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Space 220: A Space-Themed Meal In Epcot

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Get ready for takeoff! The creators have beautifully crafted Space 220, a space-themed restaurant that offers high-end food for you and your family to enjoy after a tiring day at the resorts. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will experience the incredible Space 220 vibe. You will ride an elevator that takes you above Earth and into the main dining area, immersing you in the restaurant's atmosphere. Read on to get a feel of what to expect from this futuristic-looking option that Disney World has to offer!

space 220


Space 220 is one of the more upscale restaurants you will have the ability to eat at while in Disney World. However, one of the advantages of dining here is that the set price fixed-menu for lunch and dinner includes a selection of dishes for you to choose from. Lunch is $55 and provides two courses while dinner is a bit pricier at $79, but this offers three courses. Both of the menus offer similar options on the appetizer menu throughout the day but be sure to check ahead of time if you are heading there for dinner if they are the main course meal of your preference, as the options can drastically change from the lunch to dinner menus. 


The mood is set before you even take your seat at Space 220. After making your way up the space elevator into the Centauri Space Station, you will walk through the space station to get to the dining area. This isn’t an ordinary walk I may say though, as your path will have you spotting their innovative Grow Zone that will assuredly have your little ones excited for dinner time. Once you take your place in the dining room area, you’ll be able to take in the spectacular views of Earth and the stars around you. The details are astonishingly intricate you will notice as well, with the weather or time of day outside being as accurate as possible around you during your stay.

This is one of those parts that awes you the most, as it makes your time inside even that more believable than you could ever imagine. Additionally, keep an eye out for any astronauts that may be floating past your Space Station through the surrounding windows that encompass the area. All in all, the atmosphere that the Disney Imagineers were able to create while enjoying your stay in Space 220 is nothing short of astounding. This makes it one of the surefire spots that you must visit while vacationing in Disney World. 

space 220

Menu Options

The atmosphere can be great in a restaurant, but without good food, it is hard to credit it as a whole. That is not a worry at Space 220 nevertheless, as every item on the menu offers a mouthwatering taste that will leave you as satisfied as ever. Starting with the lunch menu, a few of the hits on the Lift-Off (appetizer) portion of the menu are the Big Bang Burrata, Blue Moon Cauliflower, and Starry Calamari. Moving over to the Star Course (main meal) section, the Steak Salad, Rocket Flame Seared Tuna, and Galactic Miso Salmon are a few of the mainstays that keep guests coming back.

In addition to the appetizers and main course options included in the $55 fixed price for lunch, you can choose from a variety of sides, desserts, and beautifully crafted beverages for an extra cost. Proceeding to the dinner menu, as I previously mentioned, the appetizers are usually similar to the lunch menu. For the dinner menu, however, the options are vastly different, with the Slow Rotation Zero-G Short Rib, Florida Red Snapper, and Space Glazed Duck Breast topping the cake. If you are coming with children, Space 220 also offers a $29 fixed price for lunch or dinner that includes an entree, dessert, and beverage. 

Space 220 Lounge

Even though Space 220 is a higher-end meal option for you and your family, if you were looking for a more casual dining encounter, you can book a reservation in the Space 220 Lounge. This area is positioned next to the bar and offers a minimal option of dishes and refreshments. If you have eaten in the dining area and the lounge before, you will quickly notice that some of the appetizer options are the same, with a slew of light choices to pick from as well, including rib sliders and deviled eggs. 

Alcoholic Beverages

Are you trying to finish your night off with a bang or are you celebrating a birthday for your loved one? Whichever situation you may be in, Space 220 has sensational possibilities to pick from. With their arrangement of Red/White/Champagne Worldly Wines, Zero-Proof Cocktails, Atmospheric Spirits, or Crew Brews, there is a liquor for everyone to delight themselves with! 

Is The Price Worth The Experience?

Without a doubt! Even if you are not a huge space nerd like many that head inside Space 220, it is a staple for anyone that is wanting to spend a marvelous day/night in EPCOT. From the moment you head inside the grounds, you and your family will be utterly fascinated with how well thought out the restaurant is. One note that I will point out though is that I highly recommend putting a reservation in beforehand, whether it is for the dining area or the lounge as it is one of the favorite choices for parkgoers as it offers some of the best food and scenes around!

You may get lucky by heading up and getting a spot for your family as a walk-in, but save the chance of being disappointed and sent away by simply calling ahead of time! The food is absolutely phenomenal and the ambiance is as special as ever, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to head above ground to take in one of Disney’s most celebrated restaurants!

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