spent waiting in long lines. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide has revealed different ways to get on rides in Disney World like a pro. From the convenient and flexible Genie+ service to Lightning Lanes, early arrivals for “Rope Drop,” Rider Switch for families, and the time-tested single rider lines, there are numerous ways to enhance your Disney adventure! Visiting Disney World is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it's only fitting that you make the most of it. So, take advantage of these special strategies and tips, and here's to Soarin' over California and enjoying all your favorite rides over and over again. With the right approach, your Disney World adventure can truly be a dream come true.

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