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Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most popular amusement parks worldwide, drawing significant yearly crowds. The attractions at Disney world can cater to audiences of any particular Disney show, such as Savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers from the Jedi universe.

For example, a Star Wars fan can always try to craft their very own lightsaber and bring it to life through the power of kyber crystals, thanks to Savi's Workshop. If you ever owned a toy lightsaber growing up, you are likely familiar with it. You can create your single-bladed lightsaber with the Galaxy's Edge lightsaber options crafting secret workshop at Savi's Workshop. Let's see if these custom lightsabers are worth your experience.

Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber In Savi's Workshop At Disney World

savi's workshop

The Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Savi's Workshop at Disney World is one of the most impressive and unique lightsabers. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and its special features make it stand out among other lightsabers.

Kyber crystal makes up the lightsaber blade, a rare and powerful crystal used in Jedi lightsabers. They design the hilt of the lightsaber intricately with high-quality materials. The unique features of these custom lightsabers make them a must-have for any Star Wars fan.

Where To Find Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

lightsaber at savi's workshop

There are several places where you can find Savi's Workshop Options at Disney World. The first place you can look is at the front of Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Another place you can find Current Savi's Workshop options is near the Rise of the Resistance attraction exit at Walt Disney World Resort. Finally, you can also find Savi's Workshop behind the Droid Depot in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

savi's workshop custom lightsabers

Once you reach Black Spire Outpost, you'll meet a group called “Gatherers,” who will guide you to a covert workshop packed with whimsical pieces and miscellaneous memorabilia collected from the far reaches of the galaxy.

That's Savi's workshop, and it's where all the fun begins. You can customize a Disney world's star wars lightsaber from some scrap unusual parts for yourself.

Upon completing your custom lightsaber at Savi's workshop (purchase required), you can embark on amazing adventures in the Star Wars universe. At the end of this adventure, you'll have your own lightsaber style to flex.

How These Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers Emerged

Disney world lightsaber

Savi's Workshop is a Disney World Hollywood Studios theme park feature that allows guests to build their own custom lightsaber. The workshop is based on iconic weapons from the franchise and provides a unique, immersive experience for fans of the movies.

In movies, lightsabers are shown to be hand-crafted weapons unique to each Jedi Knight. The idea behind Savi's Workshop is to allow guests to experience building their lightsaber, just like a Jedi.

Talented artisans guide the guests through the process, and they can choose from various customization options to make their lightsaber unique.

Disney has brought this experience to life in their Disney parks by creating a workshop setting that looks and feels like it was pulled straight from the movie's universe.

Guests can reserve a spot at the workshop, and during their allotted time, they will have the opportunity to build their lightsaber and take it home with them as a souvenir.

The experience is highly popular among fans and has become a must-do while visiting Disney World Hollywood Studios. The popularity of the experience has resulted in creating of a reservation system, allowing guests to secure their spot in advance and avoid long wait times.

Overall, Savi's Workshop is a unique and exciting experience that provides a memorable opportunity for fans to build their custom lightsabers.

(NEWS) Disney Increases Price Of Custom Lightsaber At Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

savi's workshop lightsabers

Disney World's Hollywood Studios is home to a popular experience, Savi's Workshop, where guests can build their own custom lightsaber. However, fans of this franchise may be disappointed to learn that the cost of this experience has recently increased.

The Galaxy's Edge lightsaber experience at Savi's Workshop has always been a sought-after experience for fans. The handbuilt lightsabers, created by talented artisans, are unique and personalized to each guest's specifications.

savi's workshop lightsaber builder

However, the cost of this experience has recently gone up, and fans are questioning the reason behind the increase.

According to sources, the price increase is due to the popularity of the experience and the high demand for handbuilt lightsabers. The experience has become so popular that reservations are often complicated, and the wait time can be extended.

With the increased demand, Disney has decided to raise the price to cover the cost of the workshop's artisans and materials.

New Price Of Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

The new price for the custom lightsaber building at Savi's Workshop is now $249.99, plus tax, an increase of $30 from the previous price. This increase has caused some disappointment among fans, but many are still willing to pay the higher cost for the unique experience.

To make a reservation for these handbuilt lightsabers experience at Savi's Workshop, guests must provide their contact information and an accepted credit card number.

The reservation secures a spot for the guest and ensures that they can build their own custom lightsaber.

galaxy's lightsaber types

Despite the price increase, Savi's Lightsaber Workshop remains a popular experience for fans visiting Disney World's Hollywood Studios. The Savi's Lightsabers workshop Style like the handbuilt lightsabers are one-of-a-kind and provide a unique souvenir for guests to take home.

The increased cost may deter some fans, but for those willing to pay, the custom lightsaber assembling remains a must-do while visiting Disney World.

galaxy's edge

The recent price increase of the lightsaber-building experience at Savi's Workshop has caused some disappointment among fans. However, the handbuilt lightsabers created at the workshop are still in high demand, and many are willing to pay higher costs for the unique experience.

The Savi's Imperial Workshop lightsaber experience continues to be a popular attraction for fans visiting Disney World's Hollywood Studios.

Make Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers Reservations At Disney World

crashed starships

Savi's workshop is a unique experience in Disney World's Hollywood Studios. It allows guests to build their very own lightsaber and customize it to their liking. With the popularity of this experience, it is essential to make a reservation in advance to ensure a spot.

Step 1: Check Availability

The first step to reserving Savi's Workshop is checking availability. You can visit the Disney World website or call the reservation line.

It is essential to check availability in advance as the workshop is very popular, and spots fill up quickly.

Step 2: Choose Your Lightsaber Package

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Once you have confirmed availability, the next step is to choose your lightsaber package. Savi's workshop offers four different packages, each with unique customization options. Choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.

Step 3: Book Your Reservation For Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

cartusion whale bones

The next step is to book your reservation. You can do this through the Disney World website or by calling the reservation line. You must provide your contact information and payment details to secure your reservation.

A valid, accepted credit card number is required at the time of booking. You must cancel at least one day before your reservation to avoid a per-builder cancellation fee.

Step 4: Plan Your Arrival Time At Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

abandoned temples

When planning your arrival time, remember that you must arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation time. This will give you enough time to check in and prepare for your workshop experience.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Experience At Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

theme embodies

Finally, it's time to enjoy your experience at Savi's Workshop. You can customize and build your own lightsaber, guided by talented artisans. Take your time and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Making a reservation for Savi's Workshop in Disney World is simple. By following these steps, you can ensure a spot reserved for this unique and exciting experience.

Take advantage of the chance to build your very own lightsaber and take a piece of Disney's lightsaber home with you.

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

Lightsabers purchased at Savi's Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is considered non-refundable. Each lightsaber is custom-built and personalized to the customer's specifications, making it a one-of-a-kind, unique item.

savi's workshop

The workshop's expert Gatherers carefully selects and assembles the parts to create a fully functional and personalized lightsaber. Due to the customization process and the customized nature of the product, Savi's Workshop cannot accept returns or offer refunds for lightsabers.

Customers are encouraged to carefully consider their options and choose the parts and kyber crystals that best suit their needs before beginning the assembling.

Assembling Your Lightsaber At Savi's Workshop

handbuilt lightsabers

When entering Savi's Workshop, guests must have a reservation. Reservations for Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers can be made in advance and are highly recommended, as the experience is trendy and often sells out quickly. Upon arrival, guests will be asked to check in at a designated location and present their reservation confirmation.

Please note that guests are only able to build one lightsaber per reservation. While this “one lightsaber” policy may be disappointing for some guests, it is a decision that has been made to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the workshop and build their lightsaber.

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

Upon arrival at Savi's Workshop, guests will be designated a check-in location. Here, they will be asked to present their reservation confirmation and will be given further instructions on how to proceed.

Savi's Workshop is designed to be as true to the fans as possible. The workshop follows Star Wars canon, and guests can build a lightsaber inspired by characters such as Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Anakin Skywalker.

handbuilt lightsabers

Talented artisans guide Savi's Workshop handbuilt lightsabers. Building a light-saber at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is shown by these artisans, and guests can ask questions and learn about the process.

There is an age restriction of 5 years for guests who wish to enter Savi's Workshop and build their lightsaber. However, at least one person over 14 is recommended to accompany children under seven. Some of the tools and materials used during the building process can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Savi's Workshop Lightsaber Options

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In Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, guests can build their own lightsaber at Savi's Workshop. The workshop allows fans of the Star Wars franchise to create their personalized lightsaber and take it home with them as a souvenir.

One of the workshop's highlights is the various options available to guests when building their lightsaber. From the lightsaber hilt themes to the lightsaber blade, there are multiple customization options that guests can choose from to make their building process truly unique.

Lightsaber wedding exit are a popular option for couples who want to add a touch of Star Wars to their special day. Guests can build their own lightsabers and then use them to light the way as they exit the ceremony. It's a unique and memorable way to start their new life together.

In addition to the customization options, guests at Galaxy's Edge can also select from a wide range of galaxy's edge lightsaber material. The materials available for lightsaber construction include durasteel, beskar, phrik, cortosis, and Mandalorian iron. These materials offer different strengths, weights, and appearances, allowing guests to tailor their lightsabers to their preferences.

Step 1

covert workshop packed

The first option available is the lightsaber hilt theme. Guests can choose from four lightsaber hilt themes, each with a unique design and style.

The lightsaber hilt themes include Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and protection and Defense.

Step 2

activation plates

After lightsaber hilt completion, guests can choose from various metal and color options to further customize the hilt completion.

The metal options include bronze, silver, and gold, while the color options include black, blue, green, and red.

Step 3

builder cancellation fee

The next step in building a lightsaber at Savi's Workshop is selecting the blade. Guests can choose from either a standard lightsaber blade or a specialized blade.

The specialized blades include the curved blade, which is unique in shape and ideal for lightsaber combat, and the lightsaber's augment blade, which allows for even greater customization options.

Step 4

per builder cancellation fee

Finally, guests can choose various options from unusual parts to complete their lightsaber build.

The sound options include different power-up and power-down sounds and different clash sounds that play when the lightsaber comes into contact with another lightsaber or object.

When you begin assembling at Savi's Workshop, you get various customization options to make your lightsaber unique. From the lightsaber hilt design to the blade and sound options, guests can create a lightsaber personalized to their preferences. The experience is a must-do for franchise fans and provides a unique and memorable souvenir to take home from their visit to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Lightsaber Hilt Theme Options To Build

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

Building a lightsaber at Savi's Workshop is a unique and exciting experience that allows fans of the Star Wars franchise to create their custom weapon inspired by the movies. When building a lightsaber, guests can choose from several hilt theme options, each with its unique design and style.

Peace And Justice From Fallen Jedi Temples

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

Peace and Justice Salvaged scraps from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in these Republic-era designs honor the galaxy's former guardians.

This option features elegant, curved lines and is designed to reflect the wisdom and tranquility of the Jedi Order. The hilts in this theme option are made from various materials, including metal and stone, and are decorated with intricate designs and symbols.

Power And Control From Sith Homeworld

handbuilt lightsabers from savi's workshop

Power and Control Originally forged by dark-side warriors, this style features rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples.

This option features sharp, angular lines. Its design reflects the strength and dominance of the dark-side warriors. The hilts in this theme option are made from various materials, including metal and leather, and are decorated with menacing designs and symbols.

Elemental Nature From Rancor Teeth

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

This theme embodies the Force—an energy created by all living things, like Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones, and Rancor teeth.

This option features rugged, organic lines. Its design reflects the primal nature of the Rancor. The hilts in this theme option are made from various materials, including teeth and bones, and are decorated with naturalistic designs and symbols.

Protection And Defense From The Force

build your own lightsabers

Protection and Defense Hilt materials bear mysterious motifs and inscriptions that reconnect users with the ancient wellspring of the Force.

This option features flowing, organic lines. Its design reflects the protective and defensive nature of the Force. Various materials, including crystals and glass, make up the hilts in this theme option. Their decoration includes mystical designs and symbols.

When choosing a hilt theme option, guests should consider their personal preferences and the lightsaber style they want to create. Some guests prefer an elegant and refined lightsaber, while others prefer a powerful and intimidating weapon. The hilt themes at Savi's Workshop allow guests to create a lightsaber representing their style.

The hilt options at Savi's Workshop provide guests with various design choices when building their lightsaber. Whether they prefer peace and justice, power and control, elemental nature, or protection and defense, there is a hilt option that will suit their needs and preferences. The hilt themes allow guests to create a custom lightsaber.

Kyber Crystal Options At Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

disney lightsabers from savi's workshop of Star wars galaxy's edge

When customizing a lightsaber at Savi's Workshop, one of the most important decisions you will make is the choice of Kyber crystal. Kyber crystals are the power source for lightsabers. They determine the blade's color. The blade's color is not just for aesthetics but also symbolizes the individual's allegiance to the Jedi or Sith orders.

Green Kyber Crystal:

savi's workshop lightsaber options

The Green Kyber crystal is often associated with the Jedi Order and symbolizes peace and balance. This crystal has a calming and soothing energy, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to use their lightsaber for defensive purposes.

Jedi who use green Kyber crystals are known for their wisdom, patience, and skill in wielding their weapon.

Blue Kyber Crystal:

lightsaber builder disney

The Jedi Order associates the Blue Kyber crystal. It symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. This crystal has a stable and focused energy, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to use their lightsaber for offense and defense.

Jedi, known for their calm and calculated fighting style and ability to think quickly in battle, use blue Kyber crystals. The blue crystal is known to be used by Obi-wan and Luke Skywalker.

Red Kyber Crystal:

savi's workshop lightsaber options

Sith Order associates the Red Kyber crystal. It symbolizes power and control. This crystal has a dangerous and unpredictable energy, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to use their lightsaber for offensive purposes.

Sith, known for its aggressive and ruthless fighting style and thirst for power and domination, uses red Kyber crystals.

Purple Kyber Crystal:

savi's workshop lightsaber

The Purple Kyber crystal is a unique color that symbolizes individuality and creativity. This crystal has a mysterious and intriguing energy, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to create their fighting style.

Jedi or Sith, known for their unique and unpredictable fighting style and ability to adapt to any situation, use purple Kyber crystals.

When customizing your lightsaber at Savi's Workshop, the choice of Kyber crystals is crucial. The blade's color symbolizes your allegiance to the Jedi or Sith orders and reflects your style and preferences. Whether you prefer peace and balance, wisdom and intelligence, power and control, or individuality and creativity, there is a Kyber crystal color that will suit your needs.

The Experience Of Putting Your Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers Together

savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

When you arrive at your designated building station, your storyteller will start the experience by explaining the lore behind lightsabers. This will set the stage for the customization process while focusing on the Kyber crystal.

After a brief introduction, you will have a limited time to assemble your hilt. Your selected theme and cloisonné pin will choose the parts you receive. Each kit includes the following components:

      • One hilt

      • Four sleeves, from which you get to choose two

      • Two emitters, from which you get to pick one

      • Two pommel caps, and you have to choose one

      • Two sets of activation plates and switches, and you select one set

    Upon completing the hilt, Gatherers will collect any unused parts and return them to Savi's inventory. However, unfortunately, you cannot take these parts home as part of your lightsaber package.

    The Gatherers will then connect your hilt to a 31-inch lightsaber blade, concluding the most exciting part of the experience.

    Before you leave, remember to pick up your carrying case. The package includes the case and is an essential accessory for protecting your new lightsaber during your travels in the parks.

    Legacy Lightsabers

    handbuilt lightsabers from savi's workshop

    The shop offers a wide range of lightsaber replicas of famous characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Savi's workshop vs legacy lightsaber Choices. It also has various accessories to enhance your lightsaber experience.

    You can find lightsaber clips to easily carry your weapon, stylish carrier bags to protect it, and elegant display stands to showcase it when not in use. Also, unique end hilt decorations are available in the shape of various animals from the movie's galaxy.

    Bonus Lightsaber Accessories

    savi's workshop handbuilt lightsabers

    If you want to add a little extra to your lightsaber, stop by Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. The legendary and mysterious antiquities dealer Dok-Ondar runs this shop. There are rare and exotic artifacts from across the galaxy in this shop.

    Holocrons from Savi's Workshop are unique artifacts in the movie. What's more, is that these objects are knowledge storage devices that hold information and secrets of the Force.

    You can find Holocrons throughout the film, and they come in different shapes and sizes, including cube-shaped and also pyramidal-shaped Holocrons.

    At Savi's Workshop in Galaxy's Edge, guests can purchase their unique Holocron to take home. These highly detailed and customizable Holocrons can store special memories and secrets.

    With the help of the workshop's proprietor, Savi, guests can unlock the power of their Holocron and bring to life the stories and also legends of the movie.



    Are Savi's workshop lightsabers duel worthy?

    The custom weapons you create at Savi's workshop in Galaxy's Edge in Disneyworld are generally fairly robust. Nevertheless, dueling with lightsabers can smash the LEDs or damage them in the blade.

    What are the different types of lightsabers?

    There are several types of lightsabers in the movie, including:

    Single-bladed lightsaber: A basic lightsaber with a single, cylindrical blade.

    Double-bladed lightsaber (also known as a “saber staff” or “crossguard lightsaber”): A lightsaber that consists of two parallel blades, one extending from each end of the hilt.

    Shoto lightsaber: Secondly, a smaller, more compact version of the standard lightsaber, often wielded as a secondary weapon.

    Curved-hilt lightsaber: Thirdly, a lightsaber with a distinctive curved hilt for specific forms of lightsaber combat.

    Guard photo: Fourthly, a smaller version of the lightsaber; you can use the design with a standard lightsaber for added defense.

    Electrostaff: Fifthly, a weapon that consists of an electrified metal staff used by various warrior cultures in the movie.

    Lightsaber pike: Lastly, a long, spear-like weapon that combines elements of a lightsaber and an electro-staff.

    Can you build a yellow lightsaber at Savi's workshop?

    Yes, it is possible to build a yellow lightsaber at Savi's Workshop in Galaxy's Edge, which is a themed land at Disneyland and also at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Moreover, at Savi's Workshop, guests can build and customize their unique lightsabers using various parts and kyber crystals. The workshop also offers several kyber crystal colors, including yellow, which you can use to create a yellow-bladed lightsaber.

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