Worst & Best Time To Visit Disney World In 2023

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The Walt Disney World Resort is known for incredible theme parks, world class dining, and unique hotels, but did you know that they also offer a variety of festivals, events, and parties? While many may not consider the dates of their trip outside of convenience, if you are able and willing to branch outside of the busy season, you might be able to save money and have a more personalized experience. When looking to get the most customized experience out of your next Disney vacation, here is the best time to visit Disney World in 2023

Fitness Fans: Best time to Visit Disney World


Marathon Weekends


Disney World has four marathon weekends in 2023, all providing a unique, early-morning workout through the Disney theme parks. Whether you choose to participate in a 5k, 10k, a half marathon, or even a Disney-specific challenge, Disney World marathon weekends are a great time to visit if you or your family members are fans of both fitness and Disney. Unique in both theming and energy, RunDisney races are an unmatched experience that can be experienced as a family or solo. Where else will you have the green army men from “Toy Story” motivating your to climb the hill into the final stretch or have Mickey Mouse greet you across the finish line?

RunDisney Marathon Weekend

If you're looking to go the distance, Disney World's marathon weekend in January is the only race that includes the full marathon. Are 26.2 miles not enough? They offer several challenges that combine multiple races.

RunDisney Princess Weekend

One of the most popular races, RunDisney princess weekend is great if you find dressing up for the race is just as fun as running it. Grab your tutus and head to Walt Disney World in February if you'd like to participate! Are you hoping to visit Disney World when the crowd levels are lower? Extend your trip by a few days for a better chance at lower crowds.

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RunDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend

New to the RunDisney Family, the Springtime Surprise Weekend is another opportunity to venture through the Walt Disney parks with your fellow fitness fans. Happening in March, this is the perfect race for anyone hoping to avoid cold mornings. Likewise, considering it's nearness to Spring Break, it's another great time to extend your trip a few days to see more of what Disney World has to offer.

RunDisney Wine & Dine Weekend

For those interested in fitting in fitness with their trip around Epcot's world showcase, the Wine & Dine race is for you. Happening in November, this is the race if you'd like to wake up with a run and wind down with a trip around Epcot's world showcase during the Food and Wine Festival. This is the best time to visit Disney world in 2022.

Art & Theater Fans


Festival of The Arts


It’s no surprise that Disney World throws an incredible events and Epcot's newest festival, The Festival of The Arts, is no exception. If you’re looking for an event to where you can be surrounded by fellow art lovers and truly immerse yourself in that world in a way that only Disney can do, you should plan a trip to Epcot in January or February to experience the Festival of The Arts.

Art-Themed Food & Drinks

Walt Disney World's second park, Epcot, has truly made a name for itself through elevated food and drink pop ups throughout the year. What art fan can turn down a pop art themed cookie?

Photo Spots

Many hope to get a good photo or two with friends and family while at Disney World. Luckily, the Festival of The Arts has pop up photo spots just for that. Have you ever wanted to take a photo as Venus in The Birth of Venus by Botticelli? Then Disney World's Festival of The Arts is for you.

Broadway Concert Series

Last but not least, the Disney on Broadway Concert Series. Weekends in January and February, you can see your favorite stars from the Broadway stage on the Epcot stage. From Tarzan to Ursula, Walt Disney World's Festival of The Arts puts world-class performances into your day at the theme parks.



Food & Wine Festival


Another must-see in the Epcot festival lineup, the Food & Wine Festival is an event that many actively plan their Walt Disney World vacations around. While the idea of eating or drinking around Epcot’s world showcase may sound overwhelming (and expensive!), the Food and Wine Festival is a great opportunity to try smaller servings of even more countries in August through November.

Unique Food & Drink Options

With a menu crafted by world-class chefs, each pop up booth at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival is an opportunity for a cultural experience. Likewise, if you've been dying to try that expensive or outlandish dish, the smaller accessible portions at the festival are the perfect opportunity!

Tasting Events & Seminars

If you're hoping to elevate your understanding of the various food and drink options at Disney World, a tasting event might be for you. For an additional rate, you can learn more about what you're eating and drinking.

Eat To The Beat Concert Series

Is there anything better than food in one hand and drink in the other while listening to live music? Disney World brings in your favorite pop, rock, and R&B artists to play throughout the Epcot's Food and Wine festival to give you another good reason to join.



Holiday Parties


If you are a family looking to make holiday memories with small children or those that begin decking the halls as soon as possible, the Disney parks are a great time to visit August through December.

Disney's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Fall often means spooky activities, but Disney World wants to make sure that there are not-so-scary activities, as well. Magic Kingdom's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a great place for families to trick or treat and watch villain-themed fireworks.

Disney's Very Merry Christmas Party

Right after Halloween, Disney World begins to prepare for Disney's Very Merry Christmas Party. From Christmas parades to never-ending supply of hot chocolate, Christmas at Disney World is a kid – and many adults – a dream. With all that Walt Disney World has to offer, utilizing what is going on at any given time across the theme parks to plan your trip is an easy way to love your vacation.

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