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Strollers In Disney World: Renting Versus Bringing Your Own

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Disney Resorts and theme parks are enormous; simply walking to a hotel room after a long day can be exhausting. Some families could walk up to ten miles daily, which is nearly impossible for young kids. Given the vastness of the resorts and theme parks, families with small children need a stroller to get through their magical vacation. There are ultimately four options for strollers in Disney: bring your stroller, rent a stroller at Walt Disney World Resort, third-party rentals, and buy when you arrive.


Tips for Strollers in Disney World

Aside from the stroller restrictions, Disney also has other rules regarding strollers. Following a few tips will ensure you have a good experience with your stroller at Disney.

  • No strollers on escalators; guests should take an elevator or ramp instead.
  • Families have to fold their strollers before boarding Disney transportation. A folded stroller ensures it fits nicely on the tram and Disney buses.
  • Cast members may move strollers throughout the designated stroller parking area. Cast members will push your stroller to reduce congestion throughout the parks. To find where to park your stroller, look for signs like the image below for the designated parking areas. 


  • There is a separate security line to enter the theme parks. This line may be longer since the Cast Members must check all compartments of your stroller.
  • When leaving your stroller stand unattended in the designated areas, personal belongings should never be left alone. While it is Disney, there are occurrences of theft in the parks.
  • Strollers are not allowed in water parks or the queues for lines.

Bringing Your Own Stroller

Many families choose to bring their personal strollers to the parks. However, everyone must follow the stroller rules for all Disney parks. These restrictions are in place for the safety of all guests. If your stroller does not match the regulations, you must return it to your hotel room. To avoid this disruption on your vacation, check the dimensions of your stroller to make sure it will pass inspection!

stroller parking

If flying, make sure your stroller fits the airline restrictions as well. Disney requirements state strollers bigger than 31″ by 52″ are not allowed. Stroller wagons, despite their popularity, are not permitted in the parks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bringing Personal Strollers in Disney World

Bringing your stroller is the easiest option and is easily the cheapest. Furthermore, you are comfortable with how the stroller functions. Understanding how the stroller functions are helpful when you need to fold the stroller for Disney transportation quickly. You can avoid the long lines for stroller rentals when at the park and Disney can make money from other services.. Finally, since it is your own, you can decorate it however you like. There are a lot of strollers in Disney World, which is no surprise there as it is a family theme park. It is easy to lose sight of your stroller, so decorating it to stick out will make your life much easier!

disney world

With all the benefits, there are a few drawbacks as well. First of all, traveling with a stroller on flights is difficult. Families going through security when at the park takes longer. Finally, families are more worried about leaving a stroller unattended.

Where to Rent Strollers at Disney

If you want to rent strollers in Disney World, there are many options. The simplest way to find where you can rent Disney strollers is through the Disney App. Stroller rentals can be purchased throughout all Disney theme parks and at Disney Springs. In addition, each theme park in Disney World offers rental options right at the front of the park. The theme parks include Disney's Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.

In California, there are no rental options in Downtown Disneyland. However, Disneyland parks offer rental strollers in Disney California Adventure, Pixar's Park, and Disneyland's Front Door locations. Furthermore, guests in Disneyland hotels may rent through ScooterBug. ScooterBug offers strollers, ECVs, and other wheelchair items at your hotel.

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Save Your Receipt for Disney Stroller Rentals

Many families have children who walk over half the time at Disney. Renting a Disney stroller is still an excellent option for the other portion of their stay. Families can pick up a stroller when they need one and drop them off at any point. Consumers must keep their rental receipts and drop them off or pick them up at select locations at each park.

Cost of Renting a Disney Stroller

The cost of renting a stroller depends on the location. At Disneyland, one wheel stroller costs $15 for one day. Two-wheel strollers, on the other hand, costs 36 dollars daily. Disney World offers an average price of $14.95 daily for an individual or $35.95 for a couple. Single strollers are for children fifty pounds or less. Children over 50 pounds will have to use a double stroller. 

Families that rent strollers for multiple days can get discounted rates. Discounted rates for a single stroller are $13 per day. In addition, families may purchase a length-of-stay rental ticket for a double stroller for $27 a day. When purchasing a Length of Stay ticket, families pre-pay for the number of days they are staying.


It is essential to keep your receipt on hand to get your stroller daily. When renting a stroller in Disney Springs, guests must pay a $100 deposit before using the stroller. Furthermore, no strollers are available for lease at any Disney resort or water park. Finally, strollers are required to stay in the location of their rental. Therefore, when park hopping, you must drop off your rental and get a new one at the second park.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting through Disney

The main advantage of renting strollers in Disney World is that you do not have to transport your stroller. Transporting on the airlines and even the buses can be a headache. Personal strollers will not be at risk of breaking or being stolen when at Disney. Finally, Disney strollers are created with plastic, which makes them extremely easy to clean up.  

There are a few disadvantages to renting Disney strollers throughout your trip. First, it is another expense to worry about, and we know Disney can get expensive. Further issues could arise if your child is sleeping when you are leaving the parks. Disney stroller rentals cannot leave Disney World parks, so they must exit the stroller before leaving. Finally, if you are traveling during peak travel season, the stroller rentals could sell out, leaving you without a stroller during your trip.

Rent from a BabyQuip Quality Provider

BabyQuip Quality Provider is one of the top stroller companies to rent from in Disney. At BabyQuip, they deal with rentals, delivery, and sanitation at any location convenient to you!

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Renting From a Third Party Stroller Provider at Disney World

If you want to avoid renting the stroller directly from Disney, there are a few options. Renting from a third-party company allows your parents to take your stroller everywhere for approximately the exact cost as the rental of your Disneyland Park stroller. Prices can vary slightly from company to manufacturer and stroller types. For family members on a Disney trip, renting outside Disney is a spot to save money. Many third parties offer the jogging-style stroller (such as the City Mini). They provide ample storage below, as well as sunshade awnings. These jogging-style strollers have yielded excellent reviews.

Renting outside of Disney requires much more planning. Many companies drop off and pick up your stroller right at your hotel. This allows families to get around the hotel or nearby activities with ease. Guests must be present for stroller drop off when going through a nonpreferred company. Scooterbug, Orlando Stroller Rentals, and Kingdom Strollers are a few preferred companies.

ScooterBug is the preferred third-party company for Disney Resort guests. They will deliver your stroller right to your resort, and Cast Members will handle the drop-off! Prices range from $11.25 to $25 per day, depending on the type of stroller you choose. Scooterbug also offers mobility rentals if this is a need for your family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting through a Third Party

The pros to renting through a third-party company are similar to renting through Disney. There are, however, a few key differences between the two. One significant benefit is the ability to take the stroller anywhere on Disney property. Furthermore, they are typically a higher quality stroller than Disney's hard plastic ones. In addition to the high quality, they often offer accessories along with the stroller. Accessories could include rain covers (preventing a soggy stroller), cup holders, a stroller fan, and snack trays.

These positives come with the drawbacks of renting through third-party companies. First, not all companies offer free delivery, which could be expensive. You are also responsible for damages that may occur throughout your stay for the strollers rented. Some companies also require you to be present for pick up and drop-offs. Finally, you are still responsible for transporting your stroller on Disney transportation.


Buying a New Stroller at Disney

If renting or bringing a stroller with you does not sound appealing, some families turn to buy a new stroller while on vacation. Disney Parks and shops offer umbrella strollers available for purchase. Depending on the length of your stay, this purchase may be cheaper than renting the stroller. Some hotels and parks throughout Disney go for as low as $39.99 for an inexpensive stroller.

If you want to avoid overpaying for a basic stroller, there are nearby retail stores to purchase a stroller. For example, Target and Walmart are close to Disney World, with a large selection of strollers. Even without a car available, you could get to the store with ride-sharing apps like Uber. Another option would be to have the stroller delivered directly to your Disney hotel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Stroller at Disney

First, you do not have to worry about packing a stroller on the way down to your vacation. Furthermore, it could be an extra souvenir from your trip if you plan on bringing it home. In addition, consumers may order from retail stores and have it delivered to the hotel. Finally, some guests qualify for discounted rates for the merchandise. Discounted rates will bring the cost down considerably for those guests.

stroller rental

There are a few drawbacks to purchasing a stroller when on your vacation. First, this could be the most expensive option, depending on the type of stroller. Furthermore, many stores have delivery fees, so that will be an added cost to the purchase. In addition, you will have to find a way to bring it home or get rid of it before you leave. Many families purchase a cheap stroller and leave it behind for other families to use. Finally, buying a cheap umbrella stroller can be uncomfortable for the children to sit on.

Double Strollers In Disney World

Families with multiple children or one child who is bigger will require a double stroller. Double strollers come with separate issues, like checking them for airlines. Furthermore, not all double strollers meet the size restrictions at Disney. The wide double strollers may need help to handle and move around. It can get packed at Disney, so pushing double strollers in crowds or stores is difficult. Furthermore, stroller parking can be difficult when the parks are crowded. Because of this, many families rent multiple single strollers or tandem in-line double strollers.

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Overall, there are many different options for having strollers in Disney World. Families could rent from Disney, rent from a third party, bring their stroller, or buy a new one. Each option offers its benefits and drawbacks, which are highlighted throughout this article. First, families need to determine which option best fits their needs. Following this article's tips and the advantages and disadvantages of each stroller option will make your Disney World vacation more enjoyable.

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