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Rock N Roller Coaster Disney World: Coaster To Jam Again

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The most exhilarating ride experience on hold in Walt Disney World is The Rock-n-Roller coaster Starring Aerosmith. Unfortunately, the famous attraction has been closed since February 21st, undergoing a major overhaul. Although, it opened briefly before closing again. Since then, there has been no official extended refurbishment ending date. Still, the rumor mills are buzzing with potential return dates in 2024.

So, why not dive deeper into this rocktastic attraction? In this article, you'll learn more about this coaster train ride at Hollywood Studios. Read on to discover why Walt Disney World fans have some “Sweet Emotion” about the comeback.

Is Rock-n-Roller Coaster Permanently Closed in Disney World?

is rock n roller coaster closed in disney world

The Walt Disney World attraction is not closed for good, but it is closed temporarily. Despite a brief reopening in May 2023, the attraction closed a few days later and remains closed as of July. According to Disney, “Rock-n-Roller Coasters” will reopen sometime after extensive refurbishments are complete.

Is Rock-n-Roller Coaster back open?

Several said the doors had opened in early summer when the attraction returned on May 26th, 2023. However, it shut down again by May 31st.

About Rock-n-Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at disney world

rock n roller coaster starring aerosmith

Rock-n-Roller Coaster Disney World is a high-octane roller coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. As one of the most thrilling attractions in any Walt Disney Studios park, it combines the excitement of a rock concert with the adrenaline rush of a coaster. Thus, the result is a must-visit for thrill-seekers and music enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the theme of Rock-N-Roller Coaster immerses guests in the rock-n-roll world of legendary band Aerosmith. The concept is simple yet captivating:

Steven Tyler and the other band members are late for a gig, and they invite riders to join them in their super-stretch limo to make it on time. The pre-show experience takes guests backstage to the recording studio.

But we'll get more into that in a bit!

As Disney's Hollywood Studios ride begins, you'll board the sleek and futuristic super-stretch limo before being launched into action. The launch experience alone is a heart-pounding thrill, setting the tone for the rest of the ride.

During the ride, they treat guests to a series of inversions, loops, and thrilling drops, perfectly synchronizing them with different Aerosmith hit songs playing in the super-stretch limo's sound system.

Think: Dream On, Walk This Way, and Sweet Emotion.

Overall, Rock-n-Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith offers a rockin' and unforgettable experience for Walt Disney World visitors. Combining the magic of Disney with the energy of a live rock concert, it stands as a testament to Disney's Hollywood Studios' commitment to thrilling and immersive attractions. Thus, leaving guests with lifelong memories.

Let's dive deeper into the Aerosmith theming and other details mentioned above.

Rock-N-Roller Coaster Pre-Show Experience at Disney World

rock n roller pre show experience at walt disney world

The pre-show experience at Disney's Rock-n-Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is a captivating and entertaining introduction to the riders. As guests enter the ride, it transports them to G-Force Records, the fictional recording studio of the legendary band Aerosmith.

Although you're not there to watch a live recording session of “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” guests are amidst a bustling backstage setting. Surrounded by music memorabilia, instruments, and recording equipment, the ambiance exudes everything needed to excite fans. Waiting in the queue ultimately sets the stage for an unforgettable rock experience featuring the best Aerosmith songs.

Additionally, they treat visitors to a funny and engaging pre-show video of the entire band as they wait. Led by Aerosmith's charismatic frontman, Steven Tyler, band members express their concern about being late for a concert across town. Worried they won't make it in time, they call on their fans for help.

With a playful and dynamic performance, Aerosmith invites riders to join them to reach the concert venue on time. However, the video effectively bridges the gap between the fictional storyline and the real-life coaster experience. Guests undoubtedly feel like they are VIP members of Aerosmith's band.

Meet The Band: Starring Aerosmith

meet the band starring aerosmith at rock n roller coaster

The charm of the pre-show lies in the genuine enthusiasm of Steven Tyler, as he and the rest of the band interact with the audience in a light-hearted manner. That enthusiasm is contagious, creating a sense of camaraderie and excitement as guests enjoy the ride.

But the pre-show only sets the tone for the thrilling roller coaster ahead. By incorporating Aerosmith songs, Disney's Hollywood Studios creates a unique blend of rock-n-roll and theme park magic.

As the pre-show ends, guests are ushered into the loading area, where they board the stretch limo. The pre-show leaves a lasting impression, igniting curiosity and anticipation for the adventure ahead.

More About The Launch Experience: Feeling The Rush

the launch experience

When diving into the roller coaster's launch system, all road signs point to speed. The launch experience is a heart-pounding rush that sets the tone for the remainder of the ride. As riders strap into their sleek and futuristic super-stretch limo coaster vehicles, they brace themselves for the excitement ahead.

As anticipation builds, the countdown begins. Then, suddenly, the limo comes to life with a burst of energy. In just 2.8 seconds, the limo goes from 0 to an astonishing 57 MPH. Catapulting guests into the heart of the roller coaster thrill. The launch is so powerful that it presses riders back into their seats. It gives them adrenaline pumping that one would only expect to experience at Hollywood Studios.

The combination of roaring engine sound and the sensation of speed creates an electrifying experience. Capturing the essence of a rock-n-roll concert on wheels. Experience the excitement felt by Aerosmith as they race to make it to their show on time.

As the limo rockets forward, riders experience darkness, adding an element of surprise. The darkness enhances the feeling of speed, making it a sensory-filled adventure that appears to roller coaster enthusiasts and music lovers.

The launch experience is a defining moment in the ride. It's followed by three inversions, wild loops, and daring twists that only a rock-n-roller coaster fan could appreciate. The launch alone is another powerful testament to Hollywood Studios' commitment to creating immersive and thrilling rides. The entire experience leaves guests with lasting memories of the Magic Kingdom.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Roller Coaster Sections

outdoor vs indoor roller coaster

The Rock-n-Roller Coaster seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor sections. Hence, creating transitions that make this one ride you don't want to skip. The dark indoor portions immerse riders in the heart of the concert, complete with neon signs, posters, classic road signs, and Aerosmith's music blasting through the speakers.

As the ride bursts out of the launch tunnel, It greets guests with an adrenaline-pumping stretch. Also, propelling them through twists and turns as they enjoy the Florida sunshine outside. The open-air segment adds speed and freedom, bringing the ride to the next level.

As the coaster dives back indoors, the smooth transition envelops guests into darkness as they experience a rock-n-roll concert up close. The indoor sections include aesthetics such as neon signs, psychedelic visuals, and other aesthetics that enhance the sensory experience. Aerosmith's iconic hits blast through the speakers, synchronized to the roller coaster's inversions and drops.

By blending indoor and outdoor sections, the Rock-n-Roller Coaster adds depth to this popular ride. Thus, creating an immersive experience for riders of all ages.

Explore the Soundtrack: Aerosmith Hit Songs

aerosmith hit songs

The special soundtrack in the Rock-n-Roller Coaster plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall ride experience. Iconic Aerosmith songs, including “Walk This Way,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” and “Love in an Elevator,” blare through the speakers.

You'll truly feel like you're part of a live concert as the special soundtrack complements the ride's theme and storyline.

Rock-n-Roller Coaster Height and Safety Requirements at Disney World

As with all Disney rides, the Rock-n-Roller Coaster has specific height and safety requirements to ensure the comfort of all riders. To board the ride and experience this wild roller coaster, you must be at least 48 inches tall. This height restriction is in place to ensure that riders can securely fit into the coaster's restraints to enjoy the ride safely.

The high-speed launch, inversions, and thrilling drops require proper restraint systems to keep guests secure throughout the ride. The limo coaster vehicles come with over-the-shoulder restraints, and check to ensure a snug fit for riders.

Of course, riders should be in good health to handle the coaster's thrilling elements. Therefore it is advisable to those with certain medical conditions, such as heart problems, back issues, or motion sickness to skip this ride.

Ride Photos and Walt Disney World's Themed Souvenirs

Don't forget to grab your souvenirs before heading to Sunset Boulevard for dining and shopping. After experiencing the thrills and excitement of one of the theme parks most popular attractions, head over to the gift shop to check your on-ride photo.

That's right! As you were zooming through the ride's inversions and twists, a camera captured your reaction for a cherished keepsake you can share with family and friends. Exiting the ride, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Rock Around the Shop, a themed merchandise store packed with Aerosmith souvenirs.

Grab a t-shirt with the band's logo or collectible guitar picks for a tangible memory of your journey with Aerosmith.

Discount Theme Park Tickets and Travel

discount theme park tickets

If you're planning your Disney trip to experience this rock-themed ride, you will want to wait until an official Reopening is announced. As of July 2023, an official date for this popular attraction has not been made public.

Still, you can plan ahead to find tickets and affordable travel arrangements for one of the most sought-after theme parks in the world! Find more information on the best deals in the park here.

Unforgettable Adventures and Disney Updates Await

Save your energy until the curtains rise on the much-anticipated reopening of Rock-n-Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Disney's Hollywood Studios assures us that visitors will again be immersed in the heart-pounding thrill of the popular ride.

For now, the Disney fun is still plentiful. As you wait to explore the wonders of this revamped attraction, don't forget to check out the many other exciting rides and Disney updates on our website. From enchanting classics to cutting-edge innovation, a world of adventure awaits you at Disney theme parks.

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