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Scavenger Hunts in Disney World: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

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Everyone loves a good Scavenger Hunts in Disney World. The satisfaction of shuffling through clues and getting the answer needed at the end brings a feeling like no other. With Disney World’s various scavenger hunts, you can find yourself hopping from park to park, looking for the next hint to solve your mystery. Here are a few of the scavenger hunts that I and many others have taken part in during some downtime at the Parks.

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Why Take Part in a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are a first-timer in Disney World or a mainstay guest, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life during your stay. From the characters, to the events, to the food or to the rides, nothing is short of the magnificent inside of Walt Disney World. Sometimes, however, your journey includes several long lines to get on that illustrious ride your child has begged you to go on his entire life. That said, many parkgoers do not want to deal with the crowds and never-ending lines; this is where scavenger hunts create just the escape you may be looking for. You can head around the Parks and explore the areas that are much more unknown to others. By completing a Scavenger Hunts in Disney World, you will take away knowledge from Disney World that will leave you stunned on your way back home.


Although I have found myself straying off and fulfilling scavenger hunts that I have been wanting to complete on my bucket list of things to do in Disney World (yes, I have a list), many people love to do them for a few specific reasons. One of these is that they are generally free. Disney World is THE place to be for many people around the world, but it is also vastly expensive for the majority of families. With scavenger hunts, you can take a break from digging into your wallet for a bit and enhance your experience all around the Parks in return.

Next, as I previously mentioned in the paragraph above, not many guests know of these scavenger hunts, so you will not have to spend hours sitting in line for a thirty-second ride like most others are doing while you are finishing off your hunt. You will be able to hunt down the innumerable clues on your list one by one in the blink of an eye. Last but not least, a small benefit to some but a big benefit to others… you can appreciate the small intricacies of the park better than others.

It is virtually impossible to take a step back and appreciate the vast amount of effort that goes into Disney World as the majority of the time you are sprinting from one place to another. But with Scavenger Hunts in Disney World, you can uncover and value the sculptures around you a bit more, which allows you to treasure the Parks in a whole new way.

Wilderness Explorers

If you are an Animal Kingdom maniac like most of us are, this scavenger hunt will certainly catch your eye. In the Wilderness Explorers hunt, you will set out in the nature essenced park to complete a variety of challenges. A few of these challenges include searching for isolated animals and educating yourself on a wide range of wilderness survival skills. The final prize for completing this scavenger hunt through the Wilderness Explorer Outposts located in several spots around the Park is an accumulation of over twenty different badges that are unique to your very own experience. This is a great way for you and your nature lovers to spend some fun-loving time with each other as you test who can find the most clues in Animal Kingdom during your hunt. 

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Port Orleans: Riverside

One of the shorter scavenger hunts to complete while in Disney World is at Port Orleans. It is a perfect quick mission to go on with your family, and better yet, there is a useful small prize at the end. You will want to head over to the Riverside Levee Marina, where you will fetch a map from a worker. All you have to do after that is head to at least half of the places that are written on the map and take a selfie after arriving there. After you have completed these short tasks, you can then head back to the Riverside Levee Marina to give them proof that you were at each of the said locations.

Upon approval, they will give you a 5$ gift card to use at their accompanied arcade next door. If you have a family, you will be able to get one for each of you. With the arcade money, you can play games and win a range of prizes to make sure you are not heading back to your hotel empty handed. Again, this is a shorter scavenger hunt, but one that brings you around to new locations that you may have not seen before, something I personally always like to take part in.

EPCOT Festival Scavenger Hunt

If I were to pick one Disney Park to go to complete the cream of the crop scavenger hunts, it would have to be EPCOT without a doubt. They are one of the only Parks that rotate its scavenger hunts, so each time you go back you will not have to repeat the same ones over and over again.

The best spot for kids is at the Kidcot Fun Stops, where there is a mixture of craft stations at each pavilion where kids can draw, color, and collect stamps for every individual that they visit on their hunt. If you are coming to Disney World during a holiday, do not forget to participate in one of EPCOT’s seasonal scavenger hunts, where you can get quirky gifts for completing the tasks listed. Finally, if you are on the hunt for some delicious food, EPCOT is there to offer you its very own food strolls, where you get a chance to try an assortment of different foods and goodies on your path through the missions. 

Final Verdict

I can not think of one solid reason why you would not want to take part in at least one scavenger hunt while vacationing in Disney World. The majority of them are free of charge, and they allow you to relax and get a different glimpse of Disney World than ever seen before. Plus, there are prizes at the end, albeit smaller ones, that push you toward completing each scavenger hunt’s finish line. If you haven’t already, be sure to do your own research in order to take part in one with you and your loved ones the next time you come to Disney World… you will not regret it!

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