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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Uncovering The Secret Hidden Gems

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Welcome yourself into the enchanting world of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a wholesome roller coaster ride located in the heart of Fantasyland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This delightful attraction, inspired by the classic fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, will take you on an incredible journey through a diamond mine aboard a train! During your travels, be on the lookout for famous Disney characters and hum along to the finest tunes from the film. All in all, it offers a perfect mix of dips and turns to have your family enjoying the time of your life! Keep on reading to get a glimpse at some important information to know before heading on the magical ride!


As I previously mentioned, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is located in the nucleus of Fantasyland at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. First off, to get to the main attraction you will need to head towards the back of the park after entering through the main entrance and walking down Main Street USA, or by taking the Disney World Railroad to the Fantasyland Station. Upon arrival in Fantasyland, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is undeniably right in front of you, with its colorful facade and towering mountain in the background. If you are not able to find it right away, you may not realize that you are right next to it if you are next to Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, and the Mad Tea Party. These are a few of the other attractions that are located around it, so be on the lookout!

Waiting Queue 

You arrive at the ride, feeling excited to experience it as everyone has been talking about it for months, but sadly, we all know what will happen next. If you aren’t lucky and you happen to face a waiting period, fear not as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train features an interactive queue designed to keep guests up on their feet. Disney World recognizes that lines and waiting times are inevitable due to the wide variety of activities, rides, characters, and restaurants scattered throughout the Parks. This is why they have incorporated interactive features in an array of their attractions to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your family while the tension rises before you can get on the ride.

When children are allowed to play and interact, time tends to fly by faster, making the waiting game less monotonous. This is a win-win situation for everyone! At the queue, guests can engage in three interactive activities, including helping Doc sort jewels, washing jewels, and exploring interactive wooden barrels with a note left by Doc. After completing all of the missions, you will find that you are on the ride in no time. 

Ride Audience

This ride is an immaculate option for kids of all ages, offering a perfect balance of thrills and light-hearted amusement throughout. With its gentle slopes, exciting drops, and charming theming based on the story of the movie, this roller coaster is sure to delight young children and adults alike. There are no heavy drops or sudden jerks that will make you jump out of your seat, but if you would like to know ahead of time, there are two soft drops to prepare for that are about 30’ and 40’ proportionally. Other than these two slight drops, you will take part in quite a smooth ride. I will note that the ride heads inside and outside through its path, so bring the appropriate clothing if the weather is funky that day! 

How To Avoid The Large Crowds

Because it is one of the sought-after rides in Magic Kingdom, the lines and wait times to actually get on the ride can be tiring, to say the least. Although the few strategies that I am going to give aren’t an exact science to get on the ride instantly, they will give you the best shot at avoiding the heavy crowds that Magic Kingdom is guaranteed to endure. 

  1. First things first as stays true for the majority of admired attractions at Disney World, if you can, run over their right when the gates open or when the gates are near closing. Many people head into the Parks a few hours after they open and will go to dinner by closing time, so this gives you a peak chance to get a shorter line than most will encounter. 
  2. Using the new and improved Disney Genie+ (formerly known as FastPass+) allows you to skip time in line so you can maximize your time in the resorts! Although it comes at a cost, it is well worth it if you have little ones who are looking to get a little bit of everything while in Disney World. 
  3. If all else fails, try to make your way to the Mine Train when Cinderella’s Castle is about to light off their fireworks at night. During this period, the bulk of the crowd will be waiting for the fireworks to go off elsewhere, so why not get a unique view of the fireworks from Snow White’s sanctuary throughout your travels on the coaster?

Is It Worth Your Time?

If you are vacationing in Disney World, you are surely spending at least one day inside Magic Kingdom. This means that you need a few mainstay coasters to make sure that your day is filled with excitement from beginning to end. I can assure you that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will check all of your boxes! Plus, if you are a Disney lover like myself and have watched Snow White several times, it gives you a fascinating nostalgic feeling when you journey through the rollercoaster with your loved ones. 

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