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SUNSHINE FLYER: Is It The Best Shuttle Service To Disney?

The Sunshine Flyer is a shuttle service that offers transportation from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World Resorts. Guests can reserve both round-trip and one-way reservations between the two locations.

Since Disney’s Magical Express is no longer an option for getting from the airport to Walt Disney World Resorts, you’ll need another form of transportation. Luckily, there are several excellent alternatives.

Getting from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World Resorts


Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation

If you’re looking for a way for you and your family to get from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World, the Sunshine Flyer is one of the best options. The service has a theme centered around old-fashioned passenger cars and train locomotives from the 1920s.

Despite the old-fashioned theme, Sunshine Flyer buses are modern and spacious.

What does a Sunshine Flyer Bus look like?

Each Sunshine Flyer bus is wrapped as a locomotive or passenger car from the 20s. Every bus looks different, which makes the experience unique each time you use the Sunshine Flyer.

Additionally, the unique appearance of each bus makes it easy to spot your bus when it’s time to board the bus.

How Does Sunshine Flyer Work?

If you plan to use the Sunshine Flyer, there are some important things you’ll need to know about how it works. For example, this transportation service doesn’t allow you to make last-minute reservations.

Sunshine Flyer reservations must be made at least 4 days before the day you’ll arrive at Orlando International Airport. Because of this, it’s best to make your reservation when your plan your trip to Walt Disney World.

Additionally, the service doesn’t run 24/7 like some of the other transportation options. Therefore, if you want to use this service, you must arrive between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

Where can I board the Sunshine Flyer at Orlando International Airport?

The service has a simple boarding process, which will be outlined in the email you receive before you arrive at the airport.

When you get off the plane at Orlando International Airport, you will go to Terminal B, Level 1, and the check-in for the Sunshine Flyer will be outside. There will also be a Sunshine Flyer sign to help point you in the right direction.

When your bus arrives, the service’s staff will even help you load your luggage onto the bus. Then, you’ll take your seat and enjoy the experience.

Since there is no set number of stops the bus will make each time, the time it takes to get to your Disney resort will vary based on how many stops the bus makes.

However, you can usually expect it to take around 65 minutes to get from Orlando Airport to your Disney resort.

The service uses a technology-driven approach to ensure your shuttle ride is as short as possible so you can begin your trip.

Which Disney Resorts offer Sunshine Flyer Service?

The Sunshine Flyer service offers transportation to any of the Walt Disney World resorts.

However, this does not include Good Neighbor hotels.

Do they show cartoons on Sunshine Flyer Buses?

Sunshine Flyers do not feature Disney cartoons like the Magical Express did, but they do feature Disney Trivia and Max Fleischer cartoons.

These funny cartoon films are from the ’20s and ’30s, featuring Felix cat stories, fairy tales, and trains.

How much does Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation Cost?

Sunshine Flyer bus transportation costs $16 per adult and $10 per child 4 years old or older. There is no charge for children ages 3 and under.

When paying for a round trip, the cost is $30 per adult and $20 for each child older than 3 years old.

Do You Tip the Sunshine Flyer Driver?

It is not required to tip the Sunshine Flyer, bus driver.

However, you should consider the idea because they help you load your luggage at the airport and upon departure when you reach the resort.

How to book the Sunshine Flyer Bus

You can book your Sunshine Flyer reservation by going to their website and clicking Book Now. Then, there will be three options at the top of the page. Depending on the type of reservation you need to make, you will select a round trip, one way to the resort, or one way to the airport.

After that, you’ll enter your information, including your arrival or departure time, flight number, and other important details, before paying for your reservation.

Is There a Free Shuttle from Orlando Airport to Disney World?

There is currently no free shuttle from Orlando Airport to Disney World.

Since the Magical Express ended, guests must pay for transportation from the airport to their resorts.

Other Transportation Options

There are a few other good options to get to your resort from the airport. Some of these options include other bus shuttles or using reputable ride-share lines.

Mears Transportation Services

Mears offers shuttle services and private transportation options from the airport to your hotel at Walt Disney World. The ride may be slightly longer with their shuttle service, but reservations can be made closer to your arrival.

If you wish to use the shuttle service, you must make your reservation at least 3 hours in advance. Private transportation options may differ.

Additionally, you can also choose one of Mears’ private transportation options. The company offers SUVs, Limos, and more.

Ride Share Lines

Smaller parties of 4 or fewer also can use one of the available ride-share lines. One option is Uber.

An Uber ride from the airport to Walt Disney World is more expensive than using one of the bus services. However, it is private transportation, which could be much more comfortable after flying to Orlando.

You can also get transportation with Lyft, which works much like Uber. The prices are also very close.

An Uber ride from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World will cost between $30 and $40. On the other hand, a Lyft ride will cost between $35 and $45. These prices may vary based on the date and time of your arrival. They also do not include the driver’s tip.

Sunshine Flyer: Shuttle from Airport to Walt Disney World Resorts


If you’re looking to get from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World resorts, the Sunshine Flyer may be the affordable option since then Magical Express ended. However, there are other bus transportation options, including Mears.

You can also opt for a private transporting option. These options are usually more comfortable. However, the prices can be significantly higher, and most cannot transport larger groups. 

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