Sword In The Stone Disney World: Buried Treasure At Magic Kingdom

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The sword in the stone in Disney World monument at Disney World's Magic Kingdom park is a hidden gem. Therefore, many people wonder if it is true that the sword can be pulled out of the stone. Moreso, if it is a myth and just a fun place to take your child's photo.

Many burly men have tried and failed. As a result, maybe you are the chosen one. It's time to claim your rightful place as royal substitute king of England!

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The Meaning Of The Sword In The Stone

The legend says that only honor, decency, and inner strength can pull Excalibur from the stone and become a legendary hero.

If you possess all of these traits and can pull the sword from the stone, it makes you the rightful king or queen of England, just like his majesty King Arthur.

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The Film Creation of the Sword in the Stone

The movie has a special place in many Disney fans' hearts. Furthermore, it was the last film to be made during the lifetime of Walt Disney. Therefore, making it a fan favorite and a story full of nostalgia. 

Above all, Walt himself inspired the character Merlin in the animated film.

The creator Bill Peet said that he wanted to base the character on his wizard, Walt. In the drawings of Merlin, he even claims to have “borrowed” Walt's nose. 

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Disney's Sword in the Stone was the first Disney film showcasing music produced by the talented Sherman brothers. The two became famous in 1963 when they composed all of the songs in “Mary Poppins.”

The Origin Of The Sword In The Stone 

The story was based on the novel The Sword In The Stone, written by T.H. White in 1938. It is about an orphaned child named Wart (AKA young King Arthur). Wart is trying to help his foster brother Kay become a Knight.

During a training session, an arrow flies into the woods, and Wart goes to retrieve it; here, he meets Merlin, a wizard who wants to help the future king unlock his true potential.

Merlin takes the boy on many adventures to prepare him for his future. Merlin is always telling him he is destined for greatness.

Kay and Wart go to London to compete in a jousting tournament. During a sword-fighting match, Kay's sword breaks, and unless he finds another, he cannot continue the sword-fighting portion of the tournament.

Wart goes to find another sword. Next, he finds a sword in the stone and pulls it out, not knowing that it is Excalibur, a legendary enchanted sword. 

When he comes back with the sword, people are in awe, amazed that a child was the one who pulled the sword from the stone.

He unknowingly claimed his right to the throne and became one of the most beloved Kings.

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Where Is The Sword In The Stone At Disney?

At California's Disneyland park, the sword is located in Fantasyland in front of King Arthur's carousel. 

In Walt Disney World, the sword in the stone monument is located in Fantasyland in Disney's Magic Kingdom. The monument is between Cinderella's Castle and Prince Charming's Regal Carousel. 

"Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort featuring classic Disney attractions, such as Cinderella's Castle, Space Mountain, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, as well as parades and fireworks shows."

Most of the time, the monument is just there for a fun photo opportunity. There are numerous photos on Instagram of families visiting Disney World and Disneyland trying to pull the sword out of the stone.

Although it is a popular photo op, it normally is open during busier times, making this a quick thing to do between rides. 

Merlin is the only character seen in the animated movie at Disney World and Disneyland parks.

Every once in a while, he can be found sounding a royal proclamation trying to find the next ruler. 


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Pulling the Sword In The Stone at Disney Parks

Has anyone pulled the sword from the stone? Or is it truly just a myth? Through magical Disney powers, it can be done!

Every so often, there are accounts of guests pulling the sword from the stone, but it doesn't happen very often.

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How Does The Sword In The Stone At Disney World Work?

No one knows how it works, but it is rumored that once in a while, a cast member in Fantasyland gets to pick one of the guests (most likely a child) lucky enough to pull the fabled Excalibur from the stone.

A special ceremony is held, and Royal Majesty Makers will start seeking their new ruler.

On this royal day, these cast members will come through and ask many of the young children in the park if they would like to try to pull the sword from the stone. 

The sword ceremony always has several young volunteers eager to give it a shot!

One of these young volunteers ends up being able to pull the sword out. Uniquely, the chosen one receives a sword in the stone medal and a certificate acknowledging them as King/Queen.

In any event, other times, people seemingly at random can raise the sword out of the stone.

Many young ladies and gentlemen, however, are unable to do so. Even if you're a buff dude using brute force, the sword won't budge!

Members of the same group have even said that one person in their party could pull the sword from the stone multiple times! Even between times of other group members giving it their best shot, it could only be done by the lucky group member. 

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Disney World Sword In The Stone Monument

The monument was added to Disney World and Disneyland's Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom in 1983.

The look is more than just a stone in a rock. In effect, it is a solid bronze anvil embedded into a rock with Excalibur driven into the top of the buffed anvil.

A plaque on the monument reads, “whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise ruler born of England.”

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Are they remaking the movie? 

Yes! Disney has said that a live-action of the sword in the stone will come out on Disney+. However, there has been no release date.

In 2018, WDW News Today reported that the director would be Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. The movie seems to be on the back burner currently, so we will have to watch the original animated film of young King Arthur and wait in anticipation of more information. 

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